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Not there, Marquis!


Elizabeth Linben, the second daughter of a poor peasant with only two daughters. Although reincarnated into an unknown world in the present age, she dreams of a rural life and is completely satisfied with her life as a farmer.

Such a quiet and normal life begins to shake little by little after attending a ball hosted by Marquis of Lowton, a nobleman who has come down from the capital.

“I want you to give me your name the next time I meet you, lady.” As a commoner, she thought she had nothing to do with Marquis of Lawton, but she said,

“Will you kiss me?”
“I’m thinking.”

The relationship that started as a bad relationship gradually turns pink… …

Not there, Marquis!
Associated Names: 거기는 안 돼요, 후작님!
Genres: romance, novel
Year: N/A
Status: ongoing

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