Chapter 1452 A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

Chapter 1452 A once-in-

a- lifetime opportunity. At a certain moment, Xiao Ji will have an illusion, whether this girl is Jiufeng or not, if not, his spiritual power can feel the evolutionary aura that belongs to Jiufeng in the girl, but if it is Jiufeng, whether he speaks or acts, or how to talk, is a world of difference.

Although Xiao Ji wanted to use strong means to force the girl to submit, there was always a trace of affection flashed in his mind, and he was unable to start.

It is ridiculous that his two stupid brothers, Xiao Yao and Xiao Ze, were actually attracted by this girl.

As if seeing his ulterior motives, Xiao Yao guarded Lin Yan like a door god, and Xiao Ze simply became a sibling with Lin Yan.

Xiao Yao really liked Lin Yan, but unfortunately he was not good at words. He hid everything in his heart and never revealed it to anyone.

If it weren’t for Xiao Ji’s question, perhaps he would never know that Jiufeng had saved Xiao Yao’s life back then. When Xiao Yao’s evolutionary power was out of control, he happened to meet Jiufeng. If it weren’t for Jiufeng, Xiao Yao’s luck Better, become a useless person, bad luck, die on the spot.

Xiao Yao knows everything about his eldest brother, and he also knows why Xiao Ji joined Shanhai back then. Now he sees Jiufeng again. Even though Jiufeng has lost all his memories and becomes an ordinary girl, he will never let him go because of Xiao Ji’s character. Over Jiufeng.

During that time, it was precisely because of the relationship between Xiao Yao and Xiao Ze that Xiao Ji had been unable to attack Lin Yan.

Even after a short while, Tengu appeared under the pseudonym Wang Jingyang, accompanied by Lin Yan’s childhood friend, his little brother, who had no chance to start.

Even when he was in the mountains and seas, Tengu was always on guard against Xiao Ji, especially after Jiufeng lost his memory, he didn’t let Xiao Ji get close to Lin Yan.

Xiao Ji once went to Wang Jingyang to talk in detail, but only asked Wang Jingyang whether he was willing to the destruction of the mountains and seas that year. As long as Jiufeng can recover his abilities and help him evolve again, he will be able to initiate a plan of revenge.

Back then, revenge was no longer important to Xiao Ji. Since the destruction of mountains and seas, his mentality had already changed drastically. This rhetoric was only used to deceive Wang Jingyang.

It is a pity that Wang Jingyang was unmoved. He just said that mountains and seas have become a thing of the past, no need to mention it, and the most important thing at the moment is that Jiufeng can live in peace. Ordinary happiness is a luxury for Jiufeng. , And although Jiufeng now worries about money every day, it is also part of ordinary happiness. He doesn’t allow anyone to break it.

The turning point was because of the appearance of Pei Yucheng, the traitor appeared.

Wang Jingyang hated Pei Yucheng deeply. It happened that Pei Yucheng pursued Lin Yan with strong means, which violated Wang Jingyang’s bottom line.

Finally, Xiao Ji and Wang Jingyang reached a consensus, but before the two planned actions, Lin Yan married Pei Yucheng and even gave birth to two children, Pei Qian and Pei Li.

There was Wang Jingyang in the front and Pei Yucheng in the back. Xiao Ji’s plan could only be temporarily shelved, secretly waiting for the opportunity.

And this time has waited until today.

Even Xiao Ji had to do it. He needed to wait until Lin Yan recovered his memory and regained the power of evolution. Unfortunately… his time is running out, and his body is on the verge of breaking apart.

During this period, Lin Yan also ushered in big troubles, because a certain video, both she and Wang Jingyang were exposed, and the two of them had nowhere to hide anymore.

Perhaps this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.