Chapter 1 You have a little white face

“Ah…Ling, I hurt…”

The woman’s face paled, and she lied to the side exaggeratedly, crying aggrievedly throughout the office.

How could Bai Su think that after seeing so many other people’s stories of catching rapes, one day these filths would happen to him.

She slapped her hand and said, “Bitch, is it cool to steal a man into my house?”

“Susu, I didn’t mean it… don’t hit me… ah…”

Bai Su looked at her former girlfriend Lin Menglin coldly, and her heart ached: “The new generation Xiaohua of the film and television company cheated on a married man and was caught on the spot. Will this melon cause the system to crash?”

Lin Menglin’s face turned pale with surprise, and she saw Bai Su tear her white skirt into a few rags.

She yelled and ran away shivering.

The entire office fell silent for an instant, and Bai Su seemed to hear the sound of his whole heart being crushed to pieces.

Mo Jiuling’s gloomy black eyes stared at her, seemingly not at all worried about what Bai Su could do to Lin Menglin, “Is it enough to make a big fuss about people?”

Bai Su was stiff and tearful, this is the man she loves to the bone.

She sneered: “Mo Jiuling, you are unfaithful to marriage, you make me feel sick!”

“Disgusting? Why don’t you say disgusting when your perverted father is lying on my brother and shouting baby!”

“What are you talking nonsense!” Bai Su was shocked, his face pale, “My dad is a man, how could such a thing happen!”

“Yes! Your dad is a man, a perverted man!” Mo Jiuling’s pupils shrank as deep as cold, and raised his hand to clamp her thin jaw. “My brother died of depression back then. He was only 20 years old. All of this. Thanks to your father! Don’t tell me you know nothing!”

“No! Jiuling, my father is a straight man, otherwise there must be a misunderstanding about my daughter!” Bai Su shook his face with tears in disbelief.

In an instant, she finally understood what was going on with him, but she still did not give up to verify: “So, you are with me not because you love me, but because you treat my father as an imaginary enemy and want revenge. Feelings are all fake!”

Mo Jiuling stared at Bai Su for a long time, giving Bai Su hope that everything was fake just now.

But what followed was like a sharp sword plunged deeply into Bai Su’s heart.

“Feelings? What feelings can I have with my enemy’s daughter! This is not a misunderstanding! The reason why I marry you is to punish your father for his despicable behavior. He bullied my brother and I played badly with his daughter!”

Bai Su was completely stunned as if being splashed by a basin of cold water.

The two have been in love for one year and married for one year. This is the first time he has faced the two people’s marriage squarely.

This year, he went home very late every day, and then changed his way to torture her.

She once asked him if he was not doing well enough, and he always looked at him from left to right.

She once naively thought that he had just taken over the Mo Group and was under pressure at work.

But now, he didn’t even bother to tell a lie to coax her, but he tore her last hope to pieces, and he fed the dog with all his heart.

At that moment, Bai Su’s sky completely collapsed.

She took a deep breath and said one by one: “Mo Jiuling, we are divorced!”

Every time she said a word, it seemed to hit her heart with a slash.

This is a decision made in an instant. Love has become a lie.

Mo Jiuling looked at her without speaking, his gaze condensed into ice.

Bai Su closed his eyes in grief, deliberately not looking at his hateful eyes, “You trapped the enemy’s daughter with your own marriage. That is a stupid trick to kill a thousand enemies and harm yourself. Let’s leave. . You succeeded in revenge!”

I am afraid that in the past two years, she has performed most decisively in front of him.

Mo Jiuling provoked her chin, as if he had heard a big joke, “Why, I want to be relieved so soon? Didn’t you just look affectionate and desperate? Why didn’t you pretend it?”

Bai Su smiled sadly, “Mo Jiuling, you’ve installed the affectionate money for two years, didn’t you also turn your face right away? If you don’t get a divorce, your sister Lin is hurt.”

The force on his hand suddenly increased, and Bai Su hissed with pain.

Mo Jiuling leaned close to her little face and sarcastically said, “Your dad killed my brother. You only let me play for a year. How can it be enough? What you have to do every night is to wash it up and wait for me in bed. As for the dream Lin, naturally I won’t let her be wronged.”

The blood on Bai Su’s face suddenly faded clean, and his feet trembled uncontrollably. After a few tries, he barely got up from the chair tremblingly.

“Mo Jiuling, don’t you know that there is a saying that everyone plays with each other? You can’t blame me for raising a little white face if you are a female star!”

Mo Jiuling’s expression was terrible, and he shook Bai Su to the ground with a big hand, “Try to raise one!”


Walking down the Mo Family Mansion in despair, Bai Su felt sad.

The sun was shining brightly, but she couldn’t feel any temperature.

She met Mo Jiuling by chance two years ago. He was tall and handsome, born in the prominent Mo family, and a polite gentleman.

Bai Su, who was single mother and fetus, couldn’t resist his step-by-step and restrained high-ranking offensive before he was abducted into the siege of marriage when he was in his freshman year.

The diamond king who was sought after by thousands of people was taken by her. Even if there was no wedding, Mrs. Mo’s name was enough to make her feel that she was the happiest woman in the world.

Now all this has become a big joke.

There was a sudden convulsion in his abdomen, Bai Su’s whole body was weak, and he came to the underground parking lot with his last breath of immortality.

I just wanted to climb into the car but found that there was blood stains between my legs, scary red.