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Chapter 1389 Master is not close to male

Chapter 1389 The master is not close to the male color

Lin Yan hurriedly got out of the car to check the situation, there was a puff of smoke from the hood, needless to say, the engine must be scrapped.

“I XXX…you are so stupid…” A string of beautiful Chinese dialects rushed out of Lin Yan’s mouth.

Lang Mang and others also hurriedly got off the car, helped Lin Yan put out the fire, and checked her situation.

“Master! Master, are you okay!”

“Fuck, this man is mentally ill! How did you drive!” Sun Shuoran said, slammed the door of the man’s car, “Open the door and roll me down! What are you doing? When driving, did you learn your driving skills in running karts? Ah!”

Lin Yan looked at the scrapped engine and was heartbroken. “I care who taught you how to drive, come out and lose money.”

After a long while, finally A man in a suit walked out of the crashed car without hurriedly.

After seeing who the man was, Lin Yan was stunned on the spot, and the anger on his face suddenly disappeared, turning into an extremely aggrieved expression, “You…you you…Xiao Yao!!!”

Xiao Xiao Yao glanced at Sun Shuoran, then, his gaze fell on Lin Yan, and he slowly said, “I didn’t learn it in a kart, she taught it.”

Lin Yan covered her face. If there is a hole in the hole at this moment, she must have a head. Get in.

“What???” Sun Shuoran widened his eyes in surprise.

Lin Yan really wanted to die. She took a deep breath and looked at Xiao Yao, “I said, why did you run here at night?”

Xiao Yao made a natural expression, “Master didn’t let me Do you train more.”

Lin Yan: “I asked you to train more, but didn’t let you go retrograde on the track!!!”

Sun Shuoran: “Wait! Master?? Master! He called you Master???”

Langman: “…”

King: “…”

Butcher: “…”

Except for Yun Xuan, who had already known about it, all the others were so shocked that their eyes were about to fall off, especially Sun Shuoran, whose expressions all read “I don’t believe in love anymore”.

What else can Lin Yan do? She can only bite the bullet and explain, “Cough cough, then… what… let me introduce it… this is also my new apprentice, called Xiao Yao…”

Sun Shuoran thumped Kneeling down and beating the ground, “Master! You lied to me again!!! How many disciples did you accept me behind your back!”

Langman: “Uh, this gentleman is also your apprentice, Master, are you…sure?”

Butcher “This car is really…unique…”

Sun Shuoran was still wailing, “I’m not convinced! I’m not convinced! Let’s forget Junior Brother Yunxuan! But your car skills are so bad! Why are you in charge? Is it relying on the face? No! My master is not close to men!”

King glanced at Xiao Yao’s outrageously expensive car, raised his brow slightly, and said quietly, “I don’t do much of this gentleman’s driving skills. Judgment. But, Junior Brother Six, you should be rich, right?” When

Sun Shuoran heard this sentence, they suddenly realized…

Lin Yan’s face darkened: “What do you mean? Am I the kind of person who looks at money? I challenge you. I can’t do it by myself?”

King: “Oh, of course you can~”

Lin Yan looked at his car again with a heartache. He had made up his mind that the perpetrator must pay for it, but he never expected that the perpetrator’s driving skills were his Taught!

What else could she do with the land she taught herself… It’s

just a dumb eating coptis, I can’t say it!

She obviously didn’t teach for a few days, it’s really not her pot, he is talented and self-taught.

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