Chapter 2 Encounter

There is a secret in Qiqiao Sanqiu Nail. No one knows this secret except Zhou Zishu, and there will probably not be too many people knowing it. If it is to nail seven nails at a time, people will not be able to do it at that time. Zhou Zishu was probably enough to leave the palace with a breath. I’m afraid that if he can’t reach the gate of the palace, he will become a mess of inability to speak and move.

If nails can enter once every three months, that that nail one one point ground grow his body, and turned into one of their own, and slowly adapt, although three years have to pull Blows wax, can be whatever the outcome remaining five To achieve internal strength, and to speak and act like ordinary people, but has to endure the pain of eighteen months of heart attack.

I heard that the pain method alone can make people crazy, but Zhou Zishu thought happily, the rumor turned out to be wrong, at least he is not crazy now, not only is he not crazy, he feels that he has never been so happy in his life. At ease.

The skylight will naturally have follow-up monitoring for those who ask to leave. Who, when they left, where they settled, where they were buried, are recorded in detail, like a huge net, they entered. Just can’t get out for a lifetime.

Pity him for half his life, he still has a few confidants after all.

Zhou Zishu, the skylight leader supported by the former emperor Rongjia, with high martial arts and excellent disguise, he walked into the crowd and turned around and no one would recognize him.

And the scariest shadow wandering in the palace just disappeared from the world, leaving only one riding a thin horse, humming and humming the country tunes all the way through the thatch and wasteland. Homeless man.

Became the first person to escape from this terrifying net.

He wears a not-so-exquisite human skin mask, and he smears it randomly so that his face is blue and yellow. He looks like a sick man who may kick his legs at any time. He looked at the water when drinking water by the river and found it quite suitable. The more I look at my real situation, the more I am satisfied. I took out a set of coarse cloth clothes at the roadside farmer’s house. I took off the original brocade robe and burned it. He tied a half-rusted hip flask on his waist with a half inside. A jug of crude wine.

I remembered that I had been hidden in the imperial palace all these years, and I had never walked the rivers and lakes under my original name. I didn’t even need to think of a pseudonym, so I went on the road happily.

He didn’t have much to go, saying that Jiangnan was good, so he wanted to go to Jiangnan to see, stop and go all the way, do some work of robbing the rich and helping the poor to make ends meet, after Kaifeng, go to Penglai, slowly leisurely, more than three months before arriving in Caoqing Lianhong Jiangnan.

Once I got there, I sneaked into the wine cellar on the first floor of the world, and tasted the sweet-scented osmanthus wine over and over. I was so drunk and dreamy, so beautiful, I just felt that this day is no better.

Ten days later, I drank too much for a while, and almost was found whereabouts. I also felt that the wine was good, but it was soft and less interesting, so I left the wine cellar again.

After these ten days passed, his image became even worse. With the face of a stubborn ghost, he accompanied the wretched facial features curled up together. He was an extremely authentic look, plus a suit of clothes. After more than ten days in the wine, it has almost become lees, and the messy hair hangs down one by one, living like a beggar.

So when sitting on the side of the road and basking in the sun with his eyes closed, there was actually a little fat baby, bounced past him, bounced back, looked at him, and took out a coin from his body. The copper plate was pinched in his hand, but he didn’t know where to put it. After looking for it for a long time, he asked, “Uncle, where is your bowl?”

He was immediately taken away by the adults at home, only to make him dumbfounded.

Many years have passed. The friends and people in the past have either died or left. Zhou Zishu leaned against the corner, stretched out his limbs, and basked in the warm sun comfortably, with a smile on his mouth. Just started to wonder, what are the pictures for so many years?

When I was young, I always felt that I was an incredible talent, and I took all praises to myself, what was extremely clever, what heart had nine skills, what martial arts was strong, what was knowledgeable, it seemed that he didn’t make a career It seemed like it had been in vain, but now when I think about it, what is the picture?

What’s left?

