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Chapter 1371 does not prevent me from smoking you


A bang exploded from the room, and under the surprised gaze of the holy land emissary, Shang Yuan took a step back calmly, and escaped the fatal blow of the holy land emissary in an understatement.

“Coincidence?” The

holy land messenger frowned deeply, and carefully looked at the gentle man in front of him.

Shang Yuan is indeed very weak. He is an acquired evolver, and the power of the evolver is not worth mentioning. Why can he easily dodge his fatal blow? This is unreasonable.

Shangbo walked to the bed, without looking at the messenger of the holy land, slowly tied the button on the neckline, and immediately pulled out a bamboo strip.

Upon seeing this, the messenger of the Holy Land was a little puzzled and doubted.

“When there are children who are disobedient, I will use this to smoke them.” Shang Yuan said.

“Your Excellency is crazy?” The Holy Land messenger said inexplicably.

As soon as his voice fell, he did not see Shang Yuan’s action. The next second, the pain of the Holy Land Envoy suddenly shrank. Shang Yuan’s speed was so fast that he couldn’t see clearly. He only heard the sound of cracks in his ears, and immediately, his skin opened and fleshy. The pain caused cold sweat on the forehead of the messenger of the Holy Land.

Subconsciously stepped back a few steps, the clothes on his abdomen had been shredded and blood was flowing.

Before the Holy Land messenger came back to his senses, there was another severe pain behind him. The Holy Land messenger endured the piercing pain and did not scream.

“You…impossible, you are indeed just an ordinary extremely acquired evolve.” The Holy Land Envoy gritted his teeth.

“I don’t deny it.” Shang Yuan said faintly, “But it doesn’t prevent me from smoking you.” When the

voice fell, the holy land messenger was slapped again, grinning in pain.

Seeing that Shang Yuan was about to slap himself like a father beating his son, the messenger of the holy land staggered and left through the wall instantly, not daring to stay.

“Thank you for your mercy, but the Holy Land will not allow your technology to disturb the balance.”

The voice of the Holy Land messenger came out, and no one was seen.

The holy land messenger knew very well in his heart that if this man wanted to kill him, it would be easy… but he only slapped him a few times, but he didn’t know why.

Shang Yuan threw the bamboo sticks aside at random, an inexplicable luster appeared in his eyes, thoughtfully.


Soon, the voices of many young men and women came from outside the door.

Shang Yuan did not answer.

A few seconds later, the door was kicked open by Shang Hui, who looked like a child.

In the next second, many young men and women poured into the room like a tide.


Seeing that there was only Shang Yuan in the room, the faces of the men and women including Shang Hui were weird.

Earlier, I clearly heard the sound of fighting in the room…

“It’s okay, people have already left.” Shang Yuan looked at the crowd and said immediately.

“Father, do you see who it is?” The boss Shang Yu frowned.

Obviously, with sufficient precautions, people still touched his father’s room. Fortunately, his father didn’t have any accidents. Otherwise, everyone present would bear the blame.

“Holy land.” Shang Yuan said, truthfully.

As Shang Yuan’s voice fell, the expressions of everyone present changed slightly.

“Holy Land… They had already asked someone to talk to their father a few years ago. Although their father refused to share the experimental technology, they didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. How could it happen this time?” a young girl said.

“It’s not difficult to guess the motive of the Holy Land.” Shang Hui said: “Father’s experimental technology has made a huge breakthrough. Naturally, the Holy Land can’t sit still. I am afraid that my father has long been regarded as a time bomb, thinking that his father’s experimental technology will affect evolution. The balance between the scholar and the ordinary person, so I want to divide the father quickly.”

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