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Chapter 1351 is blood boiling

“You…” Su Cai couldn’t say that Lin Yan, stomping her feet with anger.

She glanced at the people around her for help, but the racers who had been around her before avoided her eyes, and no one dared to speak.

On the one hand, Su Cai really didn’t care about this matter, and they didn’t want to offend Lin Yan for her.

After this game, Lin Yan’s position as the captain was firmly seated, supported by Chairman Qi, and he was really capable. Who would dare to offend her.

The first time I participated in the third league in the world, he was able to overwhelm the god of the Chinese racing circle, Ling Yang, and won the championship. With such talent and strength, there is no second person in the entire Chinese racing circle.

Su Cai saw that no one was speaking for herself, and Ling Yang was also very dissatisfied with her. She had no one to support her, so she could only look at Yun Xuan with a black face: “Yun Xuan, I’m sorry… this is going down!”

Su Cai said. He pushed the racer next to him hard and ran away.

Lin Yan! you are vicious!

Isn’t it just a champion of the third league in the world? No matter how high you climb, you will fall badly. You are so popular now and so many people are staring at you. I want to see what you can achieve in the next game. Come!

Outside the arena.

Qi Shaoyuan’s tail will be lifted into the sky, as if it was him who won the championship.

“How about Wei Xufeng, it’s worth the fare! I said that this time the champion will be in Division C, you don’t believe me!” The

game has been over for a long time, and Wei Xufeng is still unable to get from Lin Yan’s car. The scene of breaking through the end came to his senses, his blood was boiling, and his heart beating violently like a drum.

“Hey, Wei Xufeng… Wei Xufeng!!!” Qi Shaoyuan saw that Wei Xufeng had been in a daze, his face was still red, so he stretched out his hand and waved in front of his eyes, “What do you think!”

Wei Xu Feng gently caressed the position of his heart, feeling that the blood that had been silent for a long time was re-burning…

This familiar feeling was only brought to him by Yeva on the field.

Since Yeva retired, he could not find that feeling again.

“What’s the matter with you? I was stunned by my goddess’s car skills? Why are you so red?” Qi Shaoyuan looked at him speechlessly at the appearance of spring heart.

Wei Xufeng closed his eyes vigorously, tried to remove the picture from his mind, and said viciously, “Qi Shaoyuan! I warn you, don’t drag me to watch that woman’s game in the future!”

Wei Xufeng After speaking, his face turned even redder, and he got out of the car and left as if fleeing.

That woman is just imitating the boss’s style and technique, how can

she compare with the boss… how can he! How can you feel this way to anyone other than the boss! This is simply a betrayal to the boss!

“Wei Xufeng, you are sick…”

Qi Shaoyuan looked inexplicable, ignored him, and hurried into the arena to look for Lin Yan.

As soon as he entered the door, Lin Yan came out of the arena surrounded by everyone.

Qi Shaoyuan hurriedly stopped Lin Yan: “Goddess! Congratulations! Where are you going! If you want to eat together later, I will give you a celebration banquet.”

Lin Yan waved his hand casually, “No trouble. Now, I have made an appointment with my boyfriend for dinner tonight.”

“Ah? Will there be no celebration? You won the championship!” Qi Shaoyuan was a little disappointed.

Lin Yan glanced at him: “It’s just a third league, what’s the celebration?”

Qi Shaoyuan: “…”

It seems to make sense.

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