However, he gave up his freedom and became a shameless slave for the royal family. He went around and lost everything that he had originally lost. Now that there is nothing left alone, he has tried his best to redeem himself. Pretty smart.

Suddenly, he became sad again, only to feel that there is no more stupid in the world, but he can’t be stupid.

How many years hasn’t it been like this, with an empty head basking on the roadside? The ridiculous roadside pedestrians, all walking in a hurry, going back and forth like dying, are more anxious than him who belches fast in counting days.

I just listened to a woman in the restaurant next to him in a crisp voice: “My son, look at that man. If he says he is a beggar, he doesn’t even have a broken bowl by his side. If he doesn’t, he has been sitting here again all morning. , Do nothing, just smirk, is it a fool?”

Although Zhou Zishu has only half of his skill, his ears are as good as he did in the past. Although the woman is separated from a noisy street and her voice is not loud, she still told him to listen to her without missing a word.

Before he could laugh at himself secretly, the next moment, another man’s voice said, “He is basking in the sun.”

The man’s voice is very nice, low and deep, very slow, but not sticky.

Zhou Zishu couldn’t help but look up, and saw a beautiful purple-clothed girl sitting opposite to a gray-clothed man against the railing on the second floor of the restaurant opposite. The man’s face was slightly pale, but his eyes were very dark. Black, as if sucking all the light in, this black and white is distinct, it seems a little bit unlike a living person, Zhou Zishu raised his head so much, his eyes met him.

The grey-clothed man missed his gaze blankly, turned his head blankly, and concentrated on eating the food on the table.

Zhou Zishu couldn’t help but laugh, saying that in the vast crowd, he actually met a confidant.

The purple-clothed girl’s big watery glasses were still spinning around him. After a long while, she finally couldn’t help it, and after hearing the grey-clothed man’s notification, she hopped downstairs and ran to Zhou Zishu, saying: “Beggar, how about I invite you to dinner?”

Zhou Zishu glanced at her lazily, shook his head and said, “Little good man, you might as well invite me to drink.”

The purple-clothed girl laughed, and turned her head and said loudly to the upstairs: “My son, this fool calls me a good man!”

It’s a pity that the grey-clothed boy didn’t seem to have heard him. He didn’t give her a look, and only focused on eating, as if the sky was falling, and his love for food could not be wiped out.

The purple-clothed girl asked, “If everyone wants food, why do you want wine? What good is the wine? Can you keep it full?”

Because of her beauty, Zhou Zishu couldn’t help but want to say a few more words to her, so he said half- jokingly, “Let’s borrow a beauty with wine.”

The purple-clothed girl was taken aback for a moment, and then she couldn’t help but couldn’t stop laughing. She also laughed like a flower branch trembling. Zhou Zishu felt that she was lucky and Jiangnan was really beautiful. He admired her while shaking his head and sighed: “Send a prosperous beauty, should pity the half-old white-headed man. The girl is so kind of gloating.”

The girl was surprised and said: “Oh, you’re still pretty.” She squatted down, quickly reached out to untie the hip flask on his waist, ran to the restaurant, and returned for a while.

Zhou Zishu wanted to reach out and pick it up. The girl quickly withdrew her hand and smiled: “I ask you something. If you are right, I will give you the jug and ask you to drink. If you are wrong, I will poison it and tell you to drink it and pierce your stomach.”

Zhou Zishu smiled bitterly. This young girl was beautiful but she was also a troublesome and uneasy. He asked: “My hip flask was won from an old beggar. I don’t know how many lice’s corpses were in it. , If you like it, take it. I don’t want it.

The purple-clothed girl rolled her eyes and said with a grin: “You ask the girl to run for a while, I’m so angry, I have to kill you if I am angry.”

Zhou Zishu said to his heart, where did this little magic star come from? Bai looked like a god, so he had to say, “You said.”

“I ask you, you are begging here, why don’t you even have a broken bowl with money?”

