Kill God Forever


Rebirth from broken corpses, guard against ghosts and seize sisters, kill God to prove Tao! Among the highest schools in China, you can freely choose various growth routes such as seeking Taoism and Buddha, alien technology, gene grafting, and demon contract. Inside the misty highest school, there are the library with the highest classics, the confinement building managed by the SCP organization, the undersea magic capital that wants to vent, and the administrative center of the country. Walking on the edge of death, holding the power of life and death, stepping on the laws of the world, a hundred ghosts follow, the incarnation of death. He is the most outstanding ghost in the world’s No. 1 public school.

Kill God forever
Associated Names: 杀神永生
A Fei the Terrifying
Genres: novel
Year: N/A
Status: 2003

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