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Chapter 1353 Good brothers are blessed to share

Lin Yan never expected that Pei Yucheng would celebrate herself in this way.

If Pei Yucheng celebrated for herself in this way every time, she might not dare to win the championship again in her life.

“This… you did this?” Lin Yan asked with the last glimmer of hope.

Pei Yucheng nodded, “There are a few more dishes, wait a minute.”

Lin Yan: “…”

So, what made you come back out of the rivers and lakes baby?

At this moment, Xiao Li on the side looked at Pei Yucheng, and said reluctantly, “So you really know how to cook, well, I will take back what I said before.”

Pei Yucheng raised his eyebrows slightly, “Yes.”

Lin Yan: ” ……???”

So, it turns out that Pei Yucheng suddenly cooked food just to compete with this little guy?

She was really… lying down and shot…

Lin Yan looked at a table full of vegetables, her brain spinning rapidly, “Wait, dear, can I call a few friends over to celebrate together, a celebration banquet? It’s better to have more people!”

Pei Yucheng was noncommittal, “It’s up to you.”

“Then I’ll call someone!” Lin Yan was overjoyed.

After getting permission, Lin Yan immediately prepared to call.

When I was looking through the phone book, my cell phone rang suddenly, and it was Pei Yutang who called.

Lin Yan’s eyes lit up suddenly, it’s not to blame father, you found the door yourself.

Lin Yan answered the phone immediately, “Hello!”

“Father! Father, you are amazing! The world’s third league champion! Cow wow!!!” Pei Yutang’s extremely excited voice came from the other end of the phone.

“I told you that investing in Aurora won’t lose money! How about it, don’t you lie to you?”

“Father! You are my father!”

“By the way, I have a celebration banquet tonight, you come to Yunjian Reservoir for dinner! “Lin Yan said casually.

Since Lin Yan mentioned it to Pei Yucheng once, Pei’s family is now a chef. Besides, Pei Yutang is immersed in excitement and didn’t think too much, so he readily agreed, “Okay, I’ll come over!” “

Lin Yan hung up the phone contentedly, and then called Wang Jingyang.

Lin Yan: “Hey, dog!”

“What?” Wang Jingyang’s sleepy voice came from the other end of the phone.

Lin Yan: “What are you doing! Why are you so weak?”

Wang Jingyang yawned, “Playing games all night to score points…”

Immediately afterwards , another energetic voice from the phone rang, “Master Sister, when are you coming to pick me up!”

Lin Yan said helplessly, “Well, my senior sister has been busy recently, you live with your dog brother first, be good!”

Lin Yan finished and asked him to give the phone to Wang Jingyang , Continue to talk about business, “Gouzi, how do you know how to play games every day! I won the championship, you won’t send me a red envelope, congratulations?” Lin Yan said.

Listening to Lin Yan’s righteous and arrogant voice, Wang Jingyang laughed directly, “I said Lin Yan, you have to be shameless. The champion of the third league in the world wants me to give you a red envelope. You want me to send a red envelope. Is it bankrupt? I have raised that little white face for you for so long. You haven’t given me any money yet, and you want to ask me for money?”

Lin Yan curled his lips, “Tsk, why are you so stingy? What a little white face, people are so behaved, I think you are alone every day, and no one knows if you die at home. What’s wrong with finding someone to live with you? I am still thinking of you, and I want you to come over for dinner at night! I made a table of good wine and good food at home!”

“Invite me to eat? Would you be so kind?” Wang Jingyang looked suspicious.

“What’s your name? Good brothers are blessed and shared. Of course, I will ask you to come together if there is a good thing. Will you come or not? Haggling!” Lin Yan urged.

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