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Chapter 6 Beauty

The people present did not have a word. They quickly exchanged eye contact with each other, then ignored Zhang Chengling and slowly formed a circle, surrounding Gu Xiang and Zhou Zishu.

Gu Xiang sighed and said: “The fleeting years are not good. If you don’t do a good thing for three hundred years, you will get a lot of trouble. Brother Zhou, I am a weak woman who has never seen such a big battle. I feel scared in my heart. You protect.”

Zhou Zishu almost didn’t mention the last sentence with a breath of shock and death, and glanced at the heartless Gu Xiang with a very sad expression.

Gu Xiang looked at him with a very resentful little eyes.

The masked people obviously felt that the affectionate relationship of the two of them was a bit out of date. I don’t know who made a whistle, and the first one took the lead, and the people behind followed suit, forming a net-like formation. Life is under pressure.

Gu Xiang was stern now, and he said “Hey” in his mouth. He became curious and stopped pretending to be weak. Regardless of Zhou Zishu, he reached out and took out her little dagger and greeted him.

As soon as she fought, she realized that this formation was powerful. She originally had some confidence in her own kung fu. Each of the 14 opponents who took it out might not be her opponent, but it was tightly pressed down, and it seemed as if countless dogs were stretched out in all directions. Like countless hands and feet, it was like a stormy sea, and she couldn’t help but retreat. The formation also contracted with her, so that she could not retreat.

Gu Xiang was secretly alarmed and had already retreated to Zhou Zishu’s side. The two stood against their backs. Zhou Zishu’s eyes sank and looked at them without blinking. He whispered to Gu Xiang, “I’m actually too big.”

Gu Xiang was a little overwhelmed, sweating slightly on his forehead, and asked, “This is… what formation?”

Zhou Zishu said: “I have never seen it before. I only heard that there is a formation consisting of 14 people, called the Eight Desolation and Six Combinations, which is endless, endless, and with the right cooperation. Everyone’s slight flaws can be just right. It was made up by others, it was seamless…”

Gu Xiang exclaimed, Zhou Zishu raised his hand, and he hit the depressed blade with his flesh and blood with his bare hands and knocked the knife off the ground.

Gu Xiang asked hurriedly, “What should I do?”

Zhou Zishu did not answer, his gaze condensed, and suddenly he flew up and stepped on the incense case. The dilapidated incense case, which had accumulated a layer of dust, seemed to be completely unfocused. It didn’t shake. The others had already taken advantage of it. When he got up, three people jumped up with him immediately, sealing all his paths between the blades of light, but unexpectedly Zhou Zishu couldn’t advance and retreat. He was swimming like a fish, walking through flowers and trees, and turned to the side of the Buddha in the blink of an eye.

Afterwards, I didn’t see how hard he was, and with a light scream, he reached out and pushed, and the stone Buddha was pushed out by his palm . Zhou Zishu said: “My Buddha is merciful, save my disciple once.”

The stone Buddha didn’t know how heavy it was. The strong wind rushed towards his face. Gu Xiang was also startled. He quickly bent over and walked away, only to feel the wind rubbing her scalp. The three people who killed Zhou Zishu were in the air. , I didn’t expect to have such a fast body technique. I couldn’t use the strength to avoid it. I had to do my best to block it. If I could block it, I was rushed out by the Buddha statue. A hole was torn in the airtight formation in vain. .

Gu Xiang “hehe” smiled: “This is interesting.”

The action was not slow. As soon as he raised his hand, the arrow shot in the sleeve between the lightning and the fire, the person opposite her was the first to bear the brunt, and the masked person did not have time to make a sound, and fell on his back.

The rest of the people are no longer in the climate, and Gu Xiang is murderous, regardless of the battle.

Zhou Zishu had already exhausted the inner breath that hadn’t had time to recover just now. For a while, his hands and feet were a little numb, he no longer acted, and the old god was sitting on the ground.

It took a while for Gu Xiang to react, and couldn’t help but turn around and cursed, “Zhou Xu, what are you doing?”

Zhou Zishu said leisurely: “Sister Gu, I am a weak beggar. I have never seen this battle. I feel scared in my heart and need your protection.”

Just shaking Gu Xiang with anger, he pierced a masked man across the chest. The dagger was stuck in the ribs, and he couldn’t get it back.

Gu Xiang’s figure is dexterous, but he can’t fight for a long time. This time he lost his weapon and was a little flustered. He retreated three steps in a row and encouraged to parry. Zhou Zi took a sigh of relief, but he didn’t rush to make a move. He smiled and watched them fight. Picking up a pile of pebbles, playing with it in his hand, then suddenly one popped out, right in the middle of the forehead of a masked man who was planning to attack.

He pointed out, “It’s okay, girl, you have no rules.”

The shot was like electricity, and a stone popped out. He was hitting a person in the ring and jumping acupuncture point. The person’s bottom plate was unstable, and he immediately rushed forward, just at the feet of Gu Xiang. Gu Xiang subconsciously lifted his foot, and the light on the embroidered shoes flashed. , Popped a short knife and pierced the man’s throat, listening to Zhou Zishu Youran’s words: “The bottom plate is the foundation. The line is the foundation, and there is no root and no movement. How can you miss it?”

Gu Xiang is a very clever person. When he bent over, he flashed a knife and kicked his opponent’s leg sideways. The man went forward and made a mistake. Gu Xiang clasped his veins and grabbed the long knife. Palm patted him at Baihui acupoint and sent him to see the king of Yan.

