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Chapter 1 Huaxi

“Hua Tiangang, you despicable villain!”

Looking in front of him, he was about fifty years old, dressed in a gray robe, expressionless middle-aged man. The young man was angry, cursing, and clenched his palms. Because of his strength, the joints were slightly white, and he made a creaking sound at the same time.

If it weren’t for the two young soldiers in armor behind them, they would tightly hold the young man’s shoulders, I’m afraid the young man would have stepped forward and fought with him.

Inside the hall, a middle-aged man dressed in a blue robe, with a firm face and a hint of majesty between his eyes, saw this, took three steps forward, waved his right arm, and then slapped the young man severely. Faintly, five blood-red marks appeared on the young man’s face. Obviously, the middle-aged man moved his true essence with great force.

“Xi’er, Hugh is rude, he is your uncle!”

There were bursts of hot sensations on his face, the young man resisted the pain, slowly raised his head, revealing a somewhat delicate and tender face, his dark eyes cast a deep glance at the middle-aged man, and a ray of sparkle flashed through.


Looking at the middle-aged man in front of him, the boy gritted his teeth and choked.

“The Chinese family of the bear clan has a strict status. As the elder of the tribe, your uncle is now more noble as the patriarch. You are rude and the son is not the father. After this slap, you are ready to go to that place. You will never return to the bear. Tribe!”

The middle-aged man was still expressionless and his tone was indifferent.

The boy was obviously dissatisfied with his father who was always serious. He clenched his fists and glanced at the middle-aged man with red eyes. The boy loosened his clenched fists, his figure became slightly smaller, lifted his left shoulder, and gently rubbed. Caressing the hotness on his face.

While rubbing, he gritted his teeth bitterly. Originally, today was the day when his father, Hua Tianlei, was elected as the patriarch. As his eldest son, 15-year-old Huaxi was rumored to have a trace of Huanglong blood in his body, and his cultivation was even more desperate. Assiduously, Hua Xi had already condensed a cyclone at a young age, possessed the true essence, and became a powerhouse in the condensing air realm triple heaven.

With such talent and such hard work, when Hua Tianlei gets old in the future, Hua Xi can take his place and become the new head of the bear tribe.

People don’t have enough hearts to swallow an elephant, even if it is rumored that Huaxi is the son of dragon, what can be done, everything seems so insignificant in the face of interests.

Hua Xi bit his lip. Hua Tiangang was the perpetrator of this incident. Just because the old patriarch did not choose him as the new patriarch, he spread rumors everywhere that Hua Xi was born to Hua Tianlei and a barbarian woman. Because of public opinion, Hua Tianlei was forced to go to the wild after only serving as the head of the bear tribe for a long time.

“The third brother, why bother to get angry for such a wicked species? That place is where he should go!”

Looking at the two under the hall, Hua Tiangang, who was sitting in the first place, raised a strange arc at the corner of his mouth, then slowly stood up and said.

Hearing the sound, Hua Xi’s left shoulder sank, and he raised his head to look at Hua Tiangang. The reddish eye sockets were covered with bloodshot eyes. The palms that had been stretched out were once again held tightly, and the joints of both fists revealed a oozing white color.

Seeing that Hua Xi was about to get angry and insulting again, Hua Tianlei immediately turned around, bowed his head and said, “Big brother, the patriarch of the bear tribe, I can be improper. There are thousands of mistakes, and they are all my Hua Tianlei’s fault!”

Slightly raised his head, looked to the first place, and said again, “Hua Xi, the crime of insulting the patriarch is unforgivable, but he remembers his father’s many years of battle and meritorious service. Please forgive him and exile him from the wild!”

Lightly patted his robe, Hua Tiangang smiled and moved slowly. After about a dozen steps, he stopped and stood, and then fixed his eyes on his third brother who was still beautiful this morning, and immediately smiled on his face. Gradually dissipated, showing a bit of sadness.

“Third brother, you know me best, how can I bear to put your only son into exile in the wild?” After a pause, slightly sideways, he glanced at Hua Xi behind Hua Tianlei, raised his right hand, and said again, “You Forgot, ten years ago, didn’t the blind man say that Huaxi is the son of dragon? Son of dragon, how dare I ban him from the wild!”

After finishing speaking, he raised his right hand and patted Hua Tianlei’s face lightly, then turned around and turned his back to the two of them.

“Since it is Long’s son, it must be extraordinary. One move, insulting the patriarch, will be exposed! If not…” Hua Tiangang said coldly.

Looking at Hua Tiangang’s back, Hua Tianlei’s eyes flashed with a icy chill, and it was fleeting. He bowed his head again and said softly, “Patriarch, for the sake of my outstanding achievements, please open the net.”

Hua Tianlei was full of pride when he thought of his son. When Huaxi was born, he was born with a vision. There was a dark golden dragon tumbling in the sky. The red light lingered all over his body. change.

Five years later, the bear tribe defeated the Gu tribe. On the return trip, there was a heavy snowfall in the sky. You know, it was a fierce signing at the time. How could we not be surprised by such a vision.

After the heavy snowfall, in front of the general camp of the Bear tribe, a veteran blind man dressed in a cyan Dao robe with disheveled hair and a green cane in his hand was over 70 years old.

The old way left a word: “Swiss of the soil and Germany, the bear clan should be prosperous. Hua is the surname, Xi is the name. Wisdom and ingenuity are cute, and worthy of the cause. Whoever looks at it depends on the philosopher.”

After the old Dao finished, Hua Tianlei asked him to enter the account immediately. He was full of food and drink. The old Dao said again: “The Chinese family of the Xiong Clan, there has been a remarkable figure. He is the son of the dragon, and he is lucky in the world!”

