Chapter 1463 Demon Head

Chapter 1463 The Demon Head

Although Lin Yan is not clear about the level of evolution, what is the concept of infinite evolution… That would be equivalent to possessing the power of a god. Which god is willing to be someone else’s subordinate?

If she really has this ability, and has listened to the rhetoric of these people and helped them evolve infinitely, she can think of the final outcome with her toes.

After these people gain the power of the gods, they will definitely kill her without hesitation.

Gods will not allow more and more gods to appear, and the ability in their mouths already belongs to the category of creating gods.

Lin Yan just didn’t understand, why did Xiao Ji give such false news? Didn’t this want her life?

Have the power to create a god?

Doesn’t that mean that as long as you are an evolutionary, you will find ways to get close to her and kidnap her by any means. Who doesn’t want to evolve indefinitely until she gains the power of God, she also thinks.

At this time, Lin Yan’s thoughts were a little confused, what should she do?

Tell these evolvers that this is all false news, and you don’t have that ability?

If you tell the truth, would these people disbelieve her, or kill her in anger?

If you don’t deny it, where can she get this magical ability to help them evolve infinitely…

Just as Lin Yan was at a loss, a cold smile from far to near made people tremble.

“It is both sad and ridiculous to want to evolve infinitely.”

As the voice fell, Lin Yan and several young men looked forward at the same time.

The woman wore a red dress, her face was exactly the same as Lin Yan, and she couldn’t even find out the difference from the details. If there is a difference, it can only be distinguished from the looks of the two.

The woman in the red dress is like a piece of ice, especially the pair of eyes.

The moment they saw the woman, the young men looked at each other, and Lin Yan also looked surprised.

Lin Yan naturally knows the existence of women. If the information is correct, this woman who looks exactly like her is the devil behind the laboratory and her own sister.

In fact, the relationship between the two is quite convincing in appearance.

In Lin Yan’s memory, she had never seen a woman. This was the first time the two met. Last time, Lin Yan only saw her in the video.

In fact, it was precisely because of the information recorded by the dash cam the last time that Lin Yan knew that the devil in the laboratory, the woman who looked the same as her, was actually her relatives.

Behind the woman, a group of entourage followed.

The headed old man, Lin Yan was familiar. Before, the old man had broken into the Yunjian Water Villa while Pei Yucheng was away, but Lin Yan frightened him off by posing as a female devil.

The red dress woman’s gaze fell on Lin Yan, after looking at Lin Yan indifferently for a while, she immediately walked to Lin Yan’s side, grabbed Lin Yan, and left here with Lin Yan.

Lin Yan instinctively wanted to break free, so that she could have enough milking energy, but Lin Yan still couldn’t break free from the woman’s hands.

In desperation, Lin Yan could only give up struggling. This woman’s evolutionary power was unfathomable, and it was as difficult as heaven to break free from her hands.

Not only that, but Lin Yan also had many things to ask this devil who was suspected of being her relatives.

In the face of the absolute power of a woman, Lin Yan is like a baby.

“Want to go?!”

Upon seeing this, the headed young man shouted sharply.