Chapter 1451 Only strength is eternal

Chapter 1451 There is only strength but eternity,

which is unpredictable, and even more unpredictable is my own heart.

For Xiao Ji at that time, he was unwilling to use Jiufeng. Whether he could evolve was no longer important. Of course, if Jiufeng had the ability to help him, it would be best.

But Xiao Ji never waited for that day to come.

The mountains and seas were catastrophically plagued, and the entire army was almost wiped out.

In order to protect his cherished home, he went all out to save life and death. It was as strong as he and the mountain and sea, but still unable to compete. His cherished brothers and sisters died tragically before his eyes.

Xiao Ji will never forget that pair of eyes full of despair and unwillingness, the members of the mountains and seas who were instantly wiped out in a battle.

He is like a mad dog trying to guard the bond that cannot be cut, but in the end he watched the bond dissipate little by little.

Since then, Xiao Ji has realized once again, what kind of family affection, what family… It’s all gone, only power is eternal!

He fled, not because of fear of life or death, nor revenge, but just returned to the original reason and original purpose.

He wants to stop looking back on the road of evolution, he is even more determined that he wants to become the king of the evolutionary world, as long as he rules the entire evolutionary force, love will last forever, and all the premise… is power.

The last battle that Shanhai’s entire army was dispatched was completely defeated. Those once energetic members almost died, and only a few of them were left. As the leader, Jiufeng, although he escaped a catastrophe and was rescued by Tengu, he was also rescued by the tengu. The relationship of one’s own abilities erased all memories of pain.

Under Tengu’s deliberate actions, Jiufeng, the leader of Shanhai, became an ordinary girl and became a racing driver, and Shanhai, an organization, has never been related to her since then, and has become a buried memory.

And Xiao Ji himself returned to the country he created with one hand and regained his ambitions, but in any case, the evolutionary power was always at a bottleneck, unable to continue to break through.

Although his body has improved with the help of Jiufeng, after so many years, without Jiufeng, his body is not as good as the day. Until one day, his feet can no longer support and he can only sit on it. wheelchair.

Until a few years ago, Xiao Ji saw his familiar but unfamiliar face again in a racing competition.

What is familiar is that they have lived together day and night for so many years, sharing life and death, and what is unfamiliar is that Jiufeng grew up as a little girl. Although he has no heroic spirit of the year, his facial features are more refined.

Although the appearance will change due to time, Xiao Ji can still recognize at a glance that the high-spirited girl on the court is the leader of the mountain and sea, Jiufeng.

Over the years, Xiao Ji has also been inquiring about Tengu and Jiufeng. After all, Jiufeng is the only hope that allows him to evolve again and break through the bottleneck. It is a pity that after spending a lot of experience, Jiufeng and Tengu seem to have evaporated, without any The news came out, as if the mountains and seas once famous all over the world disappeared.

Even though he had seen Jiufeng, Xiao Ji had long since lost his inseparable fetters. He had only one purpose…

the power to evolve.

I tried to get in touch with the woman named Lin Yan, but she seemed to have forgotten everything. She treated herself as an ordinary person, a serious racer.

Xiao Ji at that time even found it ridiculous, but from Lin Yan’s eyes, he discovered her obsession with racing…no, maybe it was an obsession with money.

And how could the Jiufeng he knows be like this.