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Chapter 4 (Dear Armored Novel)

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the outdoor temperature has been hovering above 35° for a long time, and the whole person seems to be fished out of the water. When Xia Chu returned home, he went straight to the guard without a word. The water spouted from the shower head and sprinkled on the body at the beginning of Xia, showering beautifully, and humming a little song in his mouth. “I love to take a bath, my skin is good, wailing, there are a lot of bubbles all over my body, wailing.” After taking a shower, there is a bath with water, and people on night shifts will be very tired. Soaking in essential oils can relieve fatigue and help physical and mental health. However, after realizing that she had taken a shower, she realized that she hadn’t taken a change of clothes or even underwear. Can she comfort herself as there is no one else in the family? Classmate Xia Chu believes that even if there is no one else, it is not good to have sex.

Fortunately, there is the big bath towel she dropped last time in the bathroom. After half-drying her hair, she walked out of the main bathroom and opened the main bedroom door. However, in the next second…”Ah…Ah…” Xia Chu’s screams resounded in every room. Ermiao, who was sitting in the corner of the sofa, was so scared that his hair stood up, and ran away instantly in the sound of the meow. Early Xia tensed her bath towel tightly, squatted by the door, pointed at the person in the living room, shaking hands and stuttering, “Who…who are you? How did you come in…come?” Sitting on the sofa Man, yelling at her calmly, grabbed the key on the coffee table and shook it. Early Xia saw the key, maybe it was, the owner… “Are you… Liang Muze?” The man nodded blankly.

Fortunately, it’s not the uncle to blame, it’s not the robber. She just relaxed a little now, and looked at that person, how could it be… it was him? ? ? ? ? Is this world so magical? Do you want to play cards so unreasonably? She has lived here for two months and has not seen the owner once, and she is reluctant to put long photos in the room. When she thought that the so-called homeowner might never show up, and comfortably requisitioned the main bath for free, he appeared. Or after he rescued them…”Early Xia, right?” The questioning sentence was affirmative. “Ah, um.” Xia Chu lay at the door in a daze. “Would you like to change clothes first?” “What?” Xia Chu opened her big eyes in confusion, and her long eyelashes cast shadows under her eyes.

His eyes and expression didn’t have the slightest ripple, as if the person who just spoke was not him. As if realizing something, Xia Chu glanced down, and quickly jumped up and fled as if rushing into the next bedroom. With a loud “bang”, the door was closed. Xia Chu threw herself on the bed, buried her head under the pillow, annoyed to death, remorseful to death. He appeared in front of him in such a dress, maybe he would think that he was a slutty woman. Ashamed. Liang Muze saw the woman disappear from the door with blushing cheeks and slammed the door, but he guessed it. She didn’t expect that she would appear at this time, so she…wrapped like that. Liang Muze looked around the room. If I remember correctly, there was no such valuable carpet in the living room before, and the curtains were not of this color. There were no plants and lounge chairs in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, and there were no such “green and green” cups on the table and cabinet. Jars, there is no such little fat cat lying on his coffee table and looking at him at this time.

Do not wait to admit it, it is indeed a lot warmer than before. Liang Muze has been living in the army’s family building for many years, and he rarely comes back. He only comes back when he comes to the city for meetings with the leaders occasionally. When he bought this house, he disagreed. He knew that he wouldn’t live for a few days at all. The troops would be divided into houses, and the special brigade was in a ravine, and there was still nearly a hundred kilometers away from the city. How could he be every day? back and forth? He is a soldier, is here to lead soldiers, not to enjoy life. However, I can’t help the old lady of their family. Since she wants to buy it, let her go. Anyway, she is also trying to comfort her. It’s his problem that he can’t live. It’s the parents’ mind to buy or not. They want to live a better life.

