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Chapter 2 I’m a cannon fodder, what am I afraid of

The lakeside of the Guogong Mansion was surrounded by people at this time.

As soon as Sister Su Xi approached, she heard the voice of the green tea bitch of the destiny heroine Su Pan’er.

“The princess left the banquet, and the cousin left behind. I should have stopped her at the time. I blamed me for this.”

“I don’t know where the cousin went? How can this be good?”

Some people appease Su Pan’er, and some people come up with ideas.

“Let’s let people look around, the princess has already had an accident just now, so it’s okay for Miss Su to have another accident.”

Everyone talked a lot, and suddenly heard a worry, a little cautious and at a loss, “Something happened to the princess? What does it have to do with me?”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Qiao Shengsheng standing behind Su Ximei for a moment.

Su Ximei’s posture is arrogant, like a stunner, her usual arrogance and domineering disappeared, but she was a little muddled. She looked a little tired and fell in the eyes of everyone, even thinking that she was frightened because of trouble.

To cheer herself up from the bottom of her heart, Su Ximei suffocated her breath and walked towards Su Pan’er as everyone looked and looked at her.

The crowd could not help but give way.

Song Yu, dressed as a maid, lowered his head and followed behind him.

“Cousin? Where did you change your clothes?” After Su Pan’er was taken aback, she breathed a sigh of relief, with a gentle voice, “Cousin, don’t worry, the princess has been rescued. We all know that you didn’t do it. ……”

Sister Su Xi stopped and fixedly looked at Su Pan’er.

The daughter of destiny, not to mention the good luck of having destiny, but also the inexplicable love of everyone, and a group of devil-like domineering male partners.

Thinking of her opponent being so powerful, Su Ximei’s heart trembled again.

No, as long as she doesn’t fall, she will fight to the end.

Taking a deep breath, Su Ximei calmed down her mind, raised her hand to pin the broken hair beside her cheeks behind her ears. The simple movements made her look different in the eyes of others.

Just, the next second.

That hand, which was still amorous a moment ago, turned into a sharp weapon, and slapped Su Paner’s face with a slap in the face.

This slap, but the strength of the whole body was shaken out.

After dumping her, Su Xi’s body was taken two steps back before she could stand firmly. One can imagine how strong she is.

Everyone’s looks changed drastically.

That’s not enough, Su Ximei took a sigh of relief, and rushed up again in everyone’s consternation.

Pulling his hair and squeezing his face, he slapped and cursed fiercely, “I told you to disrespect the princess. The princess is fine. You are here to confuse people. Isn’t this cursing the princess?”

“There are people who murdered the princess in the middle of the story, and the loyal emperor of the National Government Mansion, how can he secretly murder the princess like the sun and the moon in the mansion? Are you stupid or a tiger? You dare to spread such rumors.”

“As a boudoir girl who doesn’t obey the boudoir’s precepts, like a long-speaking woman in the city, provoking the relationship between the sage and the loyal minister, I will kill you, an unfaithful scum.”

While Su Ximei was beating people to death, her heart trembled.

Because of what?

It is written in the book that Su Pan’er’s first flower protector was Song Yu, the youngest son of the Guogong Mansion.

People in the world don’t know that the little son of the National Palace is the last thing, lest the world will not be chaotic, and the suffering of others is his greatest happiness, he is bold and loves to play, how absurd he is, and often does things that are beyond ordinary people’s actions.

Of course Su Ximei didn’t want to confront such a person.

However, the whole family was reduced to cannon fodder planning the Royal Heirs, and the whole family was killed!

However, Song Yu’s revenge was brought by the heroine of the Destiny, although it was a bit miserable, it was still alive!

Thinking of these, Su Ximei hates.

Her team is heavier, and she has the mentality of a villain to succeed: Lao Tzu is a cannon fodder female partner who has no chance to turn over anyway. Now that he has not fallen, he should have fun in time, not to kill the destiny heroine, and relieve his anger.

The princess’s accident and the government’s mansion are also involved in a big pie and a big banner, and the princess’s accident and the government’s office are also involved. As soon as the matter expands, I don’t believe that the princess has to weigh the pros and cons of splashing dirty water on her after waking up.

Everyone was shocked by Su Ximei’s fierceness.

No one dared to step forward.

When Song Yu heard her pull the Guogong Mansion in, there was a touch of emotion in his eyes, but it flashed past quickly.

Su Pan’er was stunned, and the sluggish person did not know to fight back.

Sister Su Xi, who is usually stupid and brainless, and who was hooked by her in a few words, dare to hit her?


I saw a woman rushing over in several strides, holding Su Pan’er in her arms.

Su Pan’er covered her face with her hands, and buried her invisible face in Su Yue’s arms, full of resentment and humiliation. Her face lost consciousness, causing her body and voice to tremble.

“Aunt, I’m fine. The cousin didn’t mean it. I knew she was scared, so I panicked.”

Su Ximei interrupted her, speaking with awe-inspiring righteousness, “You are right, you dare to curse the princess, so rebellious, can I not be afraid? You defile my sincere person to the princess, how can I not be angry?”

Sincere heart to the princess! ! !


Is Su Ximei crazy or has her personality split?

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