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Yasothon (Thailand) Background

Yasothon (ยโสธร) is one of Thailand’s seventy-six provinces lies in central northeastern Thailand also called Isan. The province was established by the revolutionary council of Field Marshal Thanom Kittikachorn, after its Announcement No. 70 which came into force on 3 March 1972.


Yasothon is a fertile land on the banks of the Chi River. It is known as Bang Fai City, a land with a rich past and more than 200 years. Yasothon has a long history associated with Nong Bua Lum Phu Nakhon, Khandakab Dam. Kaew Bua Ban and related to the city of Ubon In the area of Yasothon Province Have found traces of human settlement from the historical period continued to the present day Most of the ancient communities were located in open plains or on the edge of the field.

Adjacent to the Khok and forest areas, including the ancient community border Thung Kula Rong. In the district Mahachana Chai And Khorang district, such as the ancient community at Ban Hua Muang, Ban Khu Mueang, two-story moat In the district Mahachana Chai Ban Nam Om, Ban Phon Phaeng, Ban Phaeng, Ban Khae, Ban Phon Muang, in Khorang district, around the year of 1969 2314 Old Lord Vos, Venerable Sovereign, Vientiane Migrated families and servants to resettlement. Due to dissatisfaction.

The new ruler By using the name of the new city that Nong Bua Lum Phu Town At the same time, Phrachao Siriboonsarn, the ruler of Vientiane, was paranoid and therefore raised an army from Vientiane to suppress Phra Phao Ta and was shot by the enemy with a firearm. And slashed with a sword until he died in the battle of Chao Chao Kham Kham and the front of the two brothers of Chao Phra Wo, and Chao Kam Chao Thidprom raised his army to flee from Nong Bua Lum Phu to rely on you. Champasak Province The army procession of Chao Phra Wo traveled along the Chi Basin to stay with Chao Khamsu.

The ruler of Ban Sing Tha (now Yasothon Province) later later, Chao Phra Wa thought that if he was with Chao Khamsu already If Vientiane brings an army, it will be difficult. And the war will continue When the meeting had agreed, it was taken to evacuate troops down the river. And build a new city at Don Wang Kong, Nakhon Champasak Province According to the order of the Lord Luang Chao Nakhon Champasak By Chao Phra Wo to dig a ditch to build a camp, called Ban Du Ban Kae Camp

1811 B.E., Chao Phichai Rachkhattiyawongsa to the King King Phra Phuttha Lertlah Naphalai Please give youngster Grandchildren in Champasak Province Occupy Champasak city continuously King of the Sing Dynasty Son of Chao Phichai Phichai Ratkhattiyawongsa Back in the same house, Baan Sing Tha And brought back the ashes of Chao Phraya Phichai Ratchakhattiyawongsa, suggested to build a chedi to contain at Wat Mahathat Close to Phra That Phra Ananda, which still appears until now 1814 Year King Phra Phuttha Lertlah Naphalai Has graciously ordered To raise the house of Sing Tha as a city and give the name of the city of Yos Sunthorn to Chao Dynasty Sing to rule the city with the name Phra Sunthon Ratchawongsa Was the first governor of Yasothon, the word Yos Sunthorn later became Yasothon, meaning His Highness, but writing or short calling Yaso was not sweet and auspicious. Pol. T. Phuangsri Bunlue, the sheriff of Yasothon (1957-1970) has requested a letter requesting to write a new name as “Yasothon” and received permission from the Ministry of Interior.

With the approval of the Royal Institute to change And used until nowDuring the reign of King Rama IX When the battle of Chao Anouvong, Vientiane Yasothon was recruited to join this battle with victory. Received 500 families of Vientiane prisoners and a cannon for the city named Nang Pong gun still appears at Yasothon City Pillar Shrine until today. When Phra Sunthon Ratchawongsa was seen as the governor The stone was taken from Ban Kaeng Hin Ngom to build a replica of the Buddha’s footprint and built Wat Pa Amphawan. And Wat Klang Sri Tri Phum as a temple of the city

During the reign of King Chulalongkorn in the year 2417, the war was born in Nong Khai city. The city of Yasothon was drafted to join. The army from Bangkok was 500 people. Later in the year 2426, they had raised their strength in Thung Chiang Kham. Yasothon has been enlisted to take the power of elephants, horses, and cattle as a vehicle to carry supplies to feed the army. 1890 during the reign of King Rama 5 there was a new rule. The major Isan districts, Master, Tri, and Jatwa were merged together called the Division for Yasothon and were incorporated into the North Eastern districts. With the governor set up the government division in the city of Ubon It consists of 12 cities: Ubon Ratchathani, Kalasin, Suvarnabhumi, Mahasarakham, Roi Et, Phu Laen, Chang Kamalasai, Khemarat, Nong Song, Kondong, Yasothon and Sisaket, which are directly connected to Bangkok.

In the year 1893 there was a dispute between Thailand and France. France has raised forces from the city of Yuan to hit the Thai city of Sombok The city of Yasothon was enlisted to help protect the territory. The leaders were joined by troops from the Army, 1,000 people in Bangkok 2443 East County was abolished. Yasothon has merged with the city of Ubon. Divided into 2 districts: Uthai, Yasothon Later is Kham Khuean Kaeo district And Prajim Yasothon District After being
in Yasothon district in 1913, the district was renamed Uthai Yasothon. Is a district of Kham Khuean Kaeo Changed the name of Amphoe Pajim, Yasothon Is Yasothon District, Mueang Yasothon, therefore reducing its position from town to district Since then

In 1951, the Ministry of Interior initiated the establishment of Yasothon District as a province. Until the date of February 6, 1972, the revolutionary group No. 70 was announced to establish Yasothon district as Yasothon province. With effect from March 1, 1972 by junction of Yasothon District, Kud Chum District, Loeng Nok Tha District Kham Khuean Kaeo District Mahachana Chai District, Pa Tio District and Ubon Ratchathani Province Together as Yasothon Province, the 71st province of Thailand.

Physical Characteristics

Location: Yasothon Province, located in the Northeast of Thailand, far from Bangkok. By car about 531 kilometers (National Highway No. 1, 2, 202) and in the lower northeastern provinces 2 (Ubon Ratchathani, Sisaket, Yasothon, Amnat Charoen).

Gross Provincial Product: The Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council announced the 2017 gross provincial product information, found that in Yasothon Province in 2017, the production structure according to the gross provincial product (GPP) in Yasothon Province totaled 19 branches worth 26,039 million baht. (Increased by 1,141 million baht when compared with the value of 24,898 million baht in 2015 and a decrease of 362 million baht compared to the value of 26,401 million baht in 2016) ranked 17th in the northeast region as No. 3 of provincial groups and No. 71 of the country, with economic growth rate of -2.67% in 2017 and average economic growth rate from 2013-2017 by 0.29%. 6,331 million baht or 24.31 percent of the provincial mass product And the field of non-agricultural production is 19,708 million baht or 75.69% of the sector with the highest value of the five production is….

  1. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, amount 6,331 million baht
  2. Education fields 4,663 million baht
  3. Wholesale and retail sales, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles 3,227 million baht
  4. Finance and Insurance in the amount of 2,672 million baht
  5. Industrial production of 2,295 million baht, which accounts for 24.31%, 17.91, 12.39, 10.26 and 8.81, respectively, of gross domestic product, while the average product value per capita (Per Capita: GPP) Amounted to 54,183 million baht, ranked No. 19 in the Northeast And is No. 4 of the provincial groups and No. 75 of the country
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