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Raising Chapter 1

“Stomach cancer in its early stages has a real chance of being cured. But now the condition has worsened to the middle stage of gastric cancer and the likelihood of cure rates is lower. But you can still continue to use it. Treatment … “

“No, I chose to leave the hospital.”

After spending more than two hours, Xu Zhi stepped out of the hospital door.After doing chemotherapy for a while, his hair was thinned and shedding, his body was pale and frizzy, and his body was in an extremely sick state.

In the early stages of cancer, if you are actively cooperating with treatment, there is a possibility that it will be cured in the medium term.The survival rate is very low.

No more need for treatment.

He mumbled quietly.

Xu Zhi’s ability was nothing short of working in a large international company. But now, five or six hundred thousand savings that have accumulated in four to five years have been exhausted and he’s been busy for years. But in the end there is nothing.

He bought a high-speed train ticket, dragged his luggage back to the rural Dongcheng town of his hometown.

One mountain did not return home, the family had an independent portal orchard courtyard.

Their family originally had a mine in the village, and they hired more than 100 acres of fruit trees in their backyard.

But half a year ago, the price of lychees in the market was too low, squeezed too much, and even got cheated, saying that there might be a way to sell them ineffective, that was, they were cheated too. Money, by spending too much money, led to close losses, millions of worthless people and their parents fell in anger six months ago and were unable to stand up any more.

Now no one took care of the orchard, and the invited workers had gone. The orchard was barren, the trees were cut down, leaving only weeds on the ground.

To unlock, push open the door, dust in.

Familiar farm life from childhood to adulthood began to take over, he placed his suitcase in the room, planned to spend the rest of his life in his hometown and returned to the countryside.

The rustle …

He suddenly heard a strange sound.

“Who? Looks like something is ringing in the yard.” He stood up and walked to an empty orchard courtyard amid the weeds.

“It’s this dark, what kind of bug is it?”

Xu Zhi reached out.


His thoughts were soon sucked into the insect’s black shell, giving rise to a racial history.

It is a long history of growing the Zerg tribe from the green planet equivalent to the biological explosion of our planet’s Cambrian era, an ancient insect appeared. They gave birth to their own wisdom, evolving technology, and their tremendous reproductive abilities and potential, enabling them to take to the starry sky when technology reached its peak, the Zerg. Know that they live in a dry and humble world.

In the end, they penetrated one dimension and entered a higher level of breathtaking imagination, the Longevity Realm. But they were defeated immediately, and it seemed that they would lose for sure.

In the previous version of Worm’s Nest, Worm’s Nest’s mother left a piece of information that was full of regret:

“Evolution of living things does not mean that the larger it is, the more powerful it is. Strong things are the right way.”

“We made mistakes in the beginning, evolving and getting bigger, wrong paths, smaller bodies, we have a more fundamental qualitative change in energy… We are defeated no matter who becomes the next generation. Mae Rang, we will fight for you again to a long world! “

Soon, Xu Zhi found that he had actually taken possession of this Worm Nest, from the memories of the Zerg race that he had received, this fierce and mighty race was only competitive.

“Fastest cell division?”

The Zerg’s ability is to shorten the life span of its own species, accelerate the cell division of living organisms, and create their own species such as stamens, bloom, grow, wither and dullness. dead

In his memory, the Zerg children were a fortress of war.

As long as the mother’s nest forms a cell-spore and places it on a barren planet to begin “Rapid cell division.” Within a few years, they will multiply wildly, develop new organisms and become forces of the mother’s nest.

“This competition has unlimited possibilities”

Thinking of this, Xu Zhi felt uncomfortable.

The pain and suffering from long-term chemotherapy left Xu Zhi physically and mentally exhausted, and even began to wonder what his boring life was for. Something is curious.

Evolution and biological processes

“The previous Zerg emperor dropped spores on a barren planet, multiplying and evolving countless species and creating the world. But i don’t have a planet But I can use this ability to create a mini evolution sandbox in my orchard. For fun? ”

“With this Zerg’s fortress and fortress, I was able to build mountains, oceans and rivers in this orchard and create ultra-small sand tables, allowing the Zerg’s spores and countless single-celled organisms to evolve. Countless

“It felt like a sandbox game – my world, and if we could build the world and develop countless civilizations and races, could we find a cure for my cancer from this civilized world?”

Xu Zhi was excited: Could this be an adventure? Really?

Cancer cannot be cured in modern times, it may be his last hope of survival.

“I had to build a sand table quickly and buy some farm tools!” Xu Zhi found a dusty tricycle in a corner of his hometown farm, gasped like a bald, hollow old man with chemotherapy.

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