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Chapter 1 Jing Boyuan has repeatedly helped

After drinking a lot of wine, my stomach was burning like fire, and my head was dizzy.

Ye Qingxin spit on the washstand in the hotel bathroom for a long time, then took a few handfuls of cold water and patted her cheeks.

Looking up at himself in the mirror, his forehead is smooth and full, his eyebrows are picturesque, Qiong nose and cherry lips, and the red blood in his eyes can’t conceal the rippling agility and purity.

Twitching the corners of her mouth, she wanted to laugh, but then gave up after a while, but she couldn’t laugh.

Turn on the faucet to clean the filth in the sink, turn around and walk out of the bathroom.

Just got out of the door.

“Wiping her face.” A dark blue veil was handed to her.

Ye Qing was taken aback and looked up.

Suddenly, he was startled again.

The man in front of him was expressionless, very serious, tall and straight, his deep gaze was calm and deep, and the majestic aura of a high-ranking man appeared invisibly, making people unconsciously deterred.

Ye Qingxin was deterred at this moment, and her heartstrings tightened inexplicably, as if facing a serious and old-fashioned class teacher in elementary school.

She knew this man, and only saw him at the wine table not long ago. He was the protagonist who was flattered and flattered by everyone, Bowei boss Jing Boyuan.

Seeing that she hasn’t moved for a long time, Jing Boyuan reminded: “Should I help you wipe it?”

A rich man said this to a young and beautiful woman, it is unavoidable to be teasing, but this is from Jing Boyuan. Speaking out of his mouth, it becomes a very serious matter.

Ye Qing hurriedly reached out to take the veil, and thanked him: “Thank you, Mr.

Jing .” Jing Boyuan nodded slightly at her, turned and left, walking steadily and calmly, with the mature charm of a man of his age.

Ye Qingxin stayed outside for a long time before returning to the box. The meal was nearing its end, and everyone was about to change places to continue having fun.

In this wine bureau, the bosses of major companies and some politicians came, and the remaining young and beautiful girls, just like Ye Qingxin, were used to please these bosses and politicians.

“Xinxin, why did you come back so long?” Tai Zhengting glanced at a fat middle-aged man with a greasy head and a pot belly not far away. “Mr. Huang is drunk, don’t hesitate to go and pour tea.” The

voice in the box. It was very noisy, Tai Zhengting’s voice was so low that only Ye Qingxin could hear it.

Ye Qingxin pursed his lips, but didn’t move.

Before, President Huang had restless hands and feet. In order not to be taken advantage of, Ye Qingxin could only use alcohol to divert his attention, which caused a burning pain in his stomach now.

“I’m sorry, uncle, I’m not feeling well, and I want to go back to rest.”

Ye Qingxin lowered his eyelashes, and said this neither humble nor overbearing, and his tone was very calm.

Tai Zhengting’s face was a bit ugly, and he approached and whispered in her ear: “Xinxin, uncle knows you are proud, but now is the critical time. You insist on persisting and coaxing President Huang to help your uncle win this project. Mom’s hospitalization fee and your brother’s tuition are all included.”

Ye Qingxin’s face paled.

The hands folded in front of him couldn’t stop being twisted together, and the beautiful finger shape was a little twisted.

“Don’t blame uncle, uncle has no choice.” Tai Zhengting’s words still rang in her ears, and the warm breath of wine sprinkled into her immature ears, and she evaded uncomfortably.

“I’m sorry, uncle, you didn’t tell me to accompany someone to drink, I didn’t prepare at all.” By

implication, she didn’t want to accompany Mr. Huang.

Tai Zhengting looked at her obscurely, not knowing what she was thinking. At this moment, Mr. Huang Yuguang caught a glimpse of Ye Qingxin’s return. He immediately dropped the beauty in her arms, stretched out her hand to embrace her waist, and said, “Little beauty. Why didn’t you come back so long? By the way, you haven’t told me what your name is.”

