Chapter 3 Desolate Temple

Zhou Zishu didn’t care–he had done all sorts of life-seeking things in this world, so he didn’t care about anything, so he just took the dirty words from the old fisherman’s mouth, and he all had dinner right away.

The awning boat quietly separated the river, and a girl on the other side of the river cried glutinously, “Water chestnut, sell chestnut.” It was as if the years of the year were flowing slowly like this river, Zhou Zishu thought, it’s really worthy to die here. When.

He visited the legendary fairy mountain when he was passing by Penglai. He thought that way on the mountainside at the time, but then he felt that the legendary apricot blossom and misty Jiangnan hadn’t been carefully visited yet, and he had some losses, so he went all the way south to Jiangnan. , Now he suddenly felt this kind of emotion, took a bite of the dry and hard cake in his hand, chewed hard for a long time with his cheeks bulging, and finally swallowed it easily, shaking his head, thinking again, looked at Jiangnan, the three mountains and five mountains But I haven’t been there yet, and I still suffer.

Then let go of the feelings of old age.

Suddenly, Lao Yuqiao seemed to be choking on saliva, his cursing stopped, his back hunched, his head slightly tilted, and his eyes looked in one direction without blinking.

Zhou Zishu was a little strange, so he poked his head out of the boat and followed his gaze.

I saw the old Yuqiao fixedly watching the two people walking along the shore-it was the gray-clothed man and the beautiful girl in the restaurant. Although Lao Yuqiao’s hair is white, his eyes are electric. Looking carefully, the temples hidden under his messy hair are still slightly raised, his palms are thick, his muscles and bones are knotted, not to mention Zhou Zishu, as long as he is not blind, he It can be seen that this old man is not easy.

It is not a simple person to tell him to stare so guardedly.

The beautiful girl would watch as she bounced around, but always cautiously walked about ten feet behind the man, without daring to overstep.

Zhou Zishu glanced at him, and he knew that this girl was a servant or a concubine in the grey clothes. Although this girl was a bit savage, she seemed to have a good appetite for him, but she was someone else’s. Look more, look back, and then deal with the dry bread in his hand.

Jianghu? Wherever you go, there is right and wrong. Chaotang is a vanity fair, and Jianghu is a right and wrong field. Some people always don’t understand this. It seems like riding a sword and riding a horse to the end of the world is an extraordinary thing. With.

But right now, what does it have to do with him who is full and the whole family is not hungry?

Old Yuqiao stopped his mouth, but Zhou Zishu felt a little lonely, so he yelled: “Lao Zhang, your cake lacks a bit of salty and mild flavor. Don’t care about coarse salt and fine salt, you should put more.”

Lao Yuqiao cursed fiercely: “Your mother, such a big cake can’t plug your mouth. You don’t want to pay back his grandma if you eat the cake. You are hungry for three days, you are a bastard, don’t tell me if you eat shit Fragrant……”

He opened his mouth as if there was a tendency that he couldn’t stop, Zhou Zishu smiled, biting the dry cake, and felt a little bit cheap.

It took only a few copper plates to cross the river. Zhou Zishu generously gave Lao Yuqiao a piece of silver. Lao Yuqiao didn’t feel ashamed at all, so he picked it up and left. The creditor’s expression on his face was probably disgusting. Give less money. Only to the other side, the old fishing Qiao are impatient to put down his Boom: “Get out of here fast roll, do not delay I get down to business.”

Zhou Zishu slowly tossed the last piece of pie into his mouth, stretched out, got out of the cabin, and said vaguely, “Are you going to reincarnate?”

Lao Yuqiao’s eyes widened with a pair of copper bells, and he wanted to yell at the person’s eighteenth generation ancestors, but he remembered something. After all, he swallowed the words back and rowed his boat angrily. gone.

It’s also because this old guy doesn’t know what he is doing here, and given such a false identity, if he really makes a living by ferrying, he still has to be poor enough as pants?

Seeing the boat staggering away, Zhou Zishu calmly said: “Your mother.”

He has been with a bunch of gentle scum for half of his life. It turned out that he was also the one who turned his mouth around and said Ziyun. He had never spoken such a shameless word in broad daylight. At this time, he blurted out such a sentence and felt very happy, as if all the stuff on his chest was down. As if going out.

He was surprised to find that cursing the street was such a comfortable thing, so he smiled and murmured again: “You old turtle grandson who doesn’t do well with money and doesn’t make people shit when you eat.”

After finishing saying this sentence, I only felt comfortable and full of lingering fragrance, so I walked out slowly along the river with satisfaction.

Zhou Zishu wandered around for a whole day, and at night, he wandered outside the city and found a small pond. Then he washed himself out of the acid, which he could hardly bear. Anyhow, he washed himself like Personally, I was wondering how to find a place to deal with one night. After walking about another mile, he saw a dilapidated and ruined temple. He walked in, spread the thatch, and drew himself under the feet of my Buddha. Yawned and fell asleep.