Hua Tianlei was overjoyed immediately and asked Lao Dao who the man was. Lao Dao immediately told Hua Tianlei that the man was Hua Tianlei’s five-year-old son who had not yet been named.

After another five years, Huaxi really showed an unparalleled talent for cultivation. In only three years, he broke through the tenth level of body tempering. After one year, he condensed the true essence, and broke through to the condensed energy level. The will and perseverance of the above, break through the two heavens one after another, and reach the triple heaven of the condensing state!

In the process of cultivation, body tempering is the first and Qi condensing second. Body tempering does not need to condense the true essence, as long as more exercise, everyone can break through.

Only when a trace of true vitality is condensed in the body and reaches the level of condensing energy, can he officially become a true cultivation warrior.

The condensing state is divided into three stages, the first triple is the early stage, the middle triple is the middle stage, and the last triple is the late stage. The body is condensed with true essence, which can be used to strengthen the body, expand the meridians, and raise hands and feet, which can be powerful.

And Hua Xi, only relying on the strength of the Condensed Qi Realm Triple Heaven, his arms have a thousand catties. Therefore, Hua Tianlei believes in the blind man’s old ways. Dragon son!

The reason why Hua Tiangang made things difficult was to provoke Hua Tianlei so that he could convict Huaxi and his son without any further effort.

“My third brother, you are still so persistent. It’s not impossible to let Huaxi’s wicked species go. If you crawl over from under my crotch, I will forgive his crime and exiled to the wild!” Hua Tiangang turned his hand back and pointed to his back. Crotch said.

Hearing the sound, Hua Xi was already eager to split. If it weren’t for the strength of the two armored guards behind him, they would be firmly controlled, I am afraid that Hua Xi would fight Hua Tiangang if he tried to die.

“You old…”

Unbearable, Hua Xi, who was about to swear again, saw that his father, whom he once respected the most, actually lay down on the ground, and he was about to get under Hua Tiangang’s crotch in the next second.

“Father, don’t…you don’t, I’m willing to take the patriarch’s trick…you don’t!”

Desperately twisting his body, trying to break away from the two armored guards behind Hua Xi, shouting loudly, trying to stop Hua Tianlei’s movements, the foul language that was just about to blurt out was swallowed back in time.

If it weren’t for Hua Xi’s recklessness and insulting Hua Tiangang in public, how could Hua Tianlei fall into such a field. The sudden scene made Huaxi, who was only fifteen years old, understand a lot of truth at this moment.

I wanted to stop it, but it was too late, because under the gaze of a dozen people in the temple, Hua Tianlei had already reached the other side, then turned around on his knees, bowed his head and said, “Please forgive the patriarch and put Huaxi in exile. “

“Exile in the wild…” Hua Tiangang was obviously a little bit stunned when he saw this. You know, Hua Tianlei is naturally arrogant, and his subordinates of the Tian Lei Army have swept the world with great achievements. Such a character is actually lying down now. Begging in front of me, after a moment of astonishment, I laughed, “Haha, Hua Tianlei, do you have today?”

After speaking, he took a sigh of relief, and Hua Tiangang added again, “Well, for your pitiful sake, hand over the Tiger Talisman in charge of the Heavenly Thunder Army, I promise your begging!”

Tiger Talisman, the Talisman used by the major tribes to deploy troops, made of bronze, made into a tiger-shaped token, split into two, half of the general in charge, half of the tribal leader in charge, the two tiger charms are used together at the same time, the holder is Can dispatch troops.

After groping for a moment from his sleeves, Hua Tianlei lowered his head, holding a complete tiger charm in both hands, “Patriarch, this is the Tianlei Tiger Symbol of the Heavenly Thunder Army. It is now at the disposal of the patriarch.”

Hua Tiangang bowed his head and looked at the Thunder Tiger Talisman in Hua Tianlei’s hand. There was a trace of extreme joy on his face. Only when he holds the military power, the position of the chief of the patriarch can really be seated, not to mention this is still a bear tribe. The most powerful Tianlei Army in China!

After receiving the soldier talisman and carefully looking at it for a while, Hua Tiangang put it into his sleeves, and immediately looked dignified, bent over, and stretched out his hands, looking like he wanted to lift Hua Tianlei lying on the ground.

Slightly raised his head, looking at Hua Tiangang’s outstretched hands, hesitated a little, Hua Tianlei slowly raised his hands on the ground, but when Hua Tianlei’s hand was about to touch Hua Tiangang’s hand, Hua Tiangang Meng straightened his waist, retracted his palms, and immediately laughed wildly.

“Hahahaha, Hua Tianlei, do you really think you are a thing? However, what the patriarch speaks, Huaxi, insults the patriarch, and the crime is unforgivable, but he thinks his father is meritorious in the war, exiled in the wild, and will never return to the tribe. !” Hua Tiangang said with his back.

Hearing the sound, Hua Tianlei retracted his hands, and leaned over to thank him, as if he was amnesty.

“The three elders, Hua Tianlei, who were illegitimately living with barbarians, really hurt my bear clan’s morals. If he is more than half a hundred years old, he will not be exiled, but he will be deposed as an elder and treated like ordinary tribesmen. He will not be allowed to return to the tribal center for life. !” After two steps, Hua Tiangang turned and said.

These words were obviously addressed to Hua Xi who was escorted by two armored guards.

Looking at Huaxi, who was fierce and fierce, Hua Tiangang moved forward, close to Huaxi’s ear, and whispered, “If you don’t want your father to die, you just stay in the wild for a lifetime, otherwise… …”

When Hua Xi heard the sound, his arms trembled, and his fists tightened. The marrow-like struggling color flashed across his immature face. After a while, he closed his eyes, his ten-fingered nails pierced his palms, and heard There was a piercing pain, but the young man’s face was calm.

“Thank you for the grace of the patriarch, Huaxi, thank you so much!”

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