Chapter 1458 What Can I Have a Bad Mind

Chapter 1458 What bad thoughts can there be,

even if Xiao Yao wants to avenge Jiufeng, he doesn’t even know who the enemy is.

Of course, Xiao Yao knew in his heart that if he went to take revenge on his own, I was afraid that his life would be for nothing. How strong was Jiufeng at that time, how strong was his eldest brother Xiaoji…

Every member such as Tiangu Wang Jingyang belonged to the younger generation. The top evolvers, even if they are added together, are not opponents. What can be done with just one person.

Until many years later, he saw Jiufeng again, who is now Lin Yan.

It’s just that Jiufeng at that time was no longer Jiufeng. He became a professional racer Lin Yan. Although he was puzzled, he took the initiative to approach. He thought it was Jiufeng incognito, but later Xiao Yao discovered that, Jiufeng really doesn’t exist anymore, she is Lin Yan.

Xiao Yao only thought that the two were similar in appearance, but after learning that his elder brother Xiao Ji took the initiative to approach, he slowly discovered that Jiufeng was Lin Yan, but he had forgotten the past.

Xiao Yao thought that in the great battle where the mountains and seas were destroyed, Jiufeng was seriously injured, perhaps his head, so he forgot his memory.

After a car accident, Jiufeng, who had become Lin Yan, lost his memory again…

a car accident of that magnitude, for an evolutionary of Jiufeng’s level, even if he has forgotten the past, he has forgotten his evolutionary ability. , But there will be no pain, but that time of amnesia is very strange, only forgot a certain period of time that caused her pain, Xiao Yao only then realized that Jiufeng probably possessed some kind of magical evolution ability, spiritual world There is an incredible protection mechanism.

Thinking of Jiufeng saving his life back then, Jiufeng seems to have mentioned that she has some kind of evolutionary power in her body, and this power will make her forget many things.

However, Xiao Yao didn’t take it seriously, thinking that Jiufeng was bragging. He had never heard of this ability.

Xiao Yao asked Jiufeng jokingly, if she really forgot, how could she know the existence of this ability, but Jiufeng said that it was the tengu that Wang Jingyang kept reminding her that if she did not have this ability, it would be a tengu. Lying, but Jiufeng trusts Tengu very much, because Tengu is her brother.

When he was abroad, Xiao Ji tried his best to get close to Jiufeng, and pursued Jiufeng who couldn’t bear to look directly at him, but fortunately his elder brother Xiaoji was too low in EQ. Although he was racking his brains, he not only failed to get Lin Yan to add to him. Favor, but fear to avoid it.

His EQ is hundreds of times stronger than his elder brother Xiao Ji, and he has become close friends with Lin Yan who was a racing driver. Not only him, but even his third brother Xiao Ze recognizes Lin Yan as his sister.

Not long after, Pei Yucheng appeared, completely disrupting Xiao Ji’s plan. Xiao Ji always thought that Pei Yucheng robbed Jiufeng from him. What’s funny is that eldest brother Xiao Ji didn’t have a trace of self-knowledge, even if there was no Pei Yucheng, even if the whole world was there. The men are all dead, and with Xiao Ji’s emotional intelligence, he can’t chase Jiufeng.

Not to mention Jiufeng, any normal girl, if she doesn’t look at her face and wealth, then Xiao Ji is destined to die alone in this life.

During the time when Lin Yan was a racer abroad, Xiao Ji racked his brains to pursue Lin Yan. He was close to Xiao Yao and kept seeing him. Xiao Yao naturally understood Xiao Ji’s thoughts.

He first joined Shanhai because he learned of Jiufeng’s incredible evolutionary ability through the third brother’s intelligence network. What bad thoughts could Xiao Ji have, but to use Jiufeng’s ability to help him eliminate the evolution of his body. Burden, and then help him break through the evolutionary bottleneck and reach an evolutionary realm that is close to God in the true sense.