Chapter 1450 The original purpose

The original purpose of Chapter 1450 is

based on Xiao Ji, a rare genius in the world that seems lucky, but in fact it is extremely sad.

He also knew very well in his heart that if he couldn’t continue to evolve and break through the bottleneck, it would not take long for him to die.

He has great ambitions, but because of such a relationship, he can’t display it. He wants to unify the evolvers and become the king of the evolving world, but even if he has that strength, his heavy body no longer agrees.

After knowing Jiufeng’s abilities back then, Lin Yan became all his hope, a life-saving straw, which not only allowed him to continue to break through, but also saved himself from the nightmare of breaking his body.

Many years ago, Xiao Ji gave up the empire he created with his own hands, surrendered himself, became a member of Shanhai, and returned to Jiufeng.

At first, when joining Shanhai, Xiao Ji had a very strong purpose, but wanted to pass Jiufeng and plan for himself to evolve again.

It’s a pity that the sky does not fulfill everyone’s wish, whether Jiufeng, Wang Jingyang and others are always on guard against him.

In those years, Xiao Ji tried to hide himself as much as possible. Over time, after experiencing several big battles in the mountains and seas, he finally gained the trust of the members of the mountains and seas, including the leader Jiufeng.

It’s just that the years of getting along with each other day and night, living and dying together, made Xiao Ji feel the long-lost family affection, a kind of inexplicable affection.

The three brothers have always been at odds, and their parents died early in the battle of the evolution clan.

Perhaps because his parents died in the battle of the evolutionary, Xiao Ji had taken a poisonous oath when he was young. In this life, he must do his best, even if there is only one in ten thousand chance, he will not give up…

He wants Become the king of the evolutionary world and rule the entire evolutionary world. Perhaps, then there will be no more wars and no more displacement.

And the evolutionary talent displayed by Xiao Ji at a young age exceeded everyone’s expectations at the time. The horror can be seen from the crazy draw of countless big families, and the extremely strong Mu family back then was also the draw of Xiao. One of Ji Ji.

God seemed to have made a joke with Xiao Ji. When Xiao Ji created his own empire and raised his power to the peak, his evolution began to stagnate.

Not only that, but the body was gradually unable to withstand his terrifying evolutionary power, and gradually showed signs of collapse.

After entering the mountains and seas, with Jiufeng’s help, he has been following Jiufeng, his body has been balanced, and the signs of collapse disappeared.

Years of life and death in the South and North wars made Xiao Ji look at the mountains and seas squarely, and even Xiao Ji didn’t know when to speak. He actually began to enjoy this inseparable bond.

Even Xiaoji couldn’t say this kind of emotion. To Jiufeng, he didn’t know if he liked it, or he just regarded her as a family member who didn’t want to be separated.

As for the catastrophes that he needed to suffer during evolution, Xiao Ji no longer cared at all. As long as his home was always there, whether he evolved or not was no longer important.

The scenes of that year have always appeared in Xiao Ji’s mind, lingering.

In their last battle, relying on his strategy, Shanhai won a complete victory. Jiufeng told him with joy that his abilities had been improved again and had been able to help him continue to evolve.

In the beginning, joining Shanhai was the ultimate goal of Xiao Ji. Once the goal was achieved, Shanhai had nothing to do with him. He even thought that after using the nine phoenixes, he would slaughter the mountain and sea.