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Chapter 5 (Come Here, Tyrant)

“Lady Dsev?”

He was a high-ranking chief of staff wearing a long belt wrapped with a golden border.

‘What did I do wrong?’

Annie answered with a question.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I need you to come with me.”

“What happened?”


Even though it wasn’t very hot, sweat beaded along the forehead of the chief of staff. For some reason, he kept his mouth shut and spared his words.

Annie was more quick-witted than the average person, and she noticed his desperation.

The reason that Annie was able to lead her business well was because she understood people well.

For some reason, she had a feeling that she shouldn’t let him go like this.

Annie took a brown file folder from Carla’s anxious hand.

“Carla, wait in the carriage first.”

“What? Going alone…”

“What are you worried about? What could happen in this empire, which is called the Fort of the Iron Wall?”

Living up to its reputation, the Porcaus Empire had the highest level of security. It was even more safe in the Imperial Palace, where excellent knights stood guard.

She was in no danger. Unless she met a fierce tyrant.

At her master’s persuasion, Carla soon nodded.

Annie slightly glanced around and followed.

After a while…

‘What? Why are we not stopping?’

As the attendant walked through the corridor and did not stop, she had an ominous imagination.

As far as she knew, nobles never came this far in the Imperial Palace.

‘Was there anything wrong with last year’s report… Maybe they’re going to investigate separately?’

While Annie’s imagination started to spiral, she did not lose her nobility and gracefully walked on the marble floor.

There was no need to panic as nothing had happened yet.

She arrived in a huge audience room, a room she had never seen before.

Unlike the usual audience room, this place was filled with silver shields hung on each wall and other decorations she has never seen in her life.

She saw books, elegant pottery and a brilliant necklace which hung on the bust of a woman.

It was a place where there would be no reason to visit in her lifetime and there was no chance she would see such a precious treasure again.

This was a precious audience room used by the emperor to meet foreign envoys.

Yes, it was the emperor’s place.

‘Ah… I’m going crazy.’

Swallowing down her sigh and raising her head, she saw three handsome men, each with a different charm.

A dark-haired man leaned against the red sofa with his legs crossed, and the other two men were sticking close to the back of the sofa he was sitting on, guarding him like a throne.

The most striking thing among them was the dark-haired man sitting in the middle.

He was a handsome man who not only looks gorgeous in the navy blue colored robes, but also looked perfect from head to toe.

The tyrant.

It was the rumored crazy tyrant.

‘Ejed Jean Porcaus…’

When she rolled that dangerous name in her mouth, she got goosebumps. He was the emperor of this country, the tyrant who can make the continent tremble just through his name alone.

‘Ah, what’s happening?!’

Tick. ​​Tick. Tick.

The sound of the second hand of a giant clock hanging on the wall sounded like a magic time bomb was about to explode.

Annie, biting the insides of her cheeks, stared straight ahead. Even if she entered a tiger’s den, she’ll live as long as she is fully aware of the situation.

The emperor, who she faced again a few years ago, had changed from a boy to a young man.

Beneath that glamorous black hair was the tyrant’s face, whose appearance did not match his tyrant reputation. The strange atmosphere almost made her forget her current situation.

The most striking thing was his bloody eyes that were more beautiful than the 300 carat red diamond of Porcaus, a national treasure. There was no sign of movement, stuck in a sleek sword on the floor.

With arms that matched his black, elongated body, Ejed sat at a distance close enough for him to reach her if he stretched out his hand.

Annie’s heart was beating very fast.

‘Don’t tell me you’re thinking when you should draw your sword…?’

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