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Chapter 1 So I’m Wearing a Book

The chilly lake water poured into his throat, on the edge of being drowned, a blessing in disguise, Su Ximei’s memory of her previous life was awakened.

She tried to adjust her balance and tried to swim to the shore, and the noisy voices not far away got closer and closer.

“Pan’er, what about sister Su Xi leaving behind the princess? How can she hurt the princess if there is someone next to the princess?”

“Why Su Ximei knows the difference between inferiority and inferiority? She relies on the protection of three well-known brothers, and is tit-for-tat against the princess everywhere. I heard that the princess’ pet dog was killed a few days ago. What else can she not dare to do?”

“Speaking of which last time she copied Pan’er to write a poem even more.”

“After being exposed, he insisted that the poem was written by her second brother, and that the second son of Su was a monk at the age of five, and he was also a closed disciple of Master Huiyuan. The monks wrote love poems? This kind of filthy thing was poured on his brother, really selfish. Bo Liang.”

Su Ximei climbed onto the shore feebly, shook her body, and stood still with the help of the rockery on the shore.

She looked into the lake.

Looking at the princess who was about to drown in the lake, there was a buzzing conversation in her ears.

At last I understood the situation in front of me.

She wore a book titled “The chance of turning over the whole family is zero”. The elder brother is An Lehou, the second elder brother is the monk Huiyuan, and the disciple of the gate is loved by the world. The third elder brother is the commander of the Imperial Guard and won the sacred heart. The only girl in the long house of Anle Hou Mansion, although she lost her parents since she was a child, she was raised by her three elders as eyeballs.

Such a background and backing are just the cannon fodder in this book.

The heroine in the book is her cousin, the daughter of the second room in the Su family.

Her existence is to set off the heroine Su Pan’er, as a comparison of Su Pan’er.

The three elder brothers in the family doted on her, but the second and third elder brothers also doted on Su Pan’er, and even in their eyes, if something happens, she will always be the one who causes trouble.

It is undeniable that Su Ximei is inferior to Su Pan’er in every way. She doesn’t know how to be a man and is not sweet. Su Pan’er threw her a few blocks away by strength.

In this comparison, Su Ximei became more irritable and extreme.

Arrogant, extravagant, self-willed, domineering, and defiant, she is the most prestigious wicked woman in Beijing. These are just the early days of the book.

During the lotus banquet at the National Palace, Su Ximei was called to the lake by the princess. The princess pushed her into the lake first, and then jumped in again, creating a scene where Su Ximei was going to murder the princess. Fortunately, the two were rescued in time. Master Huiyuan went to the emperor to beg for mercy, and this matter didn’t stop.

But the eldest princess was not well-conditioned because of falling into the water this time, and after repeated fever several times, she disappeared.

This incident eventually became a thorn in the royal heart. Later, in the suppression and frame of the former offended enemies by the royal family and Su Ximei, Su Ximei did not end well, and the three brothers who protected her did not end well, and the whole family was reduced to cannon fodder.

Su Ximei grabbed her hair bun irritably.

Fortunately, when I woke up in a hurry, everything turned around.

Listening to the footsteps of the crowd getting closer, she stretched out a hand to pull a lotus leaf buckle on her head, covering most of her face, using the rockery to block it, and followed the path behind, carrying her skirt and rushed all the way.

In early October, the temperature remained high.

Su Ximei was wearing a wet suit, and she met a few people everywhere she passed by and asked her to escape, and finally came to a secluded courtyard.

She huddled in the corner for a while and saw that no one came in or out, then sneaked in.

At the door of the main room, she reached out and tried to push it.

With a squeak, the door opened.

She didn’t hesitate, walked in and closed the door casually.

Who could have thought of turning around, and the scene in front of her would stupidly fix her there.

A man and a woman stood in the house.

The woman’s white and tender shoulders were exposed in the air, and only the inner skirt of the bosom was left all over her body.

When Su Ximei looked over, the man was wearing the jacket with both hands on the woman.

Her intrusion made the men and women in the house unexpected, and the scene was still for a while.

Looking at the clothes, we can see that they are the guards and maids in the mansion.

The ancient version of the guard and the girl have an affair all day long! !

Glancing at the maid’s appearance, Rao was surprised by the fact that Su Ximei had seen all kinds of beauties on TV in her previous life.

Not to mention the tall body, the facial features are even more exquisite, and there is nowhere to choose from.

Su Ximei glanced again and saw that there was a neatly folded set of clothes on the soft couch. As soon as she turned her eyes, she had an idea.

“You are here to eat wild food in the clear and day. The government is very strict, you two are so courageous.”

“Seeing that you really like each other too, this girl won’t be that wicked person either.”

“And it can fulfill you, how?”

The two did not speak.

Su Ximei looked at the man righteously, “A man keeps his woman out of sight, but he doesn’t really like him.”

Intimidation, temptation and provocation, Su Ximei used everything she could think of.

The little girl in the green shirt lowered her head when Su Ximei came in.

He raised his head slightly as soon as the words “hit wild food” came out.

With slightly squinted eyes, she glanced at Su Ximei faintly, and finally glanced at the man.

The man immediately knelt down on one knee to Sister Su Xi, “I beg the girl to make it happen.”

Su Ximei used it when she reached the top. She was excited and relieved. She pulled the jade pendant off her waist and handed it to the man, “Go to the front yard to find peace and happiness. Give him the jade pendant, just saying that the jade pendant has been found.”

The man looked up and looked at Sister Su Xi. To be precise, he looked at the master behind Sister Su Xi. After receiving approval, he reached out and took Jade Pei and got up and left.

The other person walked away.

Sister Su Xi took off her soaked dress in twos and threes, her upper body was covered by only a bellyband, and she did not lift her head when she took off the bottom skirt to support the’maiden’ next to her.

“Hand over the clean dress on the couch.”

Song Yu, who pretended to be a maid, had her long and narrow phoenix eyes paused.

Reached out and passed the dress on the side.

In the gap where Su Ximei raised her head, she inadvertently glanced at the other’s hand.

This hand is not as good-looking as the hand of a maid. The fingers are so long that it is hard to tell, and the skin is white and different from ordinary people. After being amazing, it feels a bit less popular.

Time is running out, so Mei Su Xi doesn’t have much thoughts on it.

Change your dress, it’s okay to say elsewhere, only the position of the chest, it is possible to stretch the clothes at any time.

Song Yu faintly, seeing the woman staring in front of him sadly, his gaze also looked over.

The appearance is delicate and delicate, but the figure is plump and plump.


I saw the woman who was still worried one second before, and the next second she shook her body suddenly.

Following her movements, the ball shook.

The flirting action was jerky, but it was also the most unbearable for people to watch.

Song Yu still stared faintly, there was no extra emotion in his eyes, and his eyes seemed to be looking at a dead object.

Su Ximei took a deep breath and raised her head, like a bravely fighting rooster, “Go, go to the lake.”

What we need to do now is to extract the matter that framed the princess, and discuss the other things later.

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