Bigfoot Junior 2: Family Outing

Bigfoot Junior 2: Family Outing – “My family is protecting the planet!”
A superhero family who faces villains with super powers!
Bigger feet increase adventure, fun, and greater! Hear well from a distance, run fast anywhere, and even have extraordinary strength and healing ability! A letter arrives from Alaska to’Bigfoot’, a superpower superhero that everyone is paying attention to.

“Please protect your nature and animal friends from the villains who endanger the planet!”
‘Bigfoot’ and the Bigfoot Family have emerged to protect the Earth!
Don’t worry, run now! Super Hero Bigfoot Family, Ready to Go!

Bigfoot Junior 2: Family Outing
Genre(s): Animation , adventure , family
Country: Belgium , France
Release: 2021.01.06
Starring: Ben Stassen , Jeremy Degresson