A person is outside and no one is taking care of them. If they feel that having this house is equivalent to setting up a home for him in this strange place, if this can reassure them, then just do what they want. He has been away for many years and rarely has time to return to Beijing. In the army every day, there is very little contact with women. When his old lady told him tactfully that he wanted him to take in a little girl, he knew that things were not that simple. The second elder of the Liang family is waiting for him to get married, and how many years have he waited for his grandson. Liang Muze was not in a hurry. He was nestled in the ravines and lived a life like a monk every day. Apart from men, men were the ones who got along with each other day and night.

The time passed year after year, and the years were unrelenting. He is 28 years old and has no girlfriend, let alone a marriage partner. I have discussed with him many times on blind dates, but he has rejected them all. The reason is always, no time. Okay, Mu Min wondered in his heart, aren’t you free? I’ll take the good girl to your door, and see if you dare to use the lack of time to prevaricate me. The old lady in his own family knows that he is careful and can’t refuse, so let it go. Anyway, he is really busy, and he has no time to get acquainted with a woman all the way to marriage, and has no energy to support a family with a woman. He devoted all his energy to the special brigade, injecting new blood into the new generation of special operations.

At the beginning of summer, he changed his clothes, tied the dry hair loosely on the top of his head in a bun, and after a long period of mental construction behind the door, he took a deep breath and walked out of the room. Liang Muze is still in the same shape as before, almost unchanged. The atmosphere is more embarrassing, she thinks she should say something, but she doesn’t know what to say. “Chu Xia.” “Yeah.” At the beginning of Xia’s conditioned response, Liang Muze called her very naturally, as if she was a familiar person. “We need to talk.” His voice is nice, low, very magnetic, not loud, but very majestic. “Good.” Actually, she wanted to say, what can I talk about? I am the tenant and you are the landlord. Just be a stranger.

Is it possible that you want to charge my rent? “Which room do you live in?” “What?” Xia Chu was a little stunned, she was not sure if she was quite clear. “Which room do you live in?” Xia Chu pointed to the second bedroom. “This one.” Liang Muze nodded. Xia Chu thought why he would ask like this, and Tuantun explained: “Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been living in this room, just…” Xia Chu hesitated, could it be that she was just using the bathtub? “Also,” Liang Muze continued to make a calm voice, lifting Ermiao from the coffee table with one hand, Ermiao’s back was carried, four small paws hanging down innocently, and a pitiful cry. “What is this?” Xia Chu looked at him carrying Ermiao like that, distressed, and stretched out his hand to take it, but Liang Muze didn’t move, staring at Xia Chu.

“It’s my cat, don’t carry it like that, she will be frightened.” Liang Muze turned his head to look at the poor Ermiao. He didn’t hate small animals, but he didn’t like where he went. “I have no objection to keeping a cat at home, but I don’t want to see it,” frowned. “Her feces, or hairy.” Xia Chu, who couldn’t stand it, grabbed Ermiao and stroked it. On his back, his voice said coldly: “Relax, it is very clean and quiet. It will not poop and pee everywhere, and there are no fleas and viruses.” Liang Muze raised his eyebrows and said nothing, standing up and passing in front of the beginning of Xia. After taking two steps, he stopped and said: “You can continue to use the bathroom. I don’t come back often.

“Xia Chu’s hand froze while stroking Ermiao, and her face began to twist slowly… Xia Chu went back to the room, lying on the bed and sleeping lightly with her eyes closed. What should I do later? That person doesn’t look the same. It looks easy to get along with. When people are about to face an unknown environment, they will always hang in their hearts, thinking about all kinds of strange things that may happen, and thinking about the corresponding solutions. They will be very anxious, because they are not sure about the future. Lying in bed and dreaming, the time went to 12 o’clock without knowing it, her stomach began to gurgle irregularly, and then she remembered that she hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. She stood her ears up to listen to the movement outside, very quiet. Xia Chufu I wondered, did he not eat? The army’s three meals were very punctual, and the meals were opened after 11 o’clock, but now there is no movement outside. Is it possible to wait for me to cook? Is he embarrassed to eat the meals made by the tenants? At the beginning of Xia, he rolled over and got out of bed neatly and opened the door to look outside. The living room was empty, and there was nothing on the dining table except for cups.

