Chapter 1 One Paper Cool Marriage

The afternoon sun was a little dazzling, Gu Yinian drove the red beetle slowly into a small French mansion.

This is her and Li Zhiqian’s wedding room, but she usually lives alone.

Gu Yinian took out the key and unscrewed the door. As soon as he bent down and took off his shoes, his eyes were attracted by a pair of big red high heels.

Have a woman at home?

This was Gu Yinian’s first reaction.

Driven by curiosity, she walked up the spiral staircase. In the bedroom on the second floor, Gu Yinian’s hand just touched the door, and a gentle female voice came out of the room. Zhiqian, I was pregnant. The doctor said, It’s been three months…”

This voice is familiar to Gu Yinian…

Her best friend, Jing Yan.

Gu Yinian was struck by a flash of lightning. She trembled and pushed open the open door, only to see Li Zhiqian’s lean body sitting by the bed, Jing Yan kneeling at his feet, and tying his shirt. Clothes button.

The big bed was messy, enough to see how intense it was just now.

Well, since I am pregnant, I should take care of my baby first, and put aside work for the time being. “Li Zhiqian rolled up his sleeves and frowned invisibly.

Sincerely! “

Jing Yan muttered dissatisfiedly, buried his face in Li Zhiqian’s arms, you know I didn’t mean that! Do you just want me to stay with you namelessly? You and Yinian have been married for so long, and she has not yet conceived a child. Do you really mind at all? To Qian…”

Well, it’s getting late, I’ll send someone to take you back. “Li Zhiqian’s big hand soothingly covered Jing Yan’s shoulder, and he patted twice, his tone was still light, obviously he didn’t want to get too entangled in this matter.

no! I don’t want to go back~ I want you to divorce her! “Jing Yan reluctantly grabbed Li Zhiqian and pushed her arm away, muttering coquettishly.

Hearing this, Li Zhiqian’s brows wrinkled obviously.

Although the marriage between him and Gu Yinian is a family marriage, there is no affection between the two.

But he really hadn’t thought about the two words’divorce’.

Even though he Li Zhiqian could have countless women outside, Gu Yinian will always be the wife he is marrying, and the young wife of the Li family.

This will never change.

Therefore, Jing Yan’s words undoubtedly aroused his resentment. When it comes to being quiet and indifferent, none of the women outside can compare to Gu Yinian.

At this moment, Li Zhiqian couldn’t think of the petite and weak woman who had always been in his heart, standing outside that door, her right hand tightly holding the phone, her eyes flushed.

Gu Yinian hardly knew how she got in the car. She was in a daze, holding the steering wheel, her hands were cold and numb, but the cell phone in her pocket rang. It was a call from the hospital.

Miss Gu, your inspection report has come out. This pregnancy still failed. The car accident three years ago caused your endometrial injury. I am afraid that you will not be able to get pregnant in this life…”

After hanging up the phone, Gu Yinian leaned back on the car seat like a limp, her eyes blurred with tears.

On this day, she completely woke up. Not only did she lose her husband, she also lost her qualifications as a mother forever…