Even though he is okay now, he can sleep until the next day when he touches the thatch with his head, but he still has to be undisturbed. In the middle of the night, the sound of footsteps and voices not far away still makes him noisy. Woke up.

The three people appeared at the door of the deserted temple, and a bloody smell came on their faces, Zhou Zishu opened his eyes and frowned.

The injured man was wearing a hat on his head. I don’t know if he was conscious. The whole person was framed by a 14-five-year-old half-year-old. The young man seemed to have some skills, but he was also weak. He was panting like a sick cow. Standing by the injured person, an old woman dressed up next to him, holding a cloth bag in her arms, staggered all the way trot.

The moment the young man entered the temple gate, he looked like a frightened little beast, carefully sweeping his eyes around. Zhou Zishu was lying in the shadow of the Buddha statue, his breath was extremely light, and the young man did not pay attention to him at first. The voice said to the man with the hat: “Uncle Li, let’s hide here for a while, I see your injury…”

Before he could finish his words, the man with half his life left broke free from the young man, and he encouraged him to stand up straight, clasping his fists in Zhou Zishu’s direction with both hands, and said, “Ah…this friend…”

When he raised his head, his voice suddenly stopped, Zhou Zishu also saw clearly, this man was the old fisherman who ferryed him, with a stab wound on his chest and back, and his whole body was like a blood gourd. He immediately sat upright. :”It’s you?”

Lao Yuqiao smiled bitterly: “It’s your damn thing, you are begging for rice…”

Before the voice fell, the whole person rushed forward. The young man hurriedly stretched out his hand to help, but he was also exhausted, and he fell to the ground together with him, crying in his voice: “Uncle Li…”

Lao Yuqiao twitched all over, Zhou Zishu couldn’t help but leaned up, and saw his blood flowing out with a strange purple color, and even his lips were green, so he frowned.

Lao Yuqiao grinned reluctantly, and whispered: “You’re still a fucking man, where is so much horse urine? Lao…I’m not dead yet…”

The woman on one side also wiped her tears and said: “Uncle Li, if you have a long and two shortcomings, who can our young master expect to go?”

Lao Yuqiao glared at her, took a hard breath, and tremblingly said to the young man: “I…I am also a worthless man… It’s just that I received your father’s favor back then. Something else…” He coughed. Without coughing, his body twitched once, “Boy, you remember…”

Remembering that before he finished speaking, there was another rush of footsteps at the entrance of the temple. A man in black strode in. The black man had never been masked, with a scar on his face. He saw the three dead men, the cat. Cocked his mouth like a mouse, “Wow, you guys run far.”

The boy gritted his teeth, drew a sword from his waist, and rushed over like a man in black: “I killed you!”

Perseverance is amazing, it is really a three-legged cat’s kung fu, looking at the thick eyebrows, big eyes and aura, but the person is clumsy, and he didn’t use a single move. On his lower abdomen, he popped him out as far as a cat.

The boy then got up, yelled with a humiliated head, but he was not afraid at all, and rushed forward with his bare hands.

Lao Yuqiao was in a hurry. He seemed to want to get up, but he was hurt too badly. He moved and fell heavily to the ground.

The man in black sneered, “Is the little rabbit still going to bite?” He flashed sideways, flexed his claws, and grabbed the young man’s heart. Under the moonlight, his hand stamp was not made of flesh and blood. The cyan cold light will hurt the killer.

Zhou Zishu didn’t want to be nosy, thinking that after all, he had a “same boat crossing” fate with the old Yuqiao. This young man was so young that he didn’t want to see him die at such a young age. He already had a small stone in his hand and his palm. After turning over, he was about to pop out, and suddenly there was a whistle. The black-clothed man’s gaze flicked, and he turned his head on the ground, and the boy flew into nothing.

A hidden weapon in the shape of an inch-long lotus was nailed where the man in black stood.

Just listen to a girl Jiao Didi: “Good guy, in the middle of the night, there is such a shameless person who bullies old women and weak children in the wilderness.”

Zhou Zishu moved in his heart, and the sound was familiar–he took the untouched pebble back again, lay back slowly, and watched the changes.

The black man’s face twitched and his eyes jumped suddenly-Zhou Zishu felt that it was the scar on his face, his face was a little stiff, like a stroke, and a bit ridiculous in his fierceness, just listen to him anger. : “Where did the little bitch come from?”

The girl smiled, Zhou Zishu looked intently, and saw a purple figure flashing by the door. It was the little girl who threatened to poison him today who came in. She felt that she must have this adventure today, in this deserted temple. He has encountered half of his grievances.

I don’t know where the master of the purple-clothed girl has gone. She tilted her head, leaning against the door with a naive face, curling her fingertips around her debate, and scratching her face with her index finger, and smiled: “Old Bitch, you are not ashamed, bullying the elderly and children, and there is a dying one.”

Lao Yuqiao also didn’t know he was angry, and he cursed with an air of air during the day. People would say that he was “dying ” and fell to the ground like he was dying , and he couldn’t let a fart.

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