Chapter 1449 Let you remember everything

Section 1449 allows you to remember all

forest smoke subconsciously look to Xiao Ji, had he not read minds?

“Xiao Ji, I will push you home, you tell me everything you know, are you sure?” Lin Yan said.

“Naturally it is like this.” Xiao Ji replied very positively.

“Okay, deal.” Lin Yan nodded, pushing Xiao Ji’s wheelchair and ran forward.

Anyway, she is also an evolutionary herself, and her body has evolved. Not to mention pushing him home, even with one hand, even Xiao Ji took his wheelchair and ran back over his head.

At this moment, Lin Yan had made up his mind. If Xiao Ji dared to play with her, he would no longer need a wheelchair, so he would buy him the best stretcher.

Lin Yan only took half an hour for the dozens of kilometers of road.

After arriving at Xiao Ji’s manor, Xiao Ji in the wheelchair frowned and looked at the dust accumulated on his body.

Is she rushing to reincarnate…

Inside the house, Lin Yan drank the coffee made by her servant and stared at Xiao Ji who was sitting on the wheelchair opposite.

“Okay, let’s talk about it, everything you know.” Lin Yan put down the cup and said towards Xiao Ji.

“Say what?” Xiao Ji’s face was inexplicable.

After Xiao Ji finished speaking, Lin Yan didn’t get angry and took out the phone directly from his bag.

Seeing that Lin Yan hadn’t spoken for a long time, Xiao Ji seemed a little curious. He turned his wheelchair and came behind Lin Yan, only to find that Lin Yan was shopping online.

“Xiao Ji, do you like this?”

Lin Yan pointed his mobile phone to Xiao Ji, and pointed to the boutique stretcher above.

After staring at the stretcher for a long time, Xiao Ji spoke to Lin Yan: “I will tell you about your life. I was just joking with you.”

Lin Yan smiled and nodded, turning off the online shopping, “I’m also joking with you.” Yes, let’s talk about it.”

“Your surname is Mu.” Xiao Ji said.

Lin Yan: “…” What else do you mean? !

“Say something I don’t know.” Lin Yan sighed.

“Your name is Mu Yan.” Xiao Ji continued.

Lin Yan: “…”

She really couldn’t help but do it. If she did it by herself, it shouldn’t be regarded as bullying the disabled, right?

“Continue.” Lin Yan looked at Xiao Ji.

Xiao Ji thought for a while and said, “Your real name is Mu Yan, you are the young lady of the Great Clan of the Evolutionary, Wang Jingyang is your brother, and your real name is Muyang.”

“The young lady of the Great Clan of the Evolutionary…Wang Jingyang is my brother?” Lin Yan Looking at Xiao Ji like a fool: “Why don’t you say that Wang Jingyang is called Mugou.”

“I told the truth, but you don’t believe it.” Xiao Ji shook his head, “But it doesn’t matter, I will let you remember everything. …Not only for you, but also for me.”

Before Lin Yan continued to say something, his mind was dizzy, but within a few seconds, Lin Yan completely fell asleep on the chair.

“Master, what are you?”

Xing Chuan walked into the hall and looked at Xiao Ji in surprise.

“Get out.” Xiao Ji stared at Lin Yan without raising his head.

Xingchuan looked at Lin Yan and wanted to say something, but he didn’t dare to say more, so he could only leave the hall.

Staring at Lin Yan who was in a coma, Xiao Ji whispered softly: “Jiufeng, you don’t have much time, and I…the same.”

Looking at Lin Yan in front of him , Xiao Ji couldn’t help sinking into thought, as if his thoughts flew. Back then.

When he joined Shanhai that year, he was not attributed to the oppressive forces of Shanhai, but through some means, he learned about the special abilities of the leader Jiufeng.

Changing his fate against the

sky … If Xiao Ji was like this, he would have become the world’s top evolutionary at a young age, but unfortunately, his body could not bear it. In the long run, he could not continue to break through the limit. What awaited him was the fragmentation of his body.