13 year old winter night . Jinhyuk met Zeon, who was standing in the middle of the national highway with his bloody mother . He was in terror while covering up the pouring snow . People talk about it carelessly .

Jinhyuk sympathizes with Zeon without will . Zeon, too, is a lie if he has never thought of that .

‘Do I look so sorry ?’

Jinhyuk does not comfort or appease her . I have no heart or reason for that . Rather, he talks while looking at Zeon with his cold eyes .

‘ I just do it because I like you crazy . Get even , I get not even the more I want . ” If the person who loves more is the weak , it is Jinhyuk himself who deserves sympathy .

For Jinhyuk, she is by no means a poor woman . A perfect woman who promises eternal love , who desires pleasures that are even dangerous .

Associated Names: 투베로즈
Mr. Bokhee
Genres: romance
Year: 2020.11.30
Status: complete

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