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Chapter 1388 Little apprentice is better

Chapter 1388 The little apprentice is more obedient

“Grandpa Grandpa, do you know that you are my idol and the star of my life! Please teach me some tricks too!” Mi Xiu stared at him eagerly.

It’s a pity that Yeva had already retired when he first became a teacher, and even the masters and uncles had no news of her. He was very sorry for that.

Unexpectedly, he was fortunate enough to compete with Grandpa Grandpa on a track at the same venue!

Don’t be too happy!

At this moment, he finally understood why, when he learned that he could participate in the second league in the world, why the expressions of the master and the others looked so envious.

How could Sun Shuoran tolerate one more object, and quickly pulled Mi Xiu away, “What are you doing! This is my master and not your master, please find your own master!”

Sun Shuoran said. , Looking at Lin Yan with tears, “Master, even if you have a new apprentice, I must be your favorite one, okay!”

King glanced contemptuously, ” Give your face, favorite? When did the master ever love you? What’s more, it is obvious that the younger brother is more obedient and more favored.”

Sun Shuoran was about to cry on the spot, and rubbed his tears directly on Lin Yan’s clothes, “Master!!! Master he said. Are they all true? Master, I’m really not your favorite little apprentice? Master, you’ve never loved me before…”

Lin Yan glanced at King silently, “Something’s wrong? You provoke me.” What is he doing?” Do

n’t you think she is not annoying enough…

“You can love everything!” Lin Yantou was about to explode.

Sun Shuoran reluctantly accepted this answer, sobbing, “Then…then master, you have nothing else to hide from me…”

“No, no! Nothing is hidden from you!” Lin Yan vowed. I want to shut up this guy quickly.

The butcher drove Sun Shuoran away from her mother-in-law and couldn’t wait to

say , “Master, let’s compare!!!” Langman and King’s eyes lit up, “Yes, Master, it’s been a long time since I ran together!”

Lin Yan looked at a few ardent disciples appearance as the master, the past two years is indeed his guilt, so readily open, “OK, ah! you just look at how much progress the past two years.”

“I have to I have to !” Mi Xiu, who had just been abused, also squeezed over.

Yun Xuan borrowed one from Mi Xiu.

Soon, a row of cars stopped neatly at the starting line, and rushed into the night with the sweet engine sound…

Everyone’s heart was full of heat…

Just a few people were refreshed, ready to be like a game At the time, a silver luxury car suddenly drove up from the opposite direction, and everyone was shocked.

Even Lin Yan, who had been on the battlefield, was shocked.

What the hell!

How can anyone drive in the opposite direction, or on such a super high-speed racing track, do you want to die?

Even if he doesn’t want his life, others want his life!

“What’s the situation…”

Seeing that the car was driving faster and faster, it was about to hit it and didn’t slow down, Lin Yan quickly turned around to avoid the car.

However, what made Lin Yan speechless was that the car turned left and right like a snake, and he just chased in which direction she was hiding in.

Even though Lin Yan had exhausted what he had learned all his life, he still couldn’t dodge it. The right side of the car collided with the silver luxury car and made a loud noise!

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