Chapter 1355 The kitchen under the hall

Pei Yutang was so frightened that he quickly changed his words, “No, nothing, nothing! Not at all!”

Baihe tilted his head and stared at the child, “but…really

looks like…” Pei Yutang covered Baihe’s mouth. “Don’t talk nonsense about where it looks like you! Don’t tarnish my elder brother’s innocence!”

“By the way, sister-in-law, who is this kid? Why is he here?” Pei Yutang quickly changed the subject.

“You know, our boss Xiao Yao, this kid is his friend, and his parents are not around. Please ask me to take care of it temporarily.” Lin Yan explained briefly.

Listening to Lin Yan’s words, Wang Jingyang’s mouth twitched imperceptibly.

“By the way, Xiaoli, come over and let me introduce you. This is Uncle Yutang, and this is Uncle Baihe.”

“Hello, Uncle Yutang, and Uncle Baihe.” The little guy called people obediently.

Lin Yan went on to introduce, “You are Uncle Dog.”

Wang Jingyang: “……???? Why am I Uncle Dog, how come I am Uncle Dog! Called Uncle Jingyang!”

Pei Li: “Good Uncle Dog.”

Wang Jingyang: “…”

“By the way, where is my brother?” Pei Yutang asked.

As soon as the voice fell, Pei Yucheng came out of the kitchen with a dish, “The dishes are ready, you can eat, go and wash your hands.”

Pei Yutang: “……???” At

this moment, Pei Yutang looked at Lin Yan’s expression was as if he had been betrayed by his own father, “Father! You…you… why do you even cheat your own son?”

Pei Yutang wanted to run out as soon as he said it. Lin Yan was prepared for a long time. He pressed his shoulder and pushed him back, gritted his teeth and sneered, “Remember how you left your father and I ran away alone. Huh? Dad will give you a chance to redeem your merits!”

“It’s not fair, I was not the one who ran at the time, and my second brother!” Pei Yutang was crying.

Lin Yan: “Can you be the same as your second brother?”

Pei Yutang: ” Father, why are you still partial?”

Lin Yan sneered and threatened: “Don’t talk nonsense, you have to eat this meal, and you have to eat if you don’t. Otherwise father and son won’t have to do it in the future.”

Pei Yutang: “…” I really want to sever the relationship between father and son.

“What are you two talking about?” Wang Jingyang looked at the two who bit his ears, and Bai He cast a suspicious look.

As soon as Pei Yutang’s eyes turned, he immediately said, “It’s nothing, we are saying that my eldest brother is cooking delicious, you have a good meal tonight.”

“Really! Great!” Baihe was full of excitement.

Soon, the table was filled with exquisite delicacies.

Wang Jingyang looked at the exquisite and tempting meals, resting his chin, sighing and muttering to himself, “Hey, I didn’t expect Pei Yucheng to have such a hand, Xiaoji ah Xiaoji, you look at other people’s houses and go to the kitchen under the hall. What can you compare with others…”

This great plan to fight the mandarin ducks is really getting more and more difficult.

As Wang Jingyang said, he glanced at Pei Li again, “Even your brother already knows to find a helper.”

“Guozi, what are you whispering about! Hurry up and eat vegetables!” Lin Yan urged him to pick him up. Chopsticks ribs.

After Lin Yan finished speaking, he added a piece of braised pork to Pei Yutang, “And you Yutang, eat it quickly, it will be cold later, eat more!”

Pei Yutang humbly and obediently gave Lin Yan a chopstick fish. , “Father, today is your celebration banquet, of course you want to taste it first!”

Lin Yan: “You go first! Take care of the young!”

Pei Yutang: “It’s still you first! We must respect the elderly!”