Chapter 2 Jing Boyuan sent you? It’s impossible!

Ye Qingxin returned to the dormitory at half past ten, and there was one hour left to turn off the lights.

Jing Suosuo lay on the bed and watched a show with her mobile phone while Qian Rong was applying a facial mask.

Hearing the door opening, Jing Suosuo did not raise his head, “Xinxin is back! Give me the cup on my table, okay?”

Ye Qingxin handed the cup to Jing Suosuo and said with a smile: “If I don’t come back, would you? Are you ready to die of thirst?”

Jing Suosuo rubbed her face in her hand like a cat, acting like a baby, and acted like a baby: “Heart is the best.”

Ye Qingxin smiled and took the clothes and toiletries to the bathroom to take a bath.

After coming out of the shower, Qian Rong was applying her nail polish on her feet and glanced at Ye Qingxin when she passed by Qian Rong, then pointed to the unsealed bottle of moisturizing water on the table and said, “Give you the bottle of water. , I used allergies, bought more than one thousand yuan, and threw it away.” In a

nonchalant and charitable tone.

Some people are kind when giving things to others, while others just want to show off how much they have.

Qian Rong is the latter.

Ye Qingxin smiled and stroked her fair and smooth cheeks, and said, “Thank you, but my skin is very good. I don’t need these. You can give it to the person in need.” There is

nothing wrong with that.

It’s not like that in Qian Rong’s ears. Her facial features are good, but her skin is very poor, not to mention dull, she also has spots and acne, and is prone to allergies.

Ye Qingxin’s words sounded like a show off to her.

Turning his head and glanced at Ye Qingxin, who was making the bed, she was obviously too poor at home and couldn’t even eat a meal, but she had a good skin.

Posing his lips disdainfully: What a look! Poor!

Lights out in half an hour.

Ye Qingxin made the bed, drank a cup of warm water, and took another stomach medicine. Just after lying down, Dou Wei’er came back.

As soon as she entered the door, Dou Wei’er joked, “Xinxin, I saw you getting off a luxury car at the gate before. Could it be that the local tyrant who chased you sent you back?”

Ye Qingxin glanced at her. The dark blue veil on the balcony said jokingly: “Yes, I

‘m still a big local tyrant.” “Who? I actually got into the proud eyes of our B university pure school flower.”

Ye Qingxin didn’t know what she thought. Yes, he blurted out: “Jing Boyuan…you believe it?”

“Jing Boyuan? Bowei founder Jing Boyuan?” Dou Wei’er was surprised.

Ye Qing regretted her words as soon as she said her words. Then she nodded after thinking that she hadn’t lied.

“Bringing!” Dou Wei’er smiled immediately after being surprised. Who is the founder of Powerway, Jing Boyuan? To them, they are like gods, and they can only live in legends.

At the same time, “Impossible!” Jing Suosuo bounced off the bed, “Heart, you brag and don’t write a draft? Jing Boyuan sent you? Absolutely impossible! If he sends you, I will cut off my head and give it to you. When playing volleyball.”

Ye Qingxin smiled, “Why is it impossible?”

Having said that, she herself felt incredible. The aloof big man actually helped her like an ant over and over again, and it seemed like she was dreaming when she thought about it.

“I’m telling you, don’t look at him as handsome and rich. There are so many women who covet him like flies, but he is in his 30s, and there is not a single woman. “Women shouldn’t come near” is written on his face.”

Jing Suosuo’s face was full of gossip, “So, how could he drive you?”

“Really?” Ye Qingxin felt relieved when Jing Suosuo said this. less.

“Oh, it’s not right.” Dou Weier Holmes possessed, “Suo Suo, how do you know so clearly? Wouldn’t it… You seduce Jing Boyuan but were ruthlessly rejected, so you deliberately spread rumors and slander?”

“What! Weier, your imagination is too rich, right? Jing Boyuan is my cousin.”

“What?” Not only Ye Qingxin, Dou Weier and Qian Rong were also surprised.

I always knew that Jing Suosuo’s family was unusual, but he didn’t expect it to be so unusual.

“Why haven’t you heard about it?” Qian Rong asked.

“You didn’t ask, I can’t always say that Jing Boyuan is my cousin when I meet people? Then if he knows about it, I can’t cut my head?”

Dou Wei’er smiled and said, “I don’t believe it.”

Jing Suo Suo’s little temper was irritated, and he came up, “Don’t believe me, I will let my cousin invite you to dinner when I turn back, and then you will see if you dare not believe me!”

Dou Wei’er’s eyes moved, she still didn’t believe me. Looks like, “You

brag is bigger than your heart.” “Just next Monday, I will go home this weekend and tell him, I actually said I brag! I never brag! Humph!” At the

end, it was inexplicable. Yes, Dajia had a meal with Bowei boss Jing Boyuan.

That night.

Ye Qingxin endured the stomachache and finally fell asleep, but had a nightmare again.

In the dream, she ran forward on the prairie desperately, and a wolf behind her was chasing after her. In the end, she was finally chased by the wolf and fell down. She turned her head subconsciously and saw that the wolf on her body had grown a Jingbo. Yuan’s face.

She woke up with a startled “Ah!”

The other three were still asleep, there was no light outside the heavy curtains, and the sky was still dark.

Ye Qingxin lay on the bed with her eyes open until dawn.

After getting up and washing, go to the playground with Dou Weier for a morning jog.

Dou Weier and Ye Qingxin have similar family backgrounds. The poor know the importance of good health. Because they don’t have the money to see a doctor, they both pay special attention to their health and take a morning run together every day.

“Is Jing Boyuan really sent you back last night?” Dou Wei’er asked as she ran, her breath a little unstable.

Ye Qingxin suddenly thought of last night’s nightmare, pursed her lower lip, and said, “No, I’m joking. I didn’t expect that it was Jing Boyuan’s cousin who brought Jing Suosuo.”

“Heh, I didn’t expect it either. We have been together for more than a year…There are so many surprises in life.” Dou Wei’er said with a smile.

Surprise? Ye Qingxin couldn’t agree, the shock was almost the same.

A heavy lesson in the morning.


Ye Qingxin bought a bowl of rice in the small cafeteria, a small plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and a bowl of free soup.

When I was almost finished eating, the phone rang.

Ye Qingxin glanced at the caller ID. It was her mother Zhou Qiaoqiao. She hurriedly answered, “Mom.”

“Xinxin, have

you eaten yet?”

“It’s eating, Mom, have you eaten?” “I just ate too. Xinxin, thanks to your uncle, our family can survive these years. You must be obedient there, don’t cause trouble for your uncle, study hard, and you must repay your uncle after graduation…”

Zhou Qiao babbled. Instructed countless times.

Ye Qingxin held the phone in silence for a moment, a smile suddenly appeared on the corner of her mouth, and her voice was dyed with a smile, and said, “I know, Mom, don’t worry.”

Hung up the phone and looked at the few mouthfuls of rice left in the bowl. , Obviously she was not full yet, but she suddenly lost her appetite.