Chapter 1465 Pay Back What I Own

Chapter 1465 Return what you owed me


Lin Yan became more and more puzzled. The mother in the head of the devil should be talking about the biological mother of the two, and it should also be a member of the Mu family.

“Mu Yu, if you have something, just say it straight. If I remember what happened back then, I will never argue with you.” Lin Yan said.

Without giving the devil a chance to speak, Lin Yan continued: “Mu Yu, think about it, the person who hurt you, and the person you want to avenge now, forget everything, then what is the meaning of your revenge?”

At present, Lin Yan can be sure that the female devil in front of her has strong resentment and hatred towards herself and the so-called mother of the two. It is better to provoke her and perhaps get some useful information. Otherwise, Lin who is not clear about anything. Smoke is too passive.

Hearing Lin Yan’s words, the female devil took a rare moment of contemplation.

Or think that Lin Yan’s words are reasonable. The people she hates have hurt her true sister, but they have forgotten how to hurt her. Then what is the meaning of her revenge.

After a long time, the female devil seemed to have made a decision and looked at Lin Yan blankly: “It is really my good sister… the sins committed can be summed up with a sentence of forgetting. You have made my family ruined, you How dare you forget!”

As Mu Yu finished speaking, Lin Yan was taken aback, what is it? Her family was destroyed?

Isn’t she her sister? Isn’t her home your own? Therefore, when Lin Yan interpreted the meaning of Mu Yu’s words, it seemed that she was harming herself?

“You and my compatriots are the same in appearance, so you can push all the sins you committed to me and let me bear it?” Mu Yu coldly drank.

Lin Yan: “…”

She felt like she was listening to the heavenly scriptures, and she didn’t refute her appearance, but what did she mean by letting her bear the sins she committed?

If it means literally, that’s too sorry, she doesn’t remember it at all.

“Wait, you mean, I made a big mistake, and then used the same appearance of you and me to push the charge on you?” Lin Yan asked in surprise.

Mu Yu said coldly: “You are Bingxue smart. You have only realized such a simple truth now.”

“Impossible.” Lin Yan said decisively.

“Impossible?” Mu Yu stared at Lin Yan.

Lin Yan nodded: “I’m not that kind of person… There must be a misunderstanding. Even as you said, I really committed some heinous sin and want to avoid punishment. If you say that I cheated others, I will not refute it, but It is absolutely impossible to cheat one’s own sister and family.”

Lin Yan firmly believes that even if she loses her memories, her personality cannot be so different. Although she is not a good person, she can avoid punishment. She believes that she can’t do anything to cheat her sister whether it was once or the future.

“You colluded with your mother and killed me. After that, I lost my home, my mother, and my sister…this kind of pain, as a sister, you should try it.” Mu Yu sneered.

“If you and I are really sisters, why can’t you talk peacefully? I believe there must be a misunderstanding. It’s better to tell me everything. If it’s like what you said, I’m really that kind of vicious person. I will pay you my life without complaint.” Lin Yan said.

“Heh, you are my sister after all, I don’t want your life, only you need to pay back what you owe me.” Mu Yu said.