Chapter 1456 traitor

Chapter 1456 of the Betrayer

as long as his heart there is a trace of affection Xiao Ji, there is even a moment shaken, Xiao Ji will be able to seize the gap, with full control of his mental powers will, therefore, Xiao Ji dare certainty Road out, he had no hope of winning, even a little bit.

Since childhood, the parents of their three brothers died in the war of the evolutionary world. They depended on each other. Xiao Ji replaced his parents and took care of him and Xiao Ze since childhood. In such a bad situation, they did not even suffer the slightest grievance. Did not suffer the slightest harm.

In Xiao Yao’s eyes, Xiao Ji was kind and gentle, caring for him and Xiao Ze.

But I don’t know when Xiao Ji changed completely. He became a tyrant without any moisture. In the evolutionary kingdom he created, he covered the sky with one hand. He had an uncontrollable desire for power and wanted to take himself The territory has expanded infinitely, and even ruled the entire evolutionary world.

Moreover, he did not hesitate to give up the forces he had painstakingly built for many years, and found Shanhai with a strong vision, and became a member of Shanhai.

Xiao Yao was rescued by Jiufeng Mountain and Sea, and he also knew the miraculous evolutionary power of Jiufeng. From Xiaoyao’s point of view, Xiao Ji knew of Jiufeng’s power, hiding his nature, and was bound to use it. The power of Jiufeng helped him break through the final bottleneck of the evolutionary, not only to heal his body that was about to be damaged due to being too strong, but once Xiao Ji evolves again, then his evolutionary power will truly turn into the deep sea, no more Not measurable.

In fact, as far as Xiao Yao is concerned, whether Xiao Ji can break through the bottleneck and continue to evolve, Xiao Yao doesn’t care, but he shouldn’t keep hurting the friends he cares about.

“Xiao Ji, I may not be able to take her away today, but you should know her identity. I think that if she is missing, many people will be anxious.” Xiao Yao said.

Xiao Ji glanced at Xiao Yao and then smiled: “You don’t have to threaten me, Xing Chuan should tell those people that she is with me.”

Xiao Yao looked at Xiao Ji inexplicably, and it was Xing Chuan who told him Lin Yan. In Xiao Ji’s manor, but why Xiao Ji knew that Xing Chuan said, and was sure that Xing Chuan would tell others, this seemed unreasonable.

“Xiao Yao, let me tell you that now, Lin Yan is the safest only with me.” Without giving Xiao Yao a chance to think, Xiao Ji continued.

Hearing the sound, Xiao Yao sneered coldly: “You are in front of me, so you don’t need to say that. He is safer by

Pei Yucheng .” “Pei Yucheng?” The corner of Xiao Ji’s mouth raised, “Oh… are you talking about the traitor? Pei Yucheng, the culprit who caused the destruction of the mountains and seas.”

“Causes the destruction of the entire army of the mountains and the seas?” Xiao Yao frowned. He didn’t know about this matter. Although he had heard the third brother Xiao Ze said in the past, the destruction of the mountains and the seas may be due to Pei Yucheng. But when I asked Xiao Ze, Xiao Ze kept silent, so Xiao Yao didn’t take it seriously.

Whether it was when Jiufeng became a professional racer abroad after losing his memory, or when he came to China, Xiao Yao can see that Pei Yucheng is sincere to Lin Yan, and there is no way he wants to harm Lin Yan. , I never thought of letting Lin Yan restore his memory, and using Lin Yan’s abilities to let him evolve again.

At least in Xiao Yao’s cognition, Pei Yucheng hopes that Lin Yan can enjoy this ordinary happiness, and what reason Pei Yucheng has to harm Lin Yan and make the mountain and sea disappear completely.

Shanhai and the evolution clan behind Pei Yucheng have no conflict of interest, or even the slightest intersection.