Could it be out? Just as he was about to take a little cheer in the early summer, he saw Liang Muze lying on the recliner in front of the French window and reading. That was her recliner. Because the temperature outside was too high, she had just moved it back to the room from the terrace a few days ago, and it was expropriated by him at this time. And her beloved cat, lying on Liang Muze’s feet at this time, slowly swayed and squinted as he slowly seemed to enjoy it. Early Xia looked at Ermiao with a disgusting expression. What? Seeing lust and forgetting righteousness, he slapped up when he saw the handsome guy. He started to spring when he was just so old. Liang Muze just looked like he didn’t like Ermiao, and now it was lying on his feet, wouldn’t he still accept it all? Early Xia put away his dissatisfaction, opened the door generously, walked to a place not far from him and stood still, “Would you like to eat?” Liang Muze opened the book in front of him. At this time, he changed his military uniform and wore a white vest. The vest outlines the lines of his muscles, it seems that he has just taken a bath, and a faint fragrance of shower gel.

That is the shower gel I bought in early summer. She suddenly felt that the atmosphere was so ambiguous… He stared at Xia Chu for a while, she couldn’t read his expression, and didn’t know what he looked like. “Okay.” He said it for granted. Moreover, there is no intention to cook. Well, they are the master, she is sent under the fence, taking the short hand to eat people’s mouth, and the right to cook is to make up the rent. There is the chicken soup stewed the day before and some dried noodles in the refrigerator. She poured the chicken soup into the pot and added water. Boil the water and put the noodles in, the simplest chicken noodle soup. While cooking the noodles, she turned around and took a look. Liang Muze shook the couch lightly, holding a copy of internally published military literature in her hand, seemingly enjoying herself.

Early Xia smiled triumphantly. The baby she found was not a good one, so everyone would like it. At the beginning of Xia, he brought out the cooked noodles and put them on the dining table. After thinking about it, I didn’t know what to call him. “Hey, we’re eating.” Liang Muze put down his book and stood up, sat down opposite her, picked up his chopsticks and ate the noodles. I just took a bite, stopped for a while, took another bite, raised his head and asked Xia Chu: “Is there no salt at home?” “Yes,” Xia Chu blew the heat and responded softly, “I’ve eaten too much salt.” It’s not good for the body, it’s up to 5g a day.” Liang Muze frowned, but didn’t say anything, and ate up a large bowl of noodles. Xia Chu secretly glanced at him, he was really adaptable.

When my mother announced at home to reduce salt and eliminate MSG, he was strongly opposed by General Xia. After a long period of training, she began to adapt to low-salt foods. Liang Muze ate quickly, and when his bowl bottomed out, Xia had just eaten a few bites. I drew a tissue and wiped my mouth. Thank you very officially. Then he lay back in the recliner, swaying and reading. At the beginning of Xia, he chewed and ate slowly as usual, and then a series of finishing work. Pour some cat food and milk into Ermiao’s rice bowl, caress its little head, happily watching it lick the bowl clean little by little. At the beginning of Xia, she was used to having a cup of tea after lunch. She took out the tea bed and purple sand tea set under the TV cabinet, prepared a pot of boiling water, and sat on the wooden floor to start making tea.

Tea is the first Longjing before Ming Dynasty brought from home. Every time she finishes making tea, she must seal the tea leaves and put them in the refrigerator, so that the tea taste can last longer. At the beginning of summer, I poured water into a purple clay pot, and a strong tea fragrance came out, as if standing between the sky and the earth, all creatures, gurgling spring water, and lush tea trees. She saw from Yu Guang that Liang Muze, who was smelling the fragrance of tea, turned his head to look at her. She poured the tea for the first time on the teacup and washed the tea. Then for the second time, fill a few cups and place them on a small tray. “Would you like tea?” Liang Muze admitted, the strong aroma of tea really attracted him. She turned her head and asked if she wanted to drink tea. The smile on her face was very bright, and there was a hint of pride. The smile appeared so dazzling in the afternoon sun that he was flashed over.

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