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Chapter 1352 Making dinner with Pei Yucheng tomorrow

Yunjian Water Village.

As soon as Lin Yan arrived at the door, Pei Li enthusiastically greeted him.

“Sister! Welcome home–“

No matter when Lin Yan usually comes back, the little guy always waits at the door to meet her as soon as possible, as if he had been waiting there.

Lin Yan has always felt that children are very troublesome, but gradually, she has become accustomed to having a cute and cute little guy around her.

“Baby, why are you waiting for me at the door again? It’s cold at night and you will catch a cold.” Lin Yan touched the little guy’s hand worriedly.

“Sister, don’t worry, I won’t catch a cold.” The little guy said.

“Why don’t you catch a cold? You are still young, your body’s resistance is poor, and you get sick easily.” Lin Yan said, looking at Xing Chen and Cheng Mo behind Pei Li.

During this period of time, Cheng Mo and Xing Chen often stayed at the villa, and they looked like enemies every time, perhaps because they were afraid of being attacked like the last time they were in the company.

“Why don’t you two persuade you!” Lin Yan said.

Xing Shen touched his nose: “…”

Cheng Mo: “Uh…” How

dare to persuade me, I can’t beat it… The

little guy looked at Lin Yan’s caring appearance, his face was full of happiness, “Sister, I am in good health. , I really won’t get sick, I will wear more clothes.”

“You!” Lin Yan sighed helplessly.

“By the way, where is your Uncle Pei?” Lin Yan asked.

“He’s busy…” Speaking of Pei Yucheng, the little guy’s expression darkened a little, but soon he raised his head and looked at Lin Yan expectantly, “Sister, can you close your eyes first?”

“Ah? Why?” Lin Yan was puzzled.

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The little guy blinked with grape-black eyes and said, “In order to celebrate your sister’s victory, Xiaoli prepared a surprise for you!”

After speaking, he reluctantly added, “I prepared it with Uncle Pei.”

“Really. That’s right?” Lin Yan was moved, and then closed his eyes as Pei Li said.

So the little guy stretched out his little hand to hold Lin Yan’s hand, and carefully led her towards the living room.

“Sister, be careful and go slowly.”


Soon, Lin Yan walked into the house under the leadership of Pei Li.

After a while, Pei Lidun stopped and said to Lin Yan: “Sister, you can open your eyes!”

Lin Yan smiled and opened his eyes, and then saw that the entire living room was decorated with balloons and bright red roses. It was very dreamy, the table was lit by candlelight, and the table was filled with delicious dishes.

“Wow! It looks so good…”

Pei Li pursed her lips happily, and said, “I arranged the arrangement in the room, but I didn’t cook the rice, it was Uncle

Pei .” Although Pei Li didn’t want to admit Pei Yucheng His cooking skills are so good, but he still tells the truth.

“Um…what…what?” Lin Yan’s surprised smile didn’t have time to unfold, and it instantly cracked because of this sentence.

In the next second, I saw a gentle, slender man walking out of the kitchen with a pink apron and a large bowl of soup in his hand.

Lin Yan: “…?!”

What’s the situation! Haven’t you promised that she will never cook again? What kind of excitement was Pei Yucheng? Not only did I cook, I also made such a table full of dishes!

It is simply the specifications of the Man Han Banquet!

At this moment, Lin Yan deeply felt what it was, from heaven to hell.

You never know, which one will come first if you have dinner with Pei Yucheng tomorrow…

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