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Chapter 1354 I gave birth to your brother

Wang Jingyang murmured suspiciously, “Wait a minute, I will put on clothes.”

“By the way, call the white cranes together! Come here together at the Yunjian Water Village.!” Lin Yan hurriedly added, adding one more person. , Just one more person to share.

“Got it.” After

successfully pulling the three cushions, Lin Yan finally felt relieved.

In the kitchen, Pei Yucheng is busy, and Xiaoli is here to help. The picture is very warm.

Lin Yan rested his chin and sighed: “Hey, this good boyfriend, why do you want to cook…”

Pei Yutang, Wang Jingyang and Baihe arrived at the same time. Lin Yan introduced them to each other, and then hurriedly got the three together. People greeted us, as if they would run away.

As soon as the three entered the door, they saw the dreamy decoration in the room.

Baihe looked around like a curious baby, “Wow! Sister, this place is so big and beautiful!”

Pei Yutang and Wang Jingyang twitched their mouths at the same time.

“Father, this fantasy princess style… doesn’t seem to be suitable for you…” Pei Yutang said.

Lin Yan gave him a white look, “Why, who’s not a little princess anymore!”

Pei Yutang went over and pinched her shoulders, “Yes, you are what you say! Dad, do you know? Are you here? The circle is completely hot, and people everywhere are asking you!”

Pei Yutang said, showing a worried expression, “It’s just that the next game won’t be so easy. Your starting point is so high, and everyone’s expectations are so high. , In case you don’t run well and you have to be sprayed to death, dad, you must hold on, don’t put too much pressure on yourself…”

Hearing this, Lin Yan hadn’t spoken yet, Wang Jingyang on the side let out a sneer. “She is so stressed!”

Lin Yanbai glanced at him, “Why don’t I have any pressure!”

She is so stressed now, okay, in case Pei Yucheng has to cook for her every time she wins the championship, what can she do…

“Sister, rice It’s done right away. You can eat some fruit to cushion your belly!” At this moment, Xiaoli walked out of the kitchen and brought a plate of fruit intimately.

Lin Yan hurriedly took it over: “Thank you, Xiao Li!”

When Pei Li appeared, on the sofa, Wang Jingyang’s pupils suddenly tightened a little bit imperceptibly.

But Pei Yutang’s eyes widened, and he stood up from the sofa with a brush, “This, this…this is? Where did this kid come from?”

Lin Yan touched the little guy’s head and said casually, ” I

gave birth to your brother.” Hearing this, Wang Jingyang’s expression suddenly changed, and Pei Yucheng’s expression in the kitchen also changed.

“What!!!” Pei Yutang’s eyes were almost staring, “You gave birth to my eldest brother? When? How is it possible that you are even so big!”

Lin Yan looked at Pei Yutang’s excited reaction, and the corners of his mouth were slightly Citing, “Are you a fool? You believe what I said casually? How long have I just known your brother, and how did you give birth to such a big child?”

“Uh…” Pei Yutang stroked his frightened little heart silently,” So, I thought it was true…”

Pei Yutang said and looked at the little guy. As a result, the more he looked at it, the more suspicious he became, ” Uh, are you sure this child was not born of you and my elder brother? Grown up with my elder brother? It looks too alike!”

Lin Yan glanced at him slantingly, “I must have never had a baby before. If it is really like this, unless your elder brother is hiding from me to have an illegitimate child.”

Listening to Lin Yan ‘s words “Definitely never gave birth”, Pei Li’s eyes dimmed a little harder to detect.

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