Chapter 4 Righteous Scholars

The black-clothed man and the purple-clothed girl quickly fought together. Zhou Zishu watched from the sidelines clearly. The two people’s skills are not the same, but they are similar in severity and morality, unlike those from the so-called decent sect.

After only fourteen or five moves, the man in black suddenly swayed the girl’s palm back, and then kicked her Tanzhong acupoint. The girl dodged sideways, slapped her hand and raised her hand with a palm. Splitting, it was clear that he was going to abolish his kneecap on the spot. Unexpectedly, there was a sound on the black-clothed man’s trousers. A mechanical spring popped out of his calf, and a broken arrow burst out and took the girl’s jaw straight.

The girl’s kung fu is good, she seems to be better than the man in black, but she didn’t expect him to be so cheap. She was shocked. If she wanted to hide, it was too late. Zhou Zishu clasped the little girl in her palm. The stone finally shot, hitting the tip of the arrow, and the tip of the arrow threatened her sideburns.

After such a risk, the girl didn’t know the fear like an ordinary person. Instead, she became angry and became angry. Without hesitating for a moment, she cleaved her hands and turned her claws, grabbing the man in black by the leg bones, folding and buckling. The man in black screamed, and she broke her leg bones. She didn’t stop, and her little green hand stretched out with blue light in her palm. It slapped the man in black on the chest. After flying out, with a broken leg curled up, her face quickly turned purple-grey, and she pointed at the girl staringly and said: “You are purple… purple…”

“Zi” didn’t finish what he said, so he rolled his eyes and saw the king of Yama.

The old side of women see this neat shot the girl turned out to be so ruthless, not scared of the movement.

On the contrary, the young man looked at the naive and honest, but reacted first, rushed to Lao Yuqiao’s side, and eagerly asked: “Uncle Li, how are you? You…”

Lao Yuqiao seemed to still have a tone, and strenuously reached out and grabbed the boy’s sleeves. The boy hurriedly and carefully dragged him up and held him in his arms. Seeing this, the purple-clothed girl also leaned over and reached out and flipped through Lao Yu Qiao’s eyelids frowned, and his mouth said straightforwardly: “It’s the three-gender heartbroken, plus so much blood, I think he is not saved, you are sorry.”

The boy slapped her hand away and glared at her loudly, “What are you talking about?”

The purple-clothed girl frowned, and the murderous intent appeared on her handsome smile. She remembered something, and forcibly suppressed the murderous intent, stood up and put her arms in front of her chest, and sneered irrelevantly. Said: “I don’t know the kind puppies.”

Lao Yuqiao’s muddy eyes stayed on her for a moment, then passed and turned around, until it fell to the foot of the Buddha statue with two straws stuck in his hair. Zhou Zishu was ridiculously looking at him. Open your mouth in the direction.

Everyone looked at Zhou Zishu with his gaze. The girl said “Oh,” and laughed: “I also said which expert helped me once, I didn’t expect it to be you, I would invite you to drink. , You fight for me, just because neither of us owes anyone anymore.”

She said this very cheaply, but since she was a pretty girl, Zhou Zishu decided not to care about her, so he smiled, and walked to Lao Yuqiao and squatted down: “Brother, you call me.”

Lao Yuqiao put his hand into his arms with great effort. The other four people present had eight eyes waiting to see what he took out. After a long while, Lao Yuqiao stretched out his fist and handed it to Zhou Zishu, looking at him strugglingly. . Zhou Zishu hesitated for a moment, and reached out to pick it up. There was a flash of light, and a silver coin was lying on the palm of his hand.

Old Yuqiao opened his mouth and said: “I…return the silver to you, let you take a boat back for nothing, you will…for me…”

Before Zhou Zishu heard what he was doing for him, he laughed and shook his head to stand up. Who knows, the old Yuqiao stretched out his hand and grabbed his wrist tightly: “For me…send this child to Zhaojiazhuang, Taihu… “

This is not a pretty girl, so Zhou Zishu sighed and said, “I said this dude…”

The old Yuqiao cut off him: “The grace of dripping…dang, dang…retribution to the spring…”

Zhou Zishu raised his eyes and looked melancholy at the door of the ruined temple in the wilderness . The night was shrouded in darkness, wondering whether he should change his face, now this face, is it because this face is not thin enough, is it so like a fool ?

Lao Yuqiao didn’t know if it was back to the light, but the hand holding him became stronger and stronger, his breath was shallow as if he was hovering in his throat, and when he spoke, he trembled with a puff of breath and said: “You should be Accumulate virtue, accumulate virtue! There are children and grandchildren… even if you die… grandchildren, there are younger generations… the next life.”

These words slammed Zhou Zishu’s heart fiercely like a flash of lightning. The Qiqiao Sanqiu nails on his chest seemed to hurt again, as if they were about to get into his flesh—and the next life, which was made in this life. Duo guilty, he died three years later, even if it was a hundred, but… there is still another life.

After a long while, Zhou Zishu sighed, gently discarded the broken silver, caught it, and slowly put it into his arms.

