Chapter 1453 Memories of the Past

Chapter 1453 Once Memories

Since Jiufeng still can’t restore her memory, he can only force her to restore her memory.

As long as Jiufeng’s ability returns, Jiufeng should look at his past love and help him make evolutionary breakthroughs. This is also Jiufeng’s promise to him.

If everything goes well and he successfully evolves and breaks through, Xiao Ji is confident that he can fight that person, and Jiufeng…he can hold on.

…In the

hall, Xiao Ji’s eyes suddenly opened, and a pair of eyes seemed to contain blue electric light, and instantly entered Lin Yan’s spiritual realm.

Xiao Ji had no interest in Lin Yan’s privacy at all. He needed to help Lin Yan find the lost memories in the shortest possible time.

However, after searching for a long time, Xiao Ji found that Lin Yan didn’t seem to have any memories of the past at all, it was completely blank.

About half an hour later, relying on the evolutionary power of the spiritual realm, Xiao Ji finally found a clue in Lin Yan’s spiritual world.

It’s not that Lin Yan didn’t have this memory, but that this memory was erased by some of her ability…

The memory of the past turned into thousands of memory fragments.

No wonder Lin Yan can’t remember it all the time. Even if she is given thousands of years to restore her memory, it is nonsense.

At most, some of these tens of millions of memory fragments appeared in the dream, but after waking up from the dream, Lin Yan would think that he had a dream.

At this moment, Xiao Ji fell into deep thought. As for Lin Yan’s abilities, Xiao Ji knew a little bit about Lin Yan’s abilities, but he didn’t fully understand it. Lin Yan seemed to have many abilities, and Lin Yan’s most terrifying ability, Xiao Ji also I have learned, this is also the reason why Xiao Ji joined Shanhai back then.

Lin Yan can allow the evolutionary to break through the bottleneck and evolve toward the highest level, and can eliminate the irreversible disaster caused by evolution to the body.

In addition to this ability, Lin Yan’s body seems to have some kind of unknowable protective barrier. Regarding the mental endurance ability, once Lin Yan is found to have suffered unbearable pain by this ability, this paragraph will be automatically deleted. Memories, even more.

Today, Lin Yan forgets everything in the past, it seems that it is precisely because of this protection mechanism.

Xiao Ji observes Lin Yan’s spiritual world. Although his past memories are protected and deleted, if he wants to repair it, it is not impossible, but it is somewhat difficult.

Xiao Ji used evolutionary abilities to carefully see Lin Yan’s memory fragments for reorganization and splicing.

These memory fragments are very fragile. If it is the intervention of external forces, with a little carelessness, these memories may disappear completely. Once the memory fragments disappear, if you want to restore the memory, there will be no possibility.

After a long time, Xiao Ji saw her and Pei Yucheng’s memories in Lin Yan’s spiritual level. At the moment, Xiao Ji only needs to move some hands and feet, and Lin Yan will completely forget Pei Yucheng after he wakes up.

Not only that, he can also use this as a basis to modify Lin Yan’s memory of him. Once successful, in Lin Yan’s future, she will only have his presence in her heart.

This thought seemed to be only a moment, Xiao Ji didn’t do that, not only did he not change Pei Yucheng’s memory, nor did he modify Lin Yan’s memory of him.

About a few hours later, Xiao Ji’s forehead was full of sweat, and the reorganization and repair of Lin Yan’s memory fragments was not as smooth as expected.

Lin Yan’s spiritual world seemed to hide some kind of evolutionary power that even he could not understand, and this power could even kick his spiritual power out of Lin Yan’s spiritual world.