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Chapter 1386 Isn’t the master’s master Yeva?

“Master! Master, I’m still not your favorite little apprentice…” Sun Shuoran was acting like a coquettish looking for a sense of presence, and he didn’t have the time to talk to Mi Xiu.

Just when Mi Xiu looked confused, a familiar voice came from behind him.

A tall and sturdy man walked over quickly, looked at Lin Yan with the same expression of excitement, and called out, “Master! It’s really you!”

Seeing the excited look of the man, it was almost the same as seeing his father. Up.

Michelle had never seen the death butcher, who had always had a bad face, show such an expression to anyone.

As a result, before he could respond, he was another acquaintance.

The man who looked gentle and polite came forward, grabbed Sun Shuoran by the back collar, and threw him away neatly, then took Sun Shuoran’s position by himself, and opened his arms to give the woman a big hug,” Master, you have been missing for so long, is it too conscience?”

Although these words sounded full of complaints, the look in the man’s eyes was the same as that of the butcher, full of longing.

“Hey hey, second child, what are you doing! How can you monopolize the master! It’s too cunning!” Sun Shuoran, who was pulled away, jumped anxiously beside him.

Mi Xiu stood there like a fool for a long time, but no one paid attention to him, and said anxiously, “Brother Ran, Brother K! What are you two doing! Why are you all coming to China suddenly? The most important thing is! It’s why you call this woman master, are you crazy, this woman is… ah…”

Before Mi Xiu’s words could be finished, suddenly a slap like a fan flew over and slapped him hard on the back of the head. “Smelly boy! No big or small! Who do you call this woman! Don’t you kneel down to call me Grandpa Grandpa!”

Mi Xiu turned his head to look at the visitor with a dazed expression, “Master…Master…Your old man is here, too! …Wait…what…Grandpa Grandpa? You want me to call…what do you call this woman? Grandpa Grandpa?”

Langman looked at the stupid appearance of his apprentice, his face was covered with black lines, and he felt that his face in front of the master was completely lost, and roared, “She is Lao Tzu’s master, what do you call her! Not the ancestor. Grandpa, what do you call it?”

Master’s master…

At this moment, Mi Xiu’s brain is almost unable to function normally. He looked at the master, and then at Lin Yan, “Wait, it’s not right… Master, you Master, my master’s master… isn’t it Yeva?” Langman forced his anger and

yelled at Mi Xiu with a spitting star on his face, “Yes, what’s the problem?” I

really don’t want to admit that this kid is his apprentice.

When Langman’s voice fell, Mi Xiu almost screamed, “Master! You said this woman is Yeva? Is my grandfather??”

King raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Langman sympathetically, “Boss , Your apprentice, don’t you have a bad mind?”

Langman: “…” It’s better to

expel from the teacher’s door.

Lang Mang took a deep breath, walked to Lin Yan, and scratched his head embarrassedly, “Master, I’m sorry, this stinky boy doesn’t understand the rules and is arrogant. If there is something disrespectful to you and annoying to you, I will do it. Drive him out of the teacher’s door!”

Only then did Mi Xiu finally realize that he was anxious, “Master! No!”

Following Mi Xiu, he turned his head and looked at Lin Yan, “You…you…you are really my ancestor. Grandpa…you are Yeva…Grandpa grandpa, I was wrong…I didn’t know it was you…”

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