Zhou Zishu raised his eyes to look at her, and said, “When did I say I was begging? But just take a corner to bask in the sun.”

The purple-clothed girl was startled, and subconsciously turned her head to look at the man in the restaurant. The grey-clothed man was obviously also a man with very good ears. Hearing them talking, she paused with her hands and said nothing else. She was refreshed. The lower chopsticks continued to concentrate on eating like an enclave.

The girl looked up at the bright sky, a little confused: “Why can’t I see what the sun is good for?”

Zhou Zishu smiled and shook his head, stood up, stretched out his hand to fish, and gently and skillfully recovered his broken hip flask, the girl said “Ahhhhhh”, one of them was not watched, but he got his hand, looking rather confused. To him, he heard only this man with a beggar said: “The girl is young, so naturally there are many things to do. I have to hurry up to eat and drink, and nurture enough energy. I am a person with loess buried in my neck. In addition to drinking, you are left with eating and waiting to die. What do you do if you don’t get in the sun?

He raised his head and took a sip of wine, smashed it twice, and said loudly, “Good wine, thank you girl!”

After saying this, she turned and left. The purple-clothed girl subconsciously stretched out her hand to catch him. She thought her skill was pretty good, but who knew that the person she thought she caught with her hand swayed in front of her out of thin air. When I encountered it, I saw that the beggar had swayed into the crowd and could not be found again.

She wanted to catch up, but listened to the man in the restaurant whispering: “Axiang, you can’t do it, and your eyesight are not good? You are still ashamed.”

His voice seemed to be whispering, without deliberately raising the volume, but the voice was passed from the tall building, through the noisy crowd, and reached the girl’s ears accurately. The purple-clothed girl fell dejected and did not dare to make a second in front of her master. , Looked at the crowd for the last time, then turned upstairs.

Zhou Zishu swayed and drank his hip flask all the way. There was a lot of water in the south of the Yangtze River. He walked by the small bridge and the flowing water. He glanced at himself from the surface of the water, and felt that the honor was a bit wrong about this place , I guessed that there would be no inn willing to stay with him, so he walked all the way out of the city along the river, where small fishing boats ferry passers-by.

This was because there were many tourists in the spring, and he didn’t have any leisure after turning around. He finally saw an old fisherman with a boat on the shore and walked over.

The old woodcutter’s awning boat was parked on one side, and everyone else was too busy. I don’t know why when he got there, they were all idle. They lay on the bank and lay down and dozed. The straw hat was buttoned on his face, only showing Dry white hair. Zhou Zishu walked over, not in a hurry, and did not call the old Yuqiao, but just sat down beside him, waiting for him to wake up.

Unexpectedly, after a while, the old Yuqiao couldn’t lie down anymore. He angrily pulled the straw hat on his face, stared at him bitterly, and opened his mouth to curse: “Grandma’s, no Did you see Lao Tzu sleeping!”

Zhou Zishu was not angry, and said, “Lao Zhang, business is coming.”

Old Yuqiao cursed again: “Your mother, do you keep your breath or fart with your mouth long? You won’t say a word if you want to take a boat?”

Yanba stood up and twisted a couple back, pat fart shares, see you later Zhou Zi Shu also sitting on the ground, they immediately hit the roof: “? Your ass on the ground long friends.”

Zhou Zishu blinked and understood why everyone else was busy ferrying, and he was the only one who was idle.

He stood up dingy and followed the old man. While listening to his swearing, he asked brazenly: “Old man, do you have anything to eat? Leftovers are fine. Give me a bowl.”

Old Yuqiao said in a rough voice, “I’m still a starving ghost reborn.”

He took out a half-bitten pie with tooth marks on it and threw it over. Zhou Zishu didn’t bother it. As he followed him on the boat, he took it with a grin and opened his mouth.

Lao Yuqiao rowed out the boat, glanced at Zhou Zishu, and said viciously, “Your mother.”

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