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Sequence (The world where you)

The early morning scene was shrouded in heavy mist. The air was deep and icy cold, moist, wispy, as if to get into the bones.

Wen Ge rolled over the quilt and turned over, still a little hazy in consciousness.

The old residential area is quiet and peaceful.

She curled up and stared at the white mist outside the window in a daze, and through a door, the voice that was only faintly audible finally gradually became clear. She lay on the bed, only feeling that the warmth in the bed was being swallowed by the cold in the air little by little, and the cold made her teeth tremble.

This movement did not last long, and the door quickly became quiet.

Wen Ge sat up on the bed, listened for a moment, and quietly got dressed and jumped out of the bed. Go to the window and open the window, looking out through the rusty mottled anti-theft window.

There was a thick fog, so hazy that you could not see the distance, only the edges and corners of the adjacent buildings on both sides could be seen vaguely. Pedestrians are already walking in the alley, and occasionally there will be rushing car bells, jingling, like a gust of wind, it will drift into the distance at once.

The sound of footsteps sounded outside the house, from time to time, and from time to time, accompanied by the girl’s cry of waking up, and it just started one morning. Not long after, Aunt Cousin fed Xiao Nian Ding breakfast and sent her to school. As soon as he walked out of the corridor, he glanced over and saw her standing in the window, frowned slightly, let go of the little nurse and walked towards her.

“Close the window, I’m afraid that others won’t know that my house has an extra useless mouth…” Her hand reached through the anti-theft window and pushed the window back a few times, still cursing: “I’m upset just watching…”

Xiao Nianding stood not far away, grinning and making faces at Wen Ge, and then secretly smiled while covering her mouth. When she was taken away by her cousin, she even crossed her hands and compared a triumphant V.

“I want to go to school too…” Wen Ge grabbed the wood along the window, and his nails were a little blue and white. The eyes were red circle after circle, and finally did not let the tears fall.

Her parents died together three months ago, and the grandmother who raised her since she was little learned that the bad news has not survived a week and then died. She had no relatives, she had to contact her cousin and aunt who was not very close, and was eventually adopted.

She was in a daze, and suddenly heard the sound of a car engine coming from outside, a dull sound.

Thinking that Aunt Ciao should have gone far this time, she carefully opened the window and looked up to see -a dark car parked at the door.

Before she could see clearly, she saw Aunt Cousin walking back with Xiao Nian Ding, standing next to the car door guarded and suspicious.

When the window came down, the people inside didn’t know what was said. Aunt Biao suddenly looked back and heard the song. Seeing that the window was half-open, she gave her a fierce look, and her voice suddenly rose: “Close the window, it’s so cold. , What should I do if it’s frozen?”

The warning in her eyes was so obvious that she turned her head back when Wen Ge reached out her hand and closed the window.

Hearing the song, he could see through the gap left by the window that was not closed tightly . It was already cold and the air was bleak and cold. Everything you can see is with a layer of icy chill, shining with a vast white cold front.

The heavy fog in this morning obscures the sky and the sun. It was like her gloomy mood at the moment, a little bit swallowed, enveloped.

It didn’t take long for the slight noise of the car door. Then in her constricted field of vision, a heroic woman with short hair and a brawny body appeared hurriedly walking into the house.

Behind her was the slow cousin aunt, her mouth closed, seeming to be cursing.

Hearing the song seemed to have a premonition, and his heartbeat was pounding faster. She opened the window, tiptoe to look out, only had time to see the puzzled eyes of the little tit who was walking at the end, tilting her head and looking at her.

Then she turned her head–

I saw Wen Shaoyuan standing next to the car door.

His eyes were like cascading distant mountains, looking at her from a short distance away, long and quiet.

Then he walked over, walked a few steps to the window, and gave her a condescending look. It seems that it is a little inconvenient to talk at this distance, so he bends down and stares at her: “Your name is Wen Ge?”

Wen Ge nodded awkwardly, and the heartbeat suddenly got out of order, adding a little nervousness. She licked her dry lips and replied seriously: “Hello, I am Wenge.”

Wen Shaoyuan curled his lips and smiled impenetrably, stood up slightly, and reached out to her: “Hello, this is Wen Shaoyuan.”

Wen Ge stared at his hand for a while, his fingers were slender and white, sticking out straight, right in front of her eyes. She hesitated for a while, seeing that he was still waiting for her patiently, and then stretched out her hand and slowly put it into his palm.

His hands were warm and dry, and only one palm wrapped her hands tightly.

Wen Ge glanced at him a little embarrassedly, and asked timidly: “You…are you here to find me?”

Wen Shaoyuan frowned slightly, loosened his fingers, and followed her hand to clasp her wrist. Her palm was cold and her wrist was as thin as wood.

He stared at her with a solemn gaze, his voice lowered, and his words were clear: “Yes, come to you.”

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