Ye Qingxin’s whole body was stiff, and all the senses were concentrated on the hand of the salted pig until the hand of the salted pig followed her beautiful curved back. Sliding down and pinching on her hip flap, she stood up awkwardly.

The sudden movement shocked Mr. Huang. He coldly said, “What are you doing!”

Ye Qingxin pursed his lips.

If she knew from the beginning that Tai Zhengting brought her out to do this, she would not come out if she said anything.

Seeing her sticking like a wooden stick, Tai Zhengting pulled her hard, and angrily reprimanded: “What’s going on! Clumsy, don’t hesitate to apologize to President Huang!” Turning to President Huang, “Don’t be angry, President Huang, this is our company’s new I’m not quite used to it, don’t take it

to your heart .” “New here? Fresh graduate?” Mr. Huang’s eyes suddenly became wretched. He looked at Ye Qingxin as if he was looking at a dish.

Many fresh graduates are still young and tender.

Ye Qingxin lowered her head.

Seeing Mr. Huang’s salivating appearance, Tai Zhengting laughed and said, “No, she’s only a sophomore. If Mr. Huang likes it, you might as well make an appointment for an in-depth exchange?”

Mr. Huang revealed two rows of yellow teeth. It’s better to hit the sun if you choose another day. Just tonight, the little beauty will follow me in a while, and I will take you home in the evening.”

Such a naked hint, the men present tacitly understood, just watch a show with pink The play of colors.

This kind of situation is not uncommon. For the sake of business, they can stuff money and beauty, and even the wife can get out in a hurry, let alone a small employee in the company?

Ye Qingxin’s face turned pale, and she stared at Tai Zhengting blankly. The box was clearly heated, but she felt cold all over.

She gritted her teeth, she still couldn’t hold back: “I’m sorry, Mr. Huang, our school has strict access control, I have to go back soon.” Mr.

Huang was rejected in public, feeling a loss of face and a little unhappy, “What? Talk to me. Can you still be wronged? What do you think you are? I think you are your blessing, don’t be shameless! Don’t you just want money? I have money, I will serve you well and give you whatever you want Mr.

Huang, a college student like her, has seen a lot. If he wants to be a bitch and wants to set up a torii, he likes to play the scene of refusing and welcoming. When he sees the money, he does what he wants to do?

Thinking of some indescribable pictures, President Huang flushed with excitement, then looked at Ye Qingxin, his eyes were so bare that he could see through his clothes.

at this time.

Jing Boyuan, who had been sitting quietly in the main seat and smoking, stood up.

When everyone saw him moving, they all stood up, and the noisy box suddenly became quiet, and the atmosphere became solemn.

Where Jing Boyuan walked, a respectful’Mr Jing’ sounded.

The status of President Huang and Tai Zhengting is not high here, and the seats are arranged far away from the main seat.

Their attention has long since turned away from Ye Qingxin.

Jing Boyuan walked up to Ye Qingxin. He was very tall, with a visual appearance of 1.89 meters. He easily snatched the light above her head and covered the shadows.

“See how familiar you are, which school?” The

calm and magnetic voice passed from the top of the head, and Ye Qingxin raised his head, not knowing his sudden behavior and questioning, but she knew that she could not offend him. Can’t afford to offend, let alone Jing Boyuan, who didn’t even dare to offend President Huang.

“B is big.” She answered honestly.

“It’s a coincidence. I also graduated from University B. We are considered alumni.” Jing Boyuan turned his head and said to Tai Zhengting, “My little alumnus, you have to cultivate your talents. B has talents.”

The indifferent tone is irresistible.

After speaking, his sharp gaze swept the audience, “I have an appointment with a friend to wait a while to play golf at night, is anyone interested?” After

all these questions, who would dare not be interested?

Jing Boyuan took the lead out of the box, and the others followed suit. But before everyone left, they looked at Ye Qingxin with a strange look, especially Mr. Huang. The look in his eyes was like seeing a ghost.

Ye Qingxin is not stupid. What alumni Jing Boyuan said was clearly helping her. After he finished speaking, President Huang actually walked around her, not to mention in-depth exchanges.