Zhou Zishu popped another stone, and in the middle of a person’s side shoulder well, the man was throwing forward. Suddenly, he felt half-body paralyzed and could no longer move, so he fell to the ground by inertia, Gu Xiang He heard the plague-stricken beggar sigh half-truth and half-truth: “It’s not good, no, the formation is broken, and he is still anxious and advancing. It’s really disregarding his head.”

Gu Xiang immediately stepped on a very dexterous lotus step, and the masked man who leaped forward was flashed by her with strong force. She subconsciously changed his hand with the sword, but just happened to send the sideways flaw to Gu Xiang’s hand, and solved it smoothly Two.

When the corpses on the ground were not long, they were arranging a pile of corpses. The few others who saw something was wrong, winked at each other, and then retreated. Zhou Zishu frowned, thinking that these people were very troublesome, although he agreed to escort him. The young man went to Zhao’s house in Taihu Lake, and was unwilling to deal with these pursuits along the way. He really told them to run away, I’m afraid they still have to deal with it on the road.

It is not a good thing to want these people to contend with others, to destroy the whole family, and to hide their heads and reveal their tails like this.

Gu Xiang only felt a flower in front of him, and a figure flashed by. The man who had just sat on the incense table suddenly fell on the entrance of the temple like a fluttering catkins. The man in black who was the first to bear the brunt was caught off guard. , But when he heard a “click”, his entire shoulder was removed. Zhou Zishu grabbed his neck, twisted his neck with only finger force, and picked up the knife that fell aside with his toes.

A ghostly smile appeared on the green and yellow face–

Gu Xiang only felt that he hadn’t had time to react. The masked men rushing towards the door all turned into corpses. He couldn’t help blinking and was surprised-I thought he was talking like those people. The boastful squad came from a squadron, but unexpectedly, he was so neat and vicious that he was a little uncertain of who he was.

Zhou Zishu was not as prestigious as she had imagined. His legs were still swayed. He hadn’t stopped after he landed. After killing someone, he was a little untenable and unwilling to be seen by Gu Xiang, so he followed his strength. After falling down a few steps, looking at her figure floating, she was actually just looking for a way to take advantage of her embarrassment.

Suddenly, back out of the hands, firmly hold on to him, Zhou Zi Shu Ji Ling, I did not know this person when close, staring at once stood up, but fortunately it helped him a man, and nothing else action.

Gu Xiang’s eyes lit up, and he shouted, “Master!”

Zhou Zishu breathed a sigh of relief and turned around after standing still. The man who helped him was the man in gray in the restaurant. He looked closer, he was only twenty-eight or ninety-nine, his brows were pretty handsome, but his eyes were staring straight at the person. It is always uncomfortable.

Right now, he was staring at Zhou Zishu, his gaze seemed to be under Zhou Zishu’s face, very impudent.

Zhou Zishu coughed dryly, “Thank you very much…”

“Wen, Wen Kexing.” The man in gray said, and then there seemed to be a little doubt on his face. His eyes fell on Zhou Zishu’s neck and hands, and the doubt seemed to be heavier.

Although he doesn’t know what this person is looking at, Zhou Zishu is calm. He knows his own craftsmanship and can easily be seen by others. He had been in a different position ten years ago, so he calmly said: “Oh, thank you brother Wen. “

The grey-clothed man watched for a long time without knowing what he was looking at. After a while, he looked away, nodded and said, “No.”

After speaking, he walked into the ruined temple blatantly. Gu Xiang already kicked a few corpses aside quickly, paved a clean place with thatch for him to sit, and then the Wen Kexing watched again. Zhou Zishu glanced at it, not as if it was not enough, and explained specifically: “I didn’t mean it.”

Zhou Zishu knew where Gu Xiang’s unpleasant energy came from, so he sat aside and adjusted his breath.

It was more than an hour before he opened his eyes, only to see Wen Kexing leaning against the wall with one leg curled up, still tilting his head to look at himself, he couldn’t help saying: “What’s on my face If something fails, tell this brother Wen to study for so long?”

Wen Kexing said blankly: “Have you ever been too easy?”

Zhou Zishu felt tight, but he asked indifferently, “What?”

Wen Kexing ignored him, and only muttered to himself: “Weird…it’s weird. I can’t see that you are easy to pass. If you say you haven’t moved your hands or feet, well…”

He stretched out his hand and rubbed his chin, and said in a puzzled way: “I have never missed it all these years. I saw the sphenoid bone behind you at first glance. It should be a beauty.”

Zhou Zishu was speechless.

Wen Kexing nodded, and said to himself: “I think people have never made a mistake, you must be disfigured.”

Zhou Zishu remained speechless.

Wen Kexing stared at his face with perseverance. After looking at him for a long time, he tilted his head back as if giving up: “But I can’t see the flaws. These tricks require so much skill to show me. No flaws? I’m afraid it hasn’t been born yet? Impossible, impossible…”

Gu Xiang whispered: “Master, you pointed at the back of a pig butcher last time. You must be a beauty.”

Wen Kexing whispered quietly: “Even though that man is a butcher, he can be called a beauty only with those shiny, vigorous eyes. Regardless of where the hero comes from, what happened to the butcher? What do you know, Children’s homes don’t know beauty or ugliness.”

Gu Xiang sighed: “The water is shining, and Gu Pan is full of life? Didn’t it just yawn and didn’t wipe away the tears? What’s more, there are those with wide nose, big mouth, fat head and big ears…”

Wen Kexing categorically said: “Axiang, your eyes are not good.”

Zhou Zishu had slowly got up, and went to check the situation of the boy Zhang Chengling.

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