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Chapter 1384 He will definitely win

Lin Yan looked at Yunxuan, “Get in the car, I will teach you a lesson by the way.”

Mi Xiu glanced at Lin Yan’s classic car disgustingly, “Don’t tell me , You are going to compare with me with this broken car.”

Lin Yan raised

her eyebrows, “Is there a problem?” This car is the most valuable all over her body. Although it looks a bit shabby, all the configurations are of competition level. , She has debugged countless times, which is slightly worse than the car she used to race, but it is enough to run with Mi Xiu.

Mi Xiu snorted coldly, “You can choose one of the cars here, I don’t want to be defeated.”

Lin Yan smiled, “Then rest assured, you will definitely not be defeated. “

Mi Xiu: “Why?”

Lin Yan: “Because you won’t win.”

Mi Xiu was so angry, “You! Hmph, whatever you want, don’t forget our bet if you lose.”


Starting line On the road, two cars are ready to go.

Michelle is truly confident this time. It is found in the WZ team system of all well-known racing venues around the world. He has ran thousands of times in the simulation system and has ran several times in the field.

In terms of experience, even the top veteran who is now ranked in the first echelon is not necessarily his opponent.

The venue of the World Second League this time is not too complicated, and he can’t show his true strength at all. What’s more, even though Lin Yan has won him, he has only won for two seconds.

In short, he will win today’s game!

After the match was over, he asked the woman to publicly admit who was the strongest, so that he could get back the face before the master flew over.

In the night, with a “buzz”, the two cars roared like wild beasts and rushed out from the starting point at the same time.

This car of Mi Xiu is top-notch configuration, even if it is used to run the world’s first league is enough.

On the straight that broke through the starting point, Mi Xiu ran ahead with an excellent acceleration of 100 meters.

Yes, just keep it like this…

Mi Xiu’s mouth is smiling proudly, and he stepped on the accelerator hard.

In the first corner, he still maintained the lead because he opened a lot of distance in the straight.

The next step is a series of turns with super complex terrain.

The reason why this circuit in China is famous is precisely because the serial curve of this circuit is almost the same as the serial curve of Albert.

No wonder the woman claimed to bring her apprentice here to teach him.

Humph, Albert went into the corner very fast! He wanted to see how she ran out of Albert and hurried into the corner.

She doesn’t even know whether she can run through this kind of curve smoothly, but she dare to speak such big words!

Finally, the car finished a gentle slope and formally entered a serial curve.

Woman, I will expose your true face today!

Mi Xiu’s technique is indeed very solid, and he went through three corners very smoothly without even slowing down.

He is so handsome!

However… the triumphant smile at the corner of Mi Xiu’s mouth has not fully unfolded. In the dark night, the old old car with Lin Yan in the back looked like a ghost, quietly surpassing him from an angle that he hadn’t expected at all. .

This speed!

This is impossible!

Not only did she not slow down on such a steep and narrow curve, she also accelerated, and even surpassed him when the two cars were running side by side on this extremely narrow curve!

Mi Xiu followed directly behind, dumbfounded, and almost dashed off the track.

This is absolutely impossible!

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