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Chapter 1387 Hello, Master

Chapter 1387 Hello, Little Master

Ming, Grandpa Mingzu had already told him the truth, but how could he believe it at that time?

Never expected that she said it was true!

This bet is also true!

Michelle felt that his world was going to be overturned!

Lin Yan chuckled and looked at Lang Mang, “It’s not necessary. The little apprentice you took is very suitable for you. It is exactly the same as you back then. I almost thought he was your illegitimate child.”

Lang Mang coughed. “Cough cough cough… Master, I don’t have a girlfriend yet, so don’t tease me…”

Sun Shuoran smiled and covered his stomach, “Hahahaha, boss, look, let me just say it! Even the master is so good, This kid really looks like you so much, you are ashamed to say that he is arrogant…”

“You shut up Laozi!” Langan glared at him.

“Master, you…” At this moment, Yun Xuan, who had been beside him for a long time, finally found his own voice.

This voice immediately caught Sun Shuoran’s attention, his face full of vigilance and jealousy, “Master? What do you call her?”

Lin Yan thought, it’s now time, so naturally it is not easy to conceal it anymore, so he asked Yun Xuan to come over and talk to him. Another apprentice and Mi Xiu’s little disciple Sun introduced, “Ah, let me introduce you, this is Yunxuan, my new apprentice in China.”

After hearing this from Lin Yan, Sun Shuoran suddenly shook the ground. Moved, holding on to the butcher did not make me faint, “Master…you…you really have a dog outside behind me! I…I am no longer your favorite little apprentice… Master… Master, how can you treat me like this…”

Lin Yan looked at Sun Shuoran’s behaving like a grudge, his face was speechless.

This is the reason why she hadn’t said anything before, knowing that she had to be arguable…

Fortunately, King, the butcher, and the wave python seemed to have expected it a long time ago.

Lang Mang nodded and pondered, “No wonder he can win Mi Xiu as a newcomer.”

Lang Mang said, looking at Yun Xuan, and reached out to him, “Little Junior Brother Yun Xuan, hello, I am Lang Mang, the master’s master.

My apprentice, please give me more advice in the future.” The butcher also said, “Good brother, I am the butcher, the third apprentice of the master.”

King: “Good brother, King.”

Mi Xiu: “Little… ??”

Yunxuan hurriedly greeted several people one by one, “You… hello…”

These few people just pulled out one by one. They are all famous in the racing circle. Even if they don’t introduce themselves, he can’t do not know.

“Sorry, I concealed my identity before.” Lin Yan quickly calmed down, afraid that the obedient apprentice would be frightened.

Yun Xuan hurriedly waved his hand, “Master, it’s okay… Actually… Actually, I guessed something… But I didn’t expect… You really are…”

King smiled and glanced at Mi Xiu who was aside, “After all, it looks like a small fan Xiu. There are not many people who are equally insensitive.”

Mi Xiu’s face was as dark as the bottom of a pot, “Brother K! Blame or blame you for all hiding from me, okay! Brother K, why are you embarrassed to say me! You have known her identity for a long time. , I actually made a bet with you. I said why you are all rushing to bet with me. You are too pitted!”

Mi Xiu finally figured out the cause and effect, and he was almost crying.

It should have long been thought of King King’s cunning character and would never do anything at a loss. How could he not have thought of it at the time!

Lin Yan: “…”

These bear kids, really know how to play!

The more Mi Xiu thought about it, the more angry he became, but after another thought, he suddenly became happy again, “Hey, then, I lost to my grandfather and my junior uncle! Then I won’t be ashamed of losing! Aha! Hahahaha…”

Thinking about it this way, Mi Xiu suddenly felt bright, and all the breath that had been holding back for so long disappeared.

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