Chapter 1464 Abyss

Chapter 1464 The Abyss,

they finally took advantage of Xiao Yao’s unpreparedness to steal the Jiufeng Mountain and Sea. They wanted to use the power of the Jiufeng to allow them to evolve safely and smoothly infinitely, until they become the ultimate evolutionary in the legend. Others take away their hope easily.

However, the devil did not turn her head back, and the subordinates she brought overwhelmed the young evolutionaries in an instant.

“Mu Yu, where are you going to take me.” On

the way, the devil said nothing, and Lin Yan couldn’t help but speak.

As Lin Yan’s voice fell, a touch of surprise appeared in the eyes of the female devil Muyu.

Immediately, the devil stopped her body and her eyes fell on Lin Yan.

“You have regained your memory.” The devil said towards Lin Yan.

Lin Yan looked at the female devil, and the two of them faced each other.

After a long time, Lin Yan said: “Are you really my sister?”

“It seems that you haven’t recovered your memory. I asked you how do you know my name.” The devil said coldly.

However, Lin Yan did not answer, but sneered: “It’s so amazing in the world, I’m really your sister… Why don’t we exchange some information, you tell me everything, I will tell you how I know your name “

Lin Yan still couldn’t figure it out. If the woman in front of her is really her own sister, why didn’t she recognize her? Why did she catch herself in the laboratory back then? What was her purpose, and who were their parents? .

“How about it, elder sister, is this information trade fair?” Lin Yan continued when the female demon hadn’t spoken for a long time.

However, what Lin Yan didn’t expect was that the devil’s hand that held her right wrist suddenly used force, and the intense pain caused Lin Yan to sweat coldly. She didn’t know which sentence angered the devil.

“You are not allowed to call my sister…you are not worthy.” The voice of the devil was extremely deterrent, like a dormant poisonous snake, which made people shudder.

Sister, what a beautiful description, she used to treat her younger sister as the flesh of her heart, but in the end she got something, a nightmare-like conspiracy that pulled all her beauty into a bottomless abyss.

She tasted unimaginable pain in the abyss and could not climb up again.

Lin Yan did not speak. Although the female demon in front of her had no expression on her face, Lin Yan could feel the anger in her heart. In this case, she had better not irritate her.

Lin Yan also wondered why she hated herself so much if she was really her own sister.

However, Lin Yan also knows that he has lost some very important memories. Did he do something to sorry this sister before?

Soon, Lin Yan was taken into a certain laboratory by the devil’s head.

“Mu Yu, what do you want to do?” Lin Yan frowned.

“Mu Yan, you owe me, you should give it back to me.” The devil looked at Lin Yan and laughed coldly.

Lin Yan was puzzled by this, “Mu Yan, since you admit that we are sisters, you might as well tell me what happened. My memory is flawed. I can’t remember anything about the Mu family. I’m sorry for what I’ve done, and I will naturally take it, but I can’t just rely on your side words.”

“I’m sorry for my thing?”

Upon hearing the sound, the corner of the female devil’s mouth rose slightly, drawing out a cold smile. , Said: “Oh, my good mother, and my good sister… You forgot what you did to me.”