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Chapter 1349 Born for the track

“Oh God, where did you find the beauties, she was born for the track!”

“Her racing skills are perfect! I can’t stop her with Jeffery!”

“She It’s the race driver I least want to meet in the second league in the world!”

“What? Ling Yang? I’m sorry, of course she is better than Ling Yang! But it’s strange, her running style makes me feel a little familiar…”

… …After the award ceremony, the video of Division C was finally compiled and released.

In the first half, Lin Yan was cautious and did not exert any effort. When it was almost halfway through the schedule, Lin Yan no longer wasted time, and started to overtake the cars in front step by step.

“Fuck! Just… what just passed by?”

A certain racer who was ranked sixth only felt a flower in front of his eyes. A silver racing car was already surpassing him like a silver snake, and it was still in the extreme. Steep bends, cars stuck at the critical point of the road boundary.

When he reacted, he only had time to look at the other’s car exhaust and the number 8 on the car.

Carl in the first place and Jeffery in the second glanced at each other, and the two were about to kill the Chinese racer Mo Shuyun who had been bitten in the back.

Foreign racers have always looked down on Chinese racers, and joint targeting is also common.

Mo Shuyun was prepared for a long time, not daring to bite too tightly, but he still couldn’t withstand the combined attack of the two in front.

Seeing that it was about to be squeezed out of the track, a silver shadow suddenly passed through the three cars at a tricky angle, surpassing Mo Shuyun, Jeffery, and Carl smoothly with an S-shaped curve. , Jumped directly to the first position.

Carl and Jeffery were dumbfounded. They had no idea that under the attack of both of them at the same time, someone could break the defense and directly surpass both of them.

The first was taken, and the two naturally ignored Mo Shuyun, and hurriedly stepped on the gas pedal, chasing after the silver vehicle in front.

“Rely… Goddess… Isn’t it handsome…” Mo Shuyun stared at the front No. 8 vehicle with lingering fear. Had Lin Yan suddenly rushed over just now, he would definitely have turned out of the track by now.

Carl and Jeffery rushed to catch up, but they didn’t expect that they couldn’t even see the exhaust of each other’s car. An unprecedented fear slowly emerged in their hearts.

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Someone can make them even if they team up, there is no chance to fight back, and every defense is as tight as iron.

No. 8…

Aurora Caravan…

Where did this figure come from?

The next step was a unilateral crush without any suspense. Lin Yan didn’t give Carl and Jeffery the slightest chance to chase, and directly led the way and broke through the finish line.

…The award ceremony is over.

Lin Yan returned to the stage and handed the championship trophy directly to Mo Shuyun.

The results of the Aurora Racing Team this time were very good. Mo Shuyun and Qi Feng also entered the top 16 and Yunxuan was fourth. With Lin Yan as the first place, this time he could definitely get a lot of sponsorship.

Those racing drivers who had always had problems with the Aurora Team have already shut their mouths now, and they dare not even mention Lin Yan’s apology.

Just as Lin Yan was about to find water to drink, a certain racer dashed over and quickly handed the water in his hand to Lin Yan, “Chief…Captain, drink water!”

Next to him, another racing driver handed over a white towel, “Team, towel!”

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