Chapter 1466 She Is My Wife

Chapter 1466 She is my wife

Lin Yan thinks that there must be a big misunderstanding in this, just like Mu Yu had killed Si Bai miserably, but Si Bai sought revenge on himself. Isn’t this also a misunderstanding.

If they are really a family, what can’t be said clearly?

“Mu Yu, what do you want?” Lin Yan said.

“You caused me to lose my life a bit, and I can forgive you, but you let me lose all my relatives…All the most important people, I also want you to lose the love of life.” Mu Yu said.


Without giving Lin Yan a chance to continue speaking, Mu Yu stunned Lin Yan with a palm.

Before his consciousness dissipated, Lin Yan seemed to see himself being put into a certain container.

I don’t know how long later, looking at Lin Yan who was controlled by her own mind, the female devil smiled slightly: “Go back and kill them.”

Yunjian Water Village.

Pei Yucheng was dressed in a formal suit, tapping his fingers on the desk lightly, not knowing what he was thinking about.

“Xiao Ji…”

“Mu Yu…”

“Holy Land…”

“Mu Family…”

Some information had already been written in the notebook on the table.


Suddenly, Pei Yucheng murmured.

As Pei Yucheng’s voice fell, a man “hidden” in a black robe appeared beside Pei Yucheng like a ghost.

The black-robed man couldn’t see his face clearly, and he wore a large black robe with gold rim, exuding an extremely cold breath, as if he were a ghost crawling out of purgatory.

“Seven generations.” The

black robe man’s voice was hoarse and hollow.

Pei Yucheng slowly stood up, and said indifferently: “I haven’t seen it in ten years.”

“Seven generations, you have been preparing for too long, a full ten and four months.” The monstrous said: “Tian She actually has a time to see the sky again. “

Tian She is the name of a certain organization, composed of the first group of evolutionaries, and Pei Yucheng is the seventh-generation leader.

When Tianshan reached the fourth generation, it almost ruled the entire evolutionary world, and was later destroyed by the Holy Land.

For example, the famous mountains and seas are different from Tianshe.

The first generation is a miracle, the

second generation is a ambition, the

third generation is a reign, the

fourth generation is     annihilated, the

fifth generation is     a tyranny, the

sixth generation is destroyed, the

seventh generation is a tyrant

every Every generation of Tianshan has its own most unique style of acting, and when it comes to Pei Yucheng, it is the seventh generation.

Pei Yucheng became a member of Tian Amnesty more than ten years ago, and later ascended the throne to pardon seven generations throughout the day.

“Seven generations, how long do you have to endure in your insignificant little family.” Taotian asked.

However, Pei Yucheng did not speak.

The monstrous continued: “Seven generations are tyrants, but you have tolerated it until now. If you hadn’t intervened in the seven generations, the mountains and seas would have been wiped out by that terrible force. Feng’s ability cannot be ignored.”

“Why, you are afraid of mountains and seas.” Pei Yucheng said.

Hearing the sound, he sneered: “The mountains and the seas are mere mountains and seas, and the hands are turned to death… However, the Jiufeng has special abilities. If he can recruit his subordinates, he will become the greatest help for the seven generations. On the contrary… it is better to get rid of it. “

She is my wife.” Pei Yucheng laughed softly.

“The wife of seven generations?”

Although he couldn’t see the monstrous expression because of the black robe, his tone was very surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect that the woman he was most afraid of would become the wife of seven generations.

“Seven generations…then, if Shanhai Jiufeng is your wife…” Hesitated to speak again.