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Chapter 1385 I’m Your Grandpa

The width of this corner is the same as Albert, and it is definitely not enough for two cars to pass at the same time.

In other words, she can’t overtake on this kind of road!

The only person in the world who has done it is Yeva!

How did this woman do it!

If Mi Xiu is shocked at the moment, then it will be called despair…

In his thoughts, he always thought that this woman could beat himself by accident, and he even believed that it would be easy for him to surpass Lin Yan in such a complicated scene.

However, in the next schedule, he could only watch Lin Yan run through corners one after another at an almost terrifying speed, without the slightest mistake, as perfect as a robot.

It was terrible and made people totally unable to feel the desire to resist. He had never had it before… In

previous games, he tried his best to surpass his opponent.

But today, it feels like he is a toddler, and he is facing a majestic mountain, insurmountable…

Mi Xiu hardly knows how he reached the end.

The whole person is in a trance.

He has only one thought on his mind.


Lin Yan had already got out of the car and waited for him at the end. This time was enough time for her to teach Yunxuan.

Yun Xuan’s eyes looked at Lin Yan almost as bright as car lights.

At the same time, Yun Xuan’s expression seemed hesitant to say something, as if he wanted to ask something, but he couldn’t speak.

He had vaguely guessed before, and sure enough, the master had hidden his strength.

The master never used all her strength in the past, even in today’s competition of the crushing test, she did not necessarily use all her strength.

In this world, he can only think of one racing driver of this level…

At this time, Mi Xiu finally recovered a little, shook his head vigorously, “This is impossible! In this world, except for my grandfather, there is no Anyone can complete such an operation, even my master!”

Mi Xiu said excitedly before Lin Yan could speak, “Therefore, there is only one truth.”

Lin Yan raised his eyebrows: “Huh?”

This bear kid finally guessed?

“The truth is, I’m dreaming!” The boy closed his eyes as he said, muttering words in his mouth, “This is a dream, this is a dream, this must be a dream!”

Lin Yan’s face was dark, “You can’t be bolder,” Guess boldly?”

Mi Xiu: “

Be bold?” Lin Yan nodded, “Yes, for example, I am your grandfather.”

Mi Xiu glared at Lin Yan, “I think you are dreaming!!” ! “

Lin smoke:” …… these days to tell the truth always how no one would believe “?

just when the two men spoke, not far from the shot over a few lights, a few people from the car to go down.

One of the figures was against the light and rushed towards Lin Yan and the others at an extremely fast speed.

“Master-嗷嗷嗷 -“

Accompanied by an excited call, the figure flew towards Lin Yan, and then plunged into Lin Yan’s arms.

“Master! I finally saw your old man! Master, I want to kill you! Master, do you want me! Master, do you not love me, Master, why don’t you talk, Master—”

” ……” Lin Yan looked at Sun Shuoran who appeared suddenly, and didn’t want to talk with a face full of words.

How did she speak, did he give her a chance to speak…

When Mi Xiu saw clearly who the person rushing towards Lin Yan was, his eyes were almost glaring, “You…you…you…Brother Ran!?”

Why did the four uncles suddenly appear in China? It’s not right. The point is, how did Uncle Si call this female master? ? ?

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