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Chapter 3 I am righteous to destroy relatives

Su Yue was very angry with her.

Slender hand pointed at her angrily, “Crazy, I think you are crazy.”

The ladies of the families who came with Su Yue also arrived, looked at the scene in front of them, exchanged glances with each other, and it was too much to say.

Sister Su Xi speaks as fast as a bead, and she also understands that crying children have candy to eat!

She said in a grievance, “My aunt rushed over indiscriminately and accused me. Why didn’t you ask me why I was beating my second sister?”

“I slapped her and made me crazy. Then she slandered me and went to the lake with the princess in front of everyone. She dared to say anything about the princess’s unruly things and the murder of royal heirs. In order to frame her sister, even You can tell all about the Jiu Clan, isn’t she already crazy?”

“The princess is the dear daughter of the sky, how can anyone else criticize it? When I hit her, the younger one said it was to teach the ignorant sister of the clan, and the older one said that it would be righteousness and extermination.”

Su Yue’s head also began to ache, and she said to her with a strong tone, “You are really sensible, and you really want to teach the clan girl, and you don’t have to do it in the public. See how you are different from the market shrew? If you do this, let me go underground in the future, how will I face your parents?”

Finally, Su Yue secretly threatened, “You bully Pan’er in front of outsiders, aren’t you afraid that your second and third elder brothers will be angry?”

“Auntie, my parents died when I was three years old, but my three brothers taught me from an early age that even when I was born as a woman, I must be a loyal and filial person. I listened to them and lived in the world. Why would they blame me?” Su Ximei was sad, sucked her nose hard, turned around and leaned against Song Yu behind her.

“Although I play badly, I also know that the heaven and earth are loyal to my monarch and my parents are filial to the bottom.”

“The second sister dared to criticize the royal family. I don’t want to kill the family with righteousness, and I also worry about the ugliness of the family not to be publicized. That is unfaithful and unfilial.

Song Yuwen stood still, her eyes downcast, silently watching the woman acting on his shoulder pretending to be sad and tearful.

The delicate voice was like a rock, knocking on the hearts of everyone present.

There was Su Ximei, the first wicked woman in Beijing, and their hearts suddenly rose at this moment.

Su Ximei turned back abruptly, stepped forward, and stood in front of Su Yue. She was emotionally excited, her eyes flushed, “Aunty, did I say something wrong? Did I really do something wrong?”

wrong? You are in the royal family, who dares to say you are wrong?

Su Yue could not faint now.

You are right, you can’t do that either?

The crowd looked at Su Ximei, who was full of grief and indignation, and her generosity and righteousness were shocking.

Only Song Yu knew that the cunning sister Su Xi used the word’loyalty and filial piety’ to perfectly extract her from falling into the water with the princess.

The matter was related to the royal family, and then to the cousin Su Pan’er, and he didn’t suffer at all.

Ruthless enough, but also very cunning.

As an elder, Su Yue was on the spot again, and she couldn’t watch one of her nieces ruin her life.

She reprimanded, “Pan’er has always been obedient and will not do these things. Xu is there any misunderstanding.”

He moved with affection, “Now that I am a guest at the Guogong Mansion, I shouldn’t disturb the good mood of the ladies. Let’s go back to the mansion and discuss this matter. How about listening to my aunt?”

Su Yueer wanted to make big things small and small things small.

Fortunately, at this moment, Liu’s wife, the eldest son of the Guogong Mansion, rushed over with her servants.

The graceful and luxurious temperament makes people forget to pay attention to her ordinary appearance.

She apologized to the ladies first, “The princess has already woken up, and the imperial doctor said that she was just a little frightened. Let the ladies move to the Dutch hospital for food.”

Su Yue secretly breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that this matter was finally fooled.

“Madam, I have a good relationship with the princess on weekdays. The princess fell into the water and knew she was fine, but I couldn’t let go of my heart. I beg Madam to take me to visit one or two.” Su Ximei took Liu’s hand and said when Madam Liu refused. Before she brought it up, she said, “The princess is a golden branch and a jade leaf. The emperor said that she was a little shocked. Presumably, the Guogong Mansion will still feel uneasy. I would not as well let people find my second brother and write a Pu’an curse to the princess?”

The second son of Su Mansion had a lotus illusion when he was born. He was accepted as a disciple by a high monk at the age of five. At the age of seven, he invented the Pu’an curse.

Puan Mantra can drive away mosquitoes, ants, and cockroaches, and Puan Mantra can drive away evil spirits and cure diseases. There are no taboos.

The second son of Su Mansion was like a god in the hearts of the people of the Da Sui Dynasty.

This is also the reason why most people give face to Su Ximei walking sideways outside.

It’s just that one mantra is hard to find, and only three mantras are written a year. It depends on fate.

Sister Su Xi wanted to do this because the matter of falling into the water was not over yet.

The princess fell into the water this time without seemingly simple, and then passed away with repeated fevers.

The truth is not because of falling into the water, but because of allergies being covered up, coupled with the impact of falling into the water, only to lose his life.

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