Lao Yuqiao’s muddy eyes lit up, and his lips trembled a few times without making a sound. Then the faint light in his eyes slowly dimmed, and Zhou Zishu’s hand was no longer able to continue, and it fell softly. , The mouth was chattering about something.

Zhou Zishu slowly put his ear to his mouth, just listening to him intermittently: “You want…you can’t do it…you want…I…Next, down…Fuck, fuck… Eighteenth generations of your ancestors…”

Zhou Zishu straightened up, there was nothing to say, and then the old Yuqiao tilted his head and lost his breath. The young man began to cry.

The old woman was like an old mother or something, and she had no idea. Liushen followed her tears away, and Zhou Zishu automatically stood aside with the purple-clothed girl. The purple-clothed girl turned a pair of big eyes and asked softly: “My master said you are amazing, but I haven’t seen it yet. Which school are you from? What’s your name?”

Zhou Zishu bit his cheek and said, “I’m not just Zhou… Zhou Xu, no school, but a lonely ghost, wandering around the rivers and lakes. I haven’t asked the girl how to call it?”

The girl looked at him up and down, shook her head and said, “If you don’t look at your TB-like face, the manner in which you speak is really like that. My name is Gu Xiang.”

She had never heard of this person named Zhou Mingxu on the rivers and lakes, and even if they met each other, she knew that there was not so much truth, so she didn’t take it seriously and didn’t care. She took two steps forward, patted the young man on the shoulder and said: “I said, everyone is dead, you almost buried him, are there anyone chasing you?”

The young man still remembered that she had spoken impolitely just now, snorted softly, and glared at her. Right now he couldn’t vent his feelings of grief and indignation, and there was such an unscrupulous stinky girl in front of him, and he couldn’t help spreading his anger on her secretly, as if she had killed her.

Gu Xiang’s beautiful brow furrowed. Although her skill is high, she is not too old after all. She is a bit wicked at first. How can she bear this young man’s innocent anger over and over again, and she will hit him when she raises her palm. Caught off guard, Zhou Zishu next to him grabbed his wrist.

Gu Xiang only felt that a cold hand was gently sticking to his wrist, and he didn’t feel any pain, nor did he feel that the man had used so much strength. It just happened that he couldn’t let go of his raised hand, nor could he shake it off. I couldn’t help but glanced at this yellow-skinned, tuberculosis-like man in surprise, and said to his heart: “For such a thing, the owner looks at him high, and he is actually quite capable. I can’t tell how deep he is. If I really do it, I’m afraid I can’t ask for a bargain.”

Under her heart returned, and saw machines fast, aware of their weight, as did give good flow to the hand back, sip Minzui, watching Zhou Zi Shu said:. “You face it wants to sell.”

Then he turned to the boy and cursed, “You can see clearly, little bastard, grandma is just passing by, look at you poorly by the way, don’t kill your whole family like grandma, but if you are a little bit urinary, you should get revenge on your enemy. Go. Looking at you like a bear, in addition to holding a dead person to urinate, but also bullying your aunt, grandma, good temperament, tolerating you, so great!”

This girl is clever, but she doesn’t speak well.

Zhou Zishu had no choice but to give some comfort, but unexpectedly, the boy was shocked for a while when he heard the words. He suddenly turned around, wiped his tears clean, knelt on the ground, and gave Gu Xiang a bang twice. She was tall and whispered in her mouth: “This girl has taught her a lesson, she is offended.”

He gritted his teeth tightly, and stretched the boy’s face into a somewhat sharp line. On the contrary, Gu Xiang was stunned, stepped back for a short while, blinking a pair of big apricot-core eyes: “I…I But I didn’t tell you to kowtow to me, you, you should get up quickly.”

Zhou Zishu bent down slightly and gave a slight support. The young man somehow was lifted up by him. Zhou Zishu said, “First, bury this…Brother Li. Anyway, I am entrusted by him. See you for a ride. If you don’t hurry back around, just make up for the night here and tell me what happened.”

The young man responded lowly. Zhou Zishu helped him find a place behind the deserted temple and buried the old Yuqiao. Gu Xiang kept watching, and probably felt a little at the end. He ran out and cut a piece of wood and came in. , Drew a dagger from his waist, cut off a simple tombstone in twos, and then asked, “What’s this person’s name?”

The young man thought for a while, shook his head, and said: “He only said that his surname was Li, and he had received the favor of my father, so he rescued us desperately. I called him Uncle Li… but he couldn’t even name his full name. “

Zhou Zishu sighed secretly. People in the rivers and lakes, don’t they just avenge grace and revenge? What does it matter if you leave it without name?

Gu Xiang lowered his head and carved the five words “Uncle Li, the righteous man” stroke by stroke on the small wooden sign. After the engraving, he looked at it, and probably felt satisfied, so he showed it to Zhou Zishu: “Look, OK?”

Zhou Zishu took it and saw that there was a little bit missing from the word “Bo”. He felt a little sad and a little bit ridiculous, so he filled in the stroke with his fingers and inserted it in this extremely simple deserted tomb. on.

The boy knelt down, knocked his head three times, tried to hold back his tears, then straightened his waist and stood up.

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