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Chapter 1370 The Last Chance

“If I remember correctly, I have already refused.” Shang Yuan said blankly.

“Yes, you rejected it at the beginning, but you should know that the mission and significance of our holy land is to balance ordinary people and evolvers and prevent evolvers from overly interfering with the world of ordinary people. The technology you master is really too much. Danger, I hope you can cooperate with the Holy Land, the Holy Land has never had any selfishness, just for balance.” The Holy Land messenger said.

Immediately, Shang Yuan raised his eyes and glanced at the messenger of the holy land, and said with a smile, “Am I disturbing the balance.”

Hearing the sound, the messenger of the holy land was taken aback for a moment. After returning to his senses, he shook his head: “Not for the time being.”

Shang Yuan Nod: “If this is the case, please come back.”

“Although you do not interfere with the balance now, it does not mean that the balance will not be disturbed in the future. Only when the Holy Land also controls the technology or cooperates with you, can we treat you as a friend. Will be fortified.” The Holy Land messenger said.

“The words are very beautiful, so you want to grab it tonight.” Shang Yuan asked.

“The Holy Land never cares what means to do, as long as it can maintain the balance, it will do whatever it takes.” The Holy Land messenger said.

“The grand-sounding excuse is really beautiful, but I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the Holy Land, and I won’t hand over the technology. If I can’t think of one day and disturb the balance, it won’t be too late for your Holy Land to come to me again.” Shang Yuan said.

The messenger of the holy land was silent for a moment, and finally sighed: “Why are you so stubborn, if your heart is determined not to hand over the technology, there is still a way, that is, you disappear with the technology.” While

speaking, the messenger of the holy land Already walked a few steps forward.

Shang Yuan stood there, watching the holy land messenger approaching step by step, but he didn’t make any movements.

“Shang Yuan, I will give you the last chance to cooperate with the Holy Land.” The Holy Land messenger said.

“No need.” Shang Yuan said.

Hearing Shang Yuan’s answer, the messenger of the Holy Land nodded, “Okay, you chose the road yourself. For the sake of balance, I am sorry to you tonight. In the next life, I am willing to be a cow and a horse for you. I’m sorry.” After

that, The messenger of the Holy Land flashed past, and he had come to Shang Yuan’s side.

For the messenger of the Holy Land, the man in front of him is too weak. If he insists on describing it, he is like a boxing champion, while Shang Yuan is like a child who has just reached the full moon. It is easy to take his life.

There is indeed some hesitation in his heart. The Holy Land and Shang Yuan have no grievances and no grudges, and Shang Yuan has not done any evil. Taking his life tonight is slightly contrary to the meaning of the existence of the Holy Land. The Holy Land should not have done such a thing. .

However, the technology controlled by Shang Yuan was too terrifying, especially after they recently learned that Shang Yuan’s technology had made further breakthroughs, they finally made Sheng Di’s determination to eliminate Shang Yuan for the sake of balance even if he was burdened with infamy.

“I’m sorry…Oh.” As if there was

nothing, there was a light sigh and regret from the holy land messenger in the room, and he was indeed a little bit pitiful and unbearable.

In the next second, the messenger of the Holy Land waved a palm, and the whistling sound filled his ears. The strength of this palm, let alone an ordinary acquired evolver, even those extremely good innate evolves could not. withstand.

The palm of the messenger of the holy land is holding the heart of killing, and it will not make Shang Yuan feel any pain.

There is only so much he can do.

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