Just, why?

Ye Qingxin walked out of the hotel, and not long after the new year, the night in the capital was very cold.

She would not pretend to think that Jing Boyuan fell in love with her. A man like him, who is in a high position and serious, could not be attracted to a film of a little girl like her with no full-length hair?


Mobile phone text message alert tone.

Ye Qingxin hid his frozen hands, and flipped out the phone from his bag. It was Tai Zhengting’s text message.

——Xinxin, uncle is really forced tonight. Your mother fell from upstairs two days ago and broke her leg in need of money. My company has also encountered some difficulties recently. This project of Mr. Huang is very important to the company. , I am also anxious about your mother’s legs. Seeing that your uncle has been taking care of you, your mother and your younger brother, don’t be angry with your uncle. Uncle is free to take you to eat delicious food and buy beautiful clothes. good or not?

Ye Qingxin read every word very carefully.

It’s just that every time I read a word, my heart cools down.

Her mother, who has been suffering from illness, broke her leg two days ago, which made her worse; her brother, who was ill when he was a child, had a bad brain and needed to go to a special school; and she, it costs a lot to go to university, and her family is dependent on his uncle. Until now, she is not even qualified to be angry and question.

The slender fingers tapped on the screen a few times and sent back a text message to Tai Zhengting.

——I know, thank you uncle.

drop! drop!

There was a harsh whistle behind him.

Ye Qingxin lowered his head and moved the phone aside.

drop! drop!

Continue to whistle.

Ye Qingxin looked up and saw a black Cayenne parked in front of her, with the window open, and a plump man’s face stuck out.

“Hello, I’m Mr. Jing’s assistant, Luo Feng, Mr. Jing told me to take you home and get in the car.”

Ye Qingxin was a little surprised, ringing the alarm bell in his heart, Jing Boyuan kept helping, she always felt wrong. I didn’t even want to blurt out the refusal: “Thank you, but no need. The subway station is in front. I can take the subway back.”

Luo Feng opened the door and got off the car with a serious face: “I just acted according to Mr. Jing’s instructions. Please cooperate. , Don’t embarrass me.”

His serious look is very similar to Jing Boyuan.

Probably this is what kind of boss you have, and what kind of subordinates you have.

Seeing him in a posture of’She won’t get in the car, he won’t let’, Ye Qing thought for two seconds before getting in the car.

The car quickly merged into the traffic flow.

Luo Feng glanced at the rearview mirror for a while, then glanced at the rearview mirror for a while, as if he wanted to say something, Ye Qingxin only stared at the night view outside the car window.

“That…” Luo Feng finally asked, “What do you call it?”

“My surname is Ye.” Ye Qingxin’s answer was reserved.

Luo Feng didn’t mind, “When did you know our CEO Jing?” It’s

not that he wants to gossip, but he has been with Jing Zong for ten years. This is the first time Jing Zong has asked him to send a woman home. He was a little curious about the little girl he had never seen before.

“I don’t know.” Ye Qing told the truth. Although Jing Boyuan’s name was like a thunder, she had heard of and knew this person, but she didn’t know him. Speaking of which, it was the first time she saw him tonight.

“I don’t know?” Luo Fengguai yelled, and immediately felt that he was too surprised. He cleared his throat and found a step for himself. “Do you know why Mr. Jing helped you out?”

Ye Qing was taken aback and asked: ” Why?”

She also wanted to know.

Luo Feng pretended to be calm, “Don’t you know? I thought you knew.”

Ye Qingxin: “…” She also thought he knew.

The car quickly stopped at the gate of B.

Ye Qingxin thanked him and pushed the door to get out of the car.

Luo Feng squinted his eyes to look at Ye Qingxin’s back. The girl was about 20 years old, tall and thin, wearing a linen woolen coat, looking very thin, simple ponytail, flicked and playful as she walked. Energetic.

A beautiful girl in her prime, with a clean and innocent temperament, he gave a pertinent evaluation in his heart.

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