Chapter 5 Ghost

“My name is Zhang, and my name is Zhang Chengling.” The young man sat down, his round face was black and all colors, but even though his clothes had been torn to pieces, he could still see the brocade background, not ordinary people. Home can afford it, “Zhou…”

He paused, not knowing what to call this handsome Luotuo man.

“Just call it Uncle.” Zhou Zishu said shamelessly.

Zhang Chengling squeezed out a smile, was not successful, and lowered his head again. He bowed his head like this, his eyes were on the dusty and thatched deserted temple ground, and he was very at a loss. The unrest is so great that his mind has not been able to keep up with the progress of the situation.

Gu Xiang muttered, “Zhang Chengling? It seems familiar.”

Zhou Zishu asked: “Your father is Nanhezhuang who advocates heroes?”

Gu Xiang was taken aback and blurted out: “Are you Zhang Yusen’s son?”

The unbelievable expression on his face was unconcealed, and he nakedly expressed the doubts about “How could Zhang Yusen have such a trash son like you”.

Zhang Chengling obviously caught a glimpse of her expression, buried his head lower, clenched his hands into fists, and shrank his sides.

Zhou Zishu hurriedly interrupted Gu Xiang’s devastating mental attack. He had already discovered that this girl didn’t like the ability to listen to what others said, so he coughed: “I didn’t even look out, disrespectful and disrespectful.”

Gu Xiang crackled and pour beans and asked, “Your father seems to be somewhat famous… We arrived the day before, and we have heard of it. It is said that he was a little capable when he was young. Settling here like a retreat, nothing has been involved. There are still many cleansers with good martial arts in Zhuangzi, and no one wants to trouble them. This kind of Laozi, who is going to chase and kill his son in the middle of the night? “

There was a kind of contemptuousness in her tone, and the old woman on one side became dissatisfied and said: “My master is a first-class good man, a great knight, a kindhearted man, and extremely righteous. Some people are in trouble Looking for him, regardless of whether he knows or not, he will help him out of justice and money…”

Gu Xiang sneered, and said in a weird manner: “Okay, aunty, we all know that this kid has a good old man who is capable. What can a hero, a hero, not be chased down in the middle of the night…”

That Zhang Yusen was fifty years old, and he said that he was highly respected, and he was considered to be a true name. In his early years, he rarely played in the rivers and lakes when he married a wife and had children. Respectful. Zhou Zishu felt that the deceased was the big one after all. This girl might be careless, but she was too disrespectful, so he cut her off and asked, “Who is the one who just chased you down?”

Zhang Chengling was silent for a moment, and whispered: “It’s Xue Fang, the hanged ghost.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Who are you talking about?”

Zhou Zishu and Gu Xiang almost unanimously, Zhou Zishu frowned, and Gu Xiang looked strangely surprised.

Zhang Chengling said, “It is Xue Fang, the hanged ghost. I heard others call him that…”

Suddenly he took a deep breath, as if he had remembered something or understood something. The blood, fireworks, and screams of the whole night appeared in front of him. He trembled, his face was pale, and his whole body twitched. He couldn’t even speak. .

Gu Xiang was taken aback, and pointed at him, “He is not a shofar, right?”

Zhou Zishu held on to Zhang Chengling with a solemn expression, and stretched out his hand to brush over his sleeping acupuncture point. The boy was so soft that he was in his arms, and he was carefully put aside. Zhou Zishu sighed, “This is the reaction. What happened? The mind was hit too hard. Let him sleep first.”

He turned his head and asked the Liushenwuzhu old woman: “Mother, but what happened to the Zhang family?”

The old woman looked at Zhang Chengling’s way, and had no idea, her nose and tears turned upside down for a long while, before she made it clear-in the middle of the night, there was a fire in the backyard of Zhang’s house. Where did the man in black descend from the sky like an evil spirit.

The most frightening thing is that none of those “masters” who can be disturbed by a little trouble in the ordinary day can get up, and they don’t know when they will start.

Only that old Li, an eccentric man, arrived at the Suzhou River five years ago to do some ferrying, and kept the Zhang family secretly, but he was unwilling to come to the village—according to his statement, he ate Zhang. The family’s meal is a cleanser who is raised by others. He is unwilling to do this. He is here to repay his favor.

Thanks to such a freak, he reluctantly left such a bloodline to the old Zhang family.

After a long while, Zhou Zishu sighed: “That brother Li is really a stranger in the dust.” He turned to the old woman again. This old woman is just a rough old woman who doesn’t understand anything, and there is a cloud of mud in his mind. , Will only shed tears with him, “Anything relative?”

The old woman nodded and said, “I have a nephew in the south of the city.”

Zhou Zishu took out an ingot of gold from his arms and handed it to her, “Take this and find your own way out. I think you have been loyal to this place with the young master Zhang Family. Don’t sleep with the wind and meals anymore when you get older.”

The old woman took the silver, subconsciously gritted her teeth, and then reacted again. She smiled a little embarrassedly, she had no tears, her tone was lightened, and she said, “Yes, the old slave is so old. , It is also a drag on the young master.”

She took the money and didn’t want to stay in this thatched place full of dead people for a moment, so she said she wanted to leave, thinking that she would be the only one who burned the fire, and no one would do anything to her. Zhou Zishu didn’t say anything and looked at her Thankfully left.

At midnight, Zhou Zishu felt as if his chest had been pierced by a small needle, and he knew that the Qiqiao Sanqiu nails had made trouble again. The pain was not the tearing pain of flesh, nor the dull pain of internal injuries, but like Someone was holding a small knife and cutting down his meridians inch by inch.

Fortunately, over the past year or so, he has become accustomed to it, and he hasn’t revealed it casually. He wears a human skin mask, and Gu Xiang can’t see his face.

She remembered to bring Zhang Sen, when the careless, and that dragon head, not the tail of the owner, Zhou Zi Shu force themselves scattered attention, and asked: “? Xiongtai restaurant it today, and you did it together.”

Gu Xiang was startled, and first asked: “How did you know he was with me?” Then he nodded again, “Yes, you heard us talking-I said when I asked you that question, how did you talk to my family? The master said the same.”

She pouted her lips, disdainful of such cheating.

Zhou Zishu smiled and said, “Yes, is your master here also?”

Gu Xiang sat on the incense table with his legs not touching the ground. He swung and tilted his head. He looked very innocent and cute. When asked, his eyelids drooped slightly, and he shrugged his shoulders: “I will get better with him. “

Zhou Zishu only said that the man in grey had such a beautiful girl by his side, thinking she was a concubine or something, so he looked at her questioningly.

Gu Xiang wrinkled his nose, glared at him, and cursed: “What do you see me doing? He goes to sleep with a man. Is it possible that grandmother will be listening outside the window?”

Zhou Zishu gave a dry cough, but also a little embarrassed, and rubbed his nose: “The girl’s house…”

Gu Xiang bared his teeth at him like a little beast, and remembered something when he turned his toes, and touched Zhang Chengling, a young man who didn’t know how to do things, said: “Do you believe what he said? The man in black is a hanged ghost. ?”

Zhou Zishu hesitated: “If… he meant Qingzhuling, the hanged ghost of the evil spirits…”

Gu Xiang glanced at him sarcastically, “You know a lot, how many hangers are there in this world?”

Zhou Zishu shook his head before he wanted to speak. The dull pain in his chest made his voice pause. He could only make a thoughtful look. After a while, he calmed down and said: “It is said that there is a valley in Fengya Mountain and Qingzhuling. It is called Ghost Valley. In recent years, the most sinister and asylum seekers in the arena have nowhere to go, they go to the ghost valley, and once they enter the ghost valley, they cease to be human, and the grievances in the dust are gone. If they can survive in the ghost valley, they will be counted as nine deaths. The legend about Ghost Valley was too terrible, and the enemy didn’t care about it anymore. I heard that the hanged ghost Xue Fang was a notorious flower picking thief. He carried 26 young men’s and women’s lives on his back, including Emei palm. The closed disciple of the door was pursued and killed by the six sects, and had to hide in the Qingzhuling Ghost Valley.”

Gu Xiang blinked: “Then you say, is it that Xue Fang?”

Zhou Zishu smiled and said: “Then Xue Fang has been famous for thirty years, he is a wicked and wicked person, how can he be dismissed by a little girl like you in twos or twos?”

Gu Xiang was about to have an attack first, and then after thinking about it, he nodded and said, “Yes, if the hanged ghost really made me kill like this, it is also because of the smoke from my family’s ancestral grave–but I have no father. Mother, I don’t know where the ancestral tomb is . Maybe there is none at all, and Qingyan must be gone. Then he is definitely not a hanged ghost.”

Zhou Zishu didn’t understand how she was connected to the smoke and the hanged ghost. She looked at her triumphantly as if she was trying to understand something, and didn’t feel embarrassed to hit her. She was so painful that she remained silent. Leaning aside, closing your eyes to rest your mind, waiting for dawn.

The seven orifices and three autumn nails will inevitably occur in the middle of the night, so he always goes to bed early, so that he can replenish his energy at the end of the day. They squeezed together until the east turned pale, and then slowly relieved. Zhou Zishu felt that his body was already a little numb.

He adjusted his breath for a while. Suddenly, Gu Xiang, who was leaning on the Buddha’s niche with his head drooping, woke up suddenly, Xinghe’s eyes rolled around and he said shortly: “Someone.”

Zhou Zishu frowned and naturally heard it. He immediately wanted to stand up. He staggered and didn’t stand up. He tilted his head and saw that Gu Xiang was looking at him in surprise. He had to slowly stand upright while holding Xiangan slowly while lowering his head. Said: “The legs are numb.”

This reason is too bad, so Gu Xiang’s expression is even more surprised.

Zhou Zishu was almost at the weakest time at dawn every day, and the short breath adjustments just failed to ease him, and he was reluctant to fight people, so he whispered: “Hide people and hide.”

“Hide? Where to hide?” Gu Xiang stared at him with big ignorant eyes.

Zhou Zishu was weak for a while.

It was too late to move. A group of masked men broke into the door well-trained and saw Zhang Chengling unconscious at first sight. Without a word, they rushed forward aggressively, Zhou Zishu still leaning on the incense case, watching A masked man went straight to the subject and slashed the young man with a horizontal knife. Before he could see how he moved, the figure flashed, and the skinny finger on the face was pinched on the masked man’s neck.

They kept screaming masked men had no time to send out the whole body twitched, then no gas.

His extremely ruthless hand really played a deterrent effect, and all the masked people couldn’t help but stop, and looked at the sick man who seemed to be unstable.

Gu Xiang secretly stuck his tongue out, jumped off the incense case, and stood behind Zhou Zishu.

Zhou Zishu glanced at him and knew that these people were just dressed scary, just looking so cautiously, but they must not be dead men assassins-if they were the assassins of the skylight before, let alone a dead companion, they would have their neck pinched.

In the hands of others, you should also run towards your goal without hesitation. It is certainly not the legendary demons. The demons are in their own hands. It is impossible for them to be as uniform as these people. It seems that they are deliberately targeting the Zhang family.

He straightened his sleeves slowly, as if the tattered shirt was still a long robe with silver edges. He did half of the action. He felt inappropriate, so he stopped, smiled and said, “Everyone, Early in the morning, without even saying hello, just pounce on someone’s defenseless child like this. Isn’t he out of status?”

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