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Chapter 1350 will definitely be bullied back

“Captain, you are too good! Even God Yang can’t break through the combined encirclement of Karl and Jeffery!”

“Yes! Captain, you are too awesome!”

Everyone was dissatisfied before. Lin Yan, now all the racers have started to take a mouthful of a captain, bring water and hand over towels, calling for more kisses.

Lin Yan: “…”

“Hey, I say you guys, don’t take my job!” Mo Shuyun looked at these people speechlessly, “Goddess, you drink me! By the way, goddess, not yet I have time to thank you. If it weren’t for you, I would have been sent off the track by Carl and Jeffery!”

Even though Mo Shuyun knew that Lin Yan was very good, he did not expect Lin Yan to be so good. This is not him. It was the first time to compete with Lin Yan, but every time she shocked him.

She is like an unfathomable seabed, and he has no idea what her real strength is…

“No wonder Yunxuan has made such rapid progress. It turns out that a famous teacher has made a good apprentice!”

“Captain, can you teach us too ?” ! “

At this time, the crowd did not know who asked one,” the commander, you Shoutu it? “

hearing this, Yun Xuan suddenly a stiff back, and looked nervously toward the forest smoke.

Lin Yan stretched out her hands helplessly, “Sorry, no more, but energy is limited.”

Now these are enough for her to work, and when she thinks that the other apprentices will come to China in a short time , her head is big. How is it possible to accept apprentices again.

Hearing Lin Yan’s words, Yun Xuan’s expression relaxed, and everyone else was full of disappointment.

“What’s more, my training method is special, and it may not be suitable for you.” Lin Yan said.

Several drivers of the Aurora Racing team quietly said to other people, “I advise you to forget it. The devil training of our Lin team is not something everyone can bear. The Lin team gave Yunxuan a special training for the first time. At the time, Yun Xuan came out of the car while lying down! I really don’t know what Yun Xuan went through…”

“Huh, what’s so great…” Among the crowd, Su Cai snorted and left.

Lin Yanman raised his eyes carelessly and looked at Su Cai, “Wait.”

“Why? Don’t get in the way!”

“Miss Su, should you apologize to my apprentice?” Lin Yan said.

Su Cai’s face was displeased: “Apologize? Why should I apologize?”

Lin Yan smiled, “Why not, can I be your predecessor?”

Su Cai sneered: “You are a newcomer, you What kind of senior!”

Lin Yan raised his brows slightly, “Oh, what? Now is not the time for

you to say that the strongest is the senior?” “You…” Su Cai said this by herself just now, Su Cai was so shocked that she couldn’t refute, and she spoke aggrievedly, “Even if you are the senior, you can’t be unreasonable, can seniors bully the weak!”

Lin Yan chuckled and said quietly, “Hehe, but what about rascals, They all have one characteristic. When you want to reason with him, he wants to play hooligans with you, and when you want to play hooligans with him, he makes reason with you again in a victim attitude.”

Yun Xuan was not good at talking and was just caught Su Cai led the siege and couldn’t say a word, but Lin Yan was not a fool.

She usually doesn’t seem to care about anything, but one thing is that she takes care of her shortcomings very much. If she bullies her, then I’m sorry, she will definitely bully her back!

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