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Chapter 5 (Dear Armored Novel)

“Would you like tea?” Although Liang Muze didn’t say anything, his actions fully explained everything. Sitting next to her, sipping a small cup. “Longjing before Ming Dynasty.” “Yeah.” Xia Chu nodded. “Baby tea.” Xia Chu had to look at him more. “Is it possible to tell?” Liang Muze still had a poker face, and said faintly: “My grandma loves tea, Longjing, and baby tea. Don’t follow her to drink tea.” The baby tea in Longjing, the tea in March before Qingming, is the tea in Longjing, and it is hard to find a tea. Early Xia grew up in Nanjing, close to Hangzhou, and her geographical advantage gave her more opportunities to taste Longjing. Before she came, she secretly stuffed a lot in her suitcase. If my dad found out that she was absconding with tea, he would be crazy.

However, she should also forgive her. As if a meal, a cup of tea, the awkward atmosphere between them was resolved a lot. But Xia Chu still failed to take the courage and face, discuss with Liang Muze, and return her recliner to her. Helpless, she could only go back to the room to sleep. She hopes to sleep until dawn, and then wake up to find that the man has left, and will never show up again in the end. “Puff, puff, puff.” Xia Chu slept like a dead pig, heard the voice, and ****. “Xia Chu?” “Huh?” Xia Chu closed his eyes and snorted, opened his eyes slightly, the sun has already set, “What’s wrong?” “Is there something to do at night?” Liang Muze’s voice came from outside the door, always low. , But at this time it seems to be more anxious.

Xia Chu rubbed his hair, got out of bed and opened the door, “Nothing, what’s the matter?” “Then can you come with me?” Xia Chu was dumbfounded, “Where to go?” Swindling, selling, and internal organs. She thought of a lot in an instant, staring at the person in front of her in horror, half of her body hiding behind the door panel. “A friend’s mother is sick and refuses to go to the hospital. Can you follow me to see it?” Liang Muze ignored her misunderstanding of him and her tone of voice, and discussed with her that her voice no longer had that cold tone. Early Xia knew that she was thinking too much, and she smiled embarrassedly, “Wait for me to change clothes.” The car drove out of the city and got on the highway.

Early Xia tried to stare out the window, trying to see some scenery before it was dark. He didn’t tell her what the patient was doing. She couldn’t do anything. She could only take out the first aid kit at home, which contained some tools and medicines. If you get sick, you should go to the hospital. It looks like this is still quite far away. When she arrives, maybe the day lily will be cold. What’s more, she doesn’t know what the disease is, and it’s hard to say whether it can be cured. In an instant, the pressure in her heart doubled. When they arrived in the small village, it was already two hours later. They parked in front of a very ordinary small yard. The two of them dared not delay, and ran into the yard after getting out of the car. Oncoming a young girl in her 20s, Liang Muze frowned when she spoke Hakka dialect that she didn’t understand.

A bedroom with a small light on, the house was broken, but it was cleaned up, and a pale old man was lying on the bed, lifeless. Xia Chu hurried over, grabbed her eyes and took a look, took her breath, temperature, and took out a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat. She wouldn’t know her pulse, otherwise she would know the condition immediately. The old man’s heart is not good, it seems that he is old, and his blood pressure is a bit high. “What symptoms does she have?” She didn’t understand the girl’s Hakka dialect, so Liang Muze consciously acted as an interpreter for her. “Fever and vomiting, I have been falling asleep groggyly.” “Since when?” “When I called her to get up this morning, she said she was tired and wanted to go to bed again.

Later, I vomited again and my body became hot. “Xia Chu said: “There is no major problem, probably eating something indigestible, coupled with the cold, but her heart is not good, blood pressure is also high, if one day gets sick, it will be trouble. “”What should I do?” “Liang Muze asked. “She lives in such a remote place. If you can’t get treatment even if you are sick, the more serious ones may have sequelae or cause complications…” Xia Chu stopped talking, she thought, Liang Muze should be able to. You can hear what she meant. Liang Muze went to the bed and sat down, stroking the old man’s face. He couldn’t see his expression under the shadow of the light, but Xia Chu thought that he must be very sad, looking at his figure like that. Helpless and desperate.

Xia Chu tried to communicate with the little girl, but the little girl just shook her head, completely unable to understand what she was talking about. It can be seen that this girl is not a relative of the old man, at least not a child, but more like a little aunt taking care of her. Only two of them live in this small yard. What about the old man’s children? Why did Liang Muze, an outsider rush over, but her sons and daughters did not show up? Unless… Liang Muze said that his friend’s mother was sick. Is his friend also a soldier? And his friend, hasn’t he… So Liang Muze has taken on the task of taking care of the elderly? Looking at Liang Muze again, she felt very moved for a moment, and her eyes were panic acid.

For the strength of the elderly, but also for the kindness of Liang Muze. At the beginning of Xia, a prescription was issued. Liang Muze took the prescription and drove to the nearby county to buy medicine. At the beginning of Xia, he sat on the bedside with the little girl and guarded the elderly. At the beginning of summer, I poured a bowl of water and dipped a cotton swab with the moisturizing old man’s **. You can skip the meal, but you must drink the water, especially if she has a fever and vomits. If she doesn’t get water for a long time, her condition will be more serious . She is now in a mild coma and has little perception of the outside world. After pouring the medicine back to the elderly, Xia Chu pushed her a tube of glucose. When her enthusiasm gradually subsided, the two of them started to rush back. Facing the born sun, drive all the way.

The whole person was tired and exhausted, and Xia Chu thought that Liang Muze must be more tired. The car entered the city and stopped at an intersection. Liang Muze got off the car and bought soy milk and eggs. “Eat these and I will take you back to the hospital.” Xia Chu, who didn’t get off the car, picked it up earlier and smiled and said thank you. As the car continued to look forward, Liang Muze, who was looking ahead, suddenly said to Xia Chu: “Thank you.” Xia Chu knew what he was referring to and swallowed the soy milk in his mouth, “Nothing. I was a doctor. This is what I should do. It’s just that, does she have to live there? Her physical condition is not very good.” “She didn’t want to leave there. I tried to persuade her to come to City G. This is also convenient for me to take care of. She might be afraid to trouble me, so I didn’t want to leave for anything. I had no choice but to ask someone to take care of her.

“He was talking about the little girl. So, her inference is probably 100% correct. She knew that those things must be pains that Liang Muze refused to mention, so she didn’t mention a word of sensibility. “There should be from G City.” The bus to that county seat, I will go there every month from now on to do some simple inspections for the elderly. “Xia Chu said the truth, the old man’s loneliness and helplessness made her sad. “Xia Chu, thank you.” “When this sentence was said, Liang Muze stared into her eyes with burning eyes, which was a sincere gratitude. Xia Chu blushed as he stared at him. He lowered his head and bit the straw. It took him a long time to find his voice, “I.” I just want to do my part.

“Xia Chu was stared in a daze, and was taken to the hospital. After watching his car leave, she realized a very serious problem. Her outfit, a T-shirt and jeans, and a pair of sandals. Only the medicine box on his back looks more like a doctor. How can you go to work? At the beginning of Xia, you sex girl, when people look at you, they don’t know the south, east and north. If they smile at you, wouldn’t they sell you? She also helped others count the money. Xia Chu bit her head and walked into the hospital, trotting down the wall with her head down, hoping not to be seen by the leaders. She didn’t want to be driven home before the internship ended. , Early Xia sprinted all the way to the office, put on a white coat, how much it could cover.

But there is still a pair of shoes on her feet that can’t cover her. She intends to sneak into the duty room and find a pair of shoes to deal with it first. As a result, he ran into Doctor Ding as soon as he went out. Doctor Ding was screamed when he saw that it was after Xia Chu. He immediately smiled and said, “Xia Chu, why are you in a hurry?” Xia Chu could not wait to hide his feet behind him, and he forced a smile and said: “Doctor Ding, you are here.” “Why dark circles are so heavy? Didn’t sleep well?” “Haha, yeah.” Xia Chu continued to laugh with her. “That’s not good. It is most important for girls to keep good skin and sleep.” “Yeah, what you said is, I remembered.” Doctor Ding continued speaking bitterly. Xia Chu stood restless in the office for fear of being caught She saw the little pink plywood sandals on her feet.

“Xia Xia, are you in a hurry to go to the toilet?” “Ah? Yes, Doctor Ding, I want to have diarrhea, I’ll go to the toilet first.” After speaking, a smoke disappeared at the door. In a trance, she seemed to hear a familiar voice saying: “Xia Xia, the direction is wrong, the bathroom is here…” She hoped that there might be some doctor’s shoes in the duty room that could help the emergency. However, there is nothing but slippers. Just when she was scratching her head and not knowing what to do, the phone in her pocket rang, and she glanced at the unknown number. She wanted to hang up, but she answered it in a wicked manner. “Chu Xia.” Chu Xia was surprised, “Liang Muze? Why do you have my phone?” “Where is your office? I will send you clothes.

“What is the sound of nature, what is sending charcoal in the snow, what is knowing the gratitude, what is the reward for good people. At that moment, Xia Chu really felt that he had accumulated a lot of virtue, a meal, a pot of tea, and a patient. Let her accumulate virtue. Liang Muze followed the address given by Xia Chu and delivered the clothes directly to the duty room. Opening the bag at the beginning of Xia, he saw military uniforms, shoes, and even sex. Seeing the sex, she was whole. Stupid. He helped her get the clothes. It wasn’t that her clothes were all seen by him? Underwear**?

She was messed up in an instant. Although she should say thank you to him, there is only one thing she wants to say now. , The retribution came so quickly. But seeing that his expression is not a bit awkward, what else can she say? Do you want to ask, have you seen my bra and panties? That’s even more embarrassing.

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