Chapter 1356 Is My Life Worth Ten Dollars?

Pei Yucheng went to the kitchen to serve the soup at this moment. Lin Yan “modestly” while carefully looking in the direction of the kitchen, for fear of being discovered by Pei Yucheng.

Wang Jingyang looked at Lin Yan and Pei Yutang’s resignation, his face was inexplicable, “What’s wrong with you two?” After

Wang Jingyang finished speaking, he directly stuffed the ribs Lin Yan had put him into his mouth.

Lin Yan and Pei Yutang became quiet for an instant, and they stared at Wang Jingyang closely.

At the same time, Baihe, who was already unable to wait, saw that Wang Jingyang had started, and hurriedly picked up a chopsticks braised lion head and stuffed it in one bite.

Lin Yan and Pei Yutang looked at Baihe again.

I saw that the white crane who was chewing a lot of mouth suddenly stiffened.

But the impatient expression on Wang Jingyang’s face suddenly became blank for a moment. The expression seemed stunned and unbelievable, and then it became more and more ugly at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Seeing this, Pei Yutang had an unexpected expression, and his face was full of lingering fears, as if sitting on pins and needles, but Lin Yan’s pressure did not dare to leave.

In the next second, Wang Jingyang’s throat vomited and he was about to spit out the ribs. Baihe almost did the same action as Wang Jingyang at the same time, and his expression was similar to eating shi.

Lin Yan was prepared for a long time. Before Wang Jingyang and Baihe spit out, they opened their bows left and right. One hand covered Baihe’s mouth, and the other hand covered Wang Jingyang’s mouth. The two were so unprepared to get caught by Lin Yan. Forced to swallow back.

“Here! Old! Son! Swallow! Go! Go!” Lin Yan mouthed, staring at the two men threateningly.

Bai He was frightened and shivered, “Sister Sister…”

Lin Yan said, “Swallow!”

“Guru…” Baihe could only endure the terrifying smell and swallow the lion’s head.

Lin Yan covered it so hard that Wang Jingyang could only swallow the food in his mouth in order to catch his breath, and then he wanted to talk.

Lin Yan forced: “

Swallow and talk to me again!” Wang Jingyang continued to whimper, his face turned red, he pulled Lin Yan’s hand away, and then spit out a bone, “I spit out a bone!!! You want to choke.” Damn me!”

Lin Yan

coughed lightly , “You said it earlier!” Wang Jingyang said with a sullen expression, gritted his teeth, “Good brothers are blessed to share????”

Lin Yan touched his nose, “This is my boyfriend.” Isn’t it a blessing to share it with your own hands?”

He believed her ghost! This is so obvious that it is difficult to share!

Wang Jingyang stood up with a brush, and was about to leave immediately.

Lin Yan glanced in the direction of the kitchen, then held him down, “Sit down! I’ll give you ten dollars for a bite!”

Wang Jingyang sneered, “Oh, my life is worth ten dollars??”

Lin Yan A painful expression: “Well, I’ll add more, eleven yuan, can’t be more.”

Wang Jingyang turned to leave, seeing Pei Yucheng coming over with the soup, Lin Yan hurriedly said, ” One hundred yuan and one hundred yuan! One hundred yuan in one bite!”

Wang Jingyang raised his eyebrows unexpectedly, unexpectedly Lin Yan was willing to pay such a sky-high price.

This dead girl actually cheated her so much, he must eat her to ruin her family! ! !

So Wang Jingyang gritted his teeth and sat back, “Heh, this is what you said!”

At the same time, Pei Yucheng came over with a bowl of soup and asked, “How does it taste?”

Without waiting for Pei Yucheng to speak, Lin Yan picked up a chopsticks ribs, instantly suppressed the twisted expression, and said while tasting, “It’s delicious, great! My dear, your cooking